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File: jjkj.png (1.3 MB, 640x946)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
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>hey people are complaining about too many sugos every week
>so we'll add a new sugo, but you cant pull on it unless you get a new separate currency
>AND we'll put a PVP ranking that completely depends on how much you pull, how good your pull results are, and how lucky you are LMAOOOO
Holy shit, these devs have completely lost it.
Hit 1900 today myself. Didn't even notice until I checked the mail.
In the end, I barely got to around 40%. I could probably squeeze in a few normal runs to get promoted, but I can't be bothered to build teams and even the "accessible" ones on youtube use Nami/Carrina or like two other TM Legends I don't own. So fuck it.
still open if anyone wants to jump on for kizuna
I'm getting bombarded by sub PL 100 players looking for the legends next month so if you're interested you'll want to post crew name here
>3 multis
>2 Shakas
>some old Kizuna units
eh cool I guess
Shaka is my favourite anyway

All my favorite Dolphins are Gunners
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Anri's mom alt when
File: daki utae.jpg (182 KB, 800x800)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
I want one for Utae.
She's totally asking to become a mother.
Who else has starting 20% SP gauge as their passive?
File: sp.png (120 KB, 557x297)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Damn it, why won't Bride Utae fucking spook me?

File: 20240204_192926.jpg (1.16 MB, 1684x1191)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
6 Years strong and going! Anniversary still going right now.

musume shooting action game in which you take on the role of commander and assemble a team of up to three "actresses" to take out artificial-looking alien enemies called Vice.

Available on mobile and on PC through DMMGamePlayer.

>PC Download

>Official Website

>Official Twitter

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well the the new movie probably need the viewers to watch old series to enhance the experiences
File: 1584625972872.jpg (349 KB, 2299x4089)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
For me, BGHS is nice because in-house EoS collabs let you feel like your girls are outliving their own game.
Other than that sort, I don't usually care about collabs in general. I'm playing your game for your characters, not for someone else's.
>persona 5
>please, anything but the cursed EOS collab franchise
Was never cursed. Just that people like to cope when their game dies. Plenty of games survive P5 collab.
I never played this game but I watched the anime and my first kit arrived today, the Kaede reissue, guess it must have been delayed a bit pretty sure it was meant to come last year, any closer word on when Nodoka comes out? I ordered Kaede because they didn't have Nodoka and then they announced Nodoka a few days later
Also wow I was not ready for how many pieces or at least frames this was, i'm coming from simpler much lower priced kits so this should be interesting

File: 109801337_p0.jpg (3.47 MB, 1736x2456)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
[x] Touch fluffy tail
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File: bestcat.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2132)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
We're so back.
Nowhere near back until you put a decent equip on it.
File: capture16.jpg (48 KB, 671x372)
48 KB
Returning oldfag here, is the new bartender machine any good for assists?
My knowledge of the game is super whack since the last time I played, zela with kuroyuri looping for 40% max hp heals per turn was the rage.
I haven't looked into the details yet. Welcome back. The only thing I can say for certain is you've got a lot of work to do.
File: 1389000621941.jpg (12 KB, 245x205)
12 KB
>got main and alt to 1100 before collab ended

File: 1705324209411.jpg (73 KB, 450x750)
73 KB
Patch 3.4.0 - https://dislyte.farlightgames.com/m/detail.html?6593dc745be0f725157fca80
Log in for free Yun Chuan and his Divinate.
But why Jin Qiu? His update made his r2 broken. Can even solo Andras.
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oh I know
still I find it funny Jin Qiu is retardedly broken as a support fighter. Actually the legendary furry defenders are pretty good.
File: Items_of_Faith_banner.jpg (258 KB, 1280x720)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
The 2nd anniversary patch

>New Espers: Wu You (Dijiang), Chu Yao (Taiyi)
>Anomaly S1 phase 4 unlocked
>Lian's story event available for rerun
>Ritual Miracle now goes up to difficulty level 20

Burning Beat Rave Events:
>2024 Night Carnival: home screen has a temporary night theme
>Sweet Wishes: complete Esper requests (mission, quiz, or item search) for Esper messages and rewards
>Jigsaw Fest: log-in event
>Flaming Echo: acquire coins from log-in, quests, or max-activeness days; spend coins to summon legendary Espers; reach certain echo spin milestones to get certain Espers for free
>Rewind: you can freely downgrade Espers to recover materials

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

this game fell off so fucking hard, this is what happens when you try to jump on a bandwagon..
File: 1543979149377.png (217 KB, 402x402)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>failed to appeal to furries
>failed to appeal to Japan
>failed to appeal to China
when they pandered to furries they actually had a short success, the problem is that their greed always got the better of them

Are you still waiting for goblal?
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File: cyclo - Copy.jpg (2.92 MB, 3824x3008)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
This team is basically invincible but it requires 2 things. You need SS LRL because it helps a lot with the team synergy, it gives you skill multiplier, remove buffs and ignore barriers/DR. The other thing is the Unique Equipment for LRL and CP, they offer better buffs than the other equipment, do try to get them.

The magic in this team works like this:
Cerestia with her 2nd skills removes debuffs, gives AP, damage, crit, defense pen., so she just has to act fast. Same for ID, just give her AP buffs. Blind princess is more like a totem, she sits in position 9 so she can give damage invalidation to the units around her, she just needs a few surviving items so she won't die, she doesn't actually have damage invalidation herself so buff her defense etc.
The core of this team is LRL and CP. LRL uses her 2nd to slow down enemies, remove buffs and also triggers CP's 2nd skill. Or you can use the 1st skill too which also triggers CP's 1st skill on the same target. CP will be the tank and damage dealer, she will be marked the entire fight and receive permanent retaliation, so while receives all the attacks she will be retaliating enemies ignoring protects and other annoying mechanics. She also gains several lives so even if she die she can revive as long as she keep killing enemies.
Thanks dude. I actually have most of the units there at level 90+. I think I also already have LRL's unique gear so I won't be far-off
File: file.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1009)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I like this team so much that I reserve them the first spot on my squads list. I would use it much more if Sanctum didn't have so many unit restrictions. But just being able to "breeze" through stages in floor 4 is too good so I will take what I can get.
>nice construction recipe, faggot
>it'd be a shame if it were another DOCTOR
>wasting resources
>when the unit will be farmable
Last Origin is such a nice gacha.

File: dumpster.jpg (34 KB, 450x338)
34 KB
Tick tock, genkeks. Basically a month left until the new open-world gacha will take you out of the conversation.
>Superior combat
>Superior endgame
>Superior multiplayer
>Skip button that respects your time
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Seems weird that this game launches in one month and I have seen zero shilling or hype. It feels like it's one of the bigger launches this year, but the level of activity across social media is closer to one of those games that launch and are almost immediately on life-support.
Feels like Outerplane.
It can stand on its own merits and acquire notoriety through word of mouth.
>get an ad in another gacha game for Wuthering Waves
>says I can install it
>funny, I didn't think it was out yet
>it's not
might be a you problem, gaybro.
Can't wait to be a fucking autist and reroll for Jianxin/Calcharo plus any other 5* then get the other from the beginner banner bros.
I don't know how long the reroll takes but I went for double 5* in genshin too so I can handle anything.

>That Feel When:
-you didn't fall for the ACR meme. Nobody gives a shit about some badge you got for all that time you wasted grinding for.
-you didn't fall for the "Mii Meta" meme. Just a waste of rubies and an obvious scam to get you to buy more rubies.
-you didn't fall for the Gold Mii Suit is good meme, that shit stayed at level 1 for me ever since I got because it never covered any tracks I didn't already have a driver for.
-you didn't fall for the LARGE HITBOX meme. You can do perfectly fine in rank without buying big karts.
-you didn't fall for the Gold Mario is the best Driver meme. Game was already Over when he released, So he's useless, no need for investment in him.

Anyone who spent money on Karts & Gliders was a fool.
Anyone who spent money on Premium Challenge Cards was just straight up retarded.
Anyone who still continues to buy the Gold Pass for a game that's not getting any new content anymore, just...what in the fuck is wrong with you???

In my opinion: F2P games should stay what they are- Free-2-Play. I had my fun with Mario Kart Tour and will continue to do so until its eventual shutdown and glad I was able to do so without needing to empty my wallet on it.
I'll also always miss the Gacha aspect of it, felt good not being a Lucklet!
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File: Holiday 2023 - Coinboxers.png (3.45 MB, 1500x1402)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
Agree that it is possible to succeed without Gold Chuck. I (pic) am doing fine with 21 of MKT's 22 coinboxers.
Since making this pic last December, I have taken Gold Mii, ? Block Mii, Gold Wiggler, and Gold Petey to Lv8. Gold Koopa went to Lv6 for my ACR push 2 tours ago. Everything else is the same.
Next possible coinbox promotions would be Meowser to Lv8 (for recurring Twilight House B) and Mario Tuxedo to Lv7 (for Paris B this tour). Still don't have any need for Gold Chuck.
Tip: Completing the center square of the Gold Challenges this tour requires enabling manual drift. Ultra Mini Turbo creates pink sparks (3rd level of drift).
This can be difficult if (like me) you are not used to playing in manual mode. It's relatively easy to complete on the Paris battle track. I used Daisy Farmer and did it in one track run.
you guys don't use manual drift? I got this without even reading the prompt
I just could never get used to manual drift. But I know it costs me on tracks where it's hard to hold combo without it.
File: 1585753043448.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
EXP grinding notes:
London 1, London 2, Amsterdam 1, and Amsterdam 2 do not return until the Spring Tour next year. Give priority for them for EXP grinding.
Athens 1, Athens 2, Paris 1, and Paris 2 return again for the Vacation Tour in August.
Berlin 1 and Berlin 2 return again for the Summer Tour in August/September.
The advice above includes the N, R, T, and R/T variants for each track. Paris B returns for both the Vacation Tour (Aug.) and the Anniversary Tour (Sept.). And Twilight House is always around in about 2 of every 3 tours, skipping next tour (Bowser) and returning in the following tour (Mii).

File: blubberchart.png (70 KB, 1024x553)
70 KB
A train of thought that popped up and I've been mulling about in my head, and wanted to see what you guys think. Don't tell me to take my fucking meds, I'll do that later, just hear me out for a minute.

We all know waifu and husbando collection games both have their own group of whales. I'm talking the hardcore paypig kind. The ones that can shell out enough money to pay for all the operating costs all by themselves. Those kinds of whales. They play their respective waifu/husbando games, because it ONLY has women or men, and will refuse to touch any game that has the opposite. Obviously you can't wring money out of both these groups at once, so all gachas that do target these whales will pick a lane and stay in it. Arknights and Genshin have both genders and big whales, but they don't attract the ones I mentioned earlier.

So what if you decided that you'll be the first to double dip and snag both parties, well how would you do that? You can't go with Granblue's "everyone is protagonist-sexual" philosophy, because these whales will run away at the mere notion of the same gender being in the gacha pool. Or will they?

Now, I can't put myself into the head of one of these whales to really see things from their point of view, so from this point forward will likely just be me schizoposting into the void.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>If you choose male in the female faction you're an exception proving himself. If you chose fem-fem you're a rising leader. If you choose fem-male they're simps/ you have to prove you're worth following. If male-male you're bonds slowly cross lines.
Allowing fem-male/male-fem opens the possibility that if the female and male characters interact they might hit it off despite being enemies, which is what we don't want. We want complete and utter tribalism, husbando vs waifu, and the team with the most whales wins their harem

The problem with mods in a gacha game is that usually they employ dozens of artists to design multiple different girls. You'd have a hard time convincing everyone to allow random people to tamper with their creations. Best you can do is to not crack down on it until someone complains and you take them down
>If you choose male in the female faction you're an exception proving himself. If you chose fem-fem you're a rising leader. If you choose fem-male they're simps/ you have to prove you're worth following. If male-male you're bonds slowly cross lines.
That's FOUR versions of the main story you'd have to write,unless this only comes into play in bond stories.Which is more feasible,but wriers will still bitch at you about it.Maybe yiu could instead implement a voting system with premium currency over which character will first get a bond story and what kind of flavor is it(we're assuming they don't start with any).There'd be a few,like 6 at most,generic prompts to choose from about half of which are sexual.It lessens the workload and gives the player more choice if they pay for it,
You're already thinking wrong if you're trying to cast a net at all. You don't whale with nets, you whale with harpoons. Or in other words, the REAL ultimate whalebait gacha would be nearly indistinguishable from a personalized scam.

>>1443434 basically gets it. The closest to a predefined whale is someone obsessive/autistic enough to sink thousands or tens of thousands for "their waifu", so to hook them you have to hunt for them specifically. Make generic waifugame. Track data relentlessly. Figure out who's spending in that extreme end of the curve and on who. Personalize the game to them. Low-rate alt costumes for THEIR waifu. Limited time events that you can only complete (and get a relationship scene) by shelling out large amounts of cash. Take "fan suggestions" to hook them in more personally. Run multiple games even, with "crossover events", so the whale has to shell out and level up on several different accounts to "fully capture" his waifu.
As long as the operation cost is low enough you could keep doing this until the whale runs dry and then just kill the game and repeat. I've seen a game or two that dipped its toes into this by giving whales "a hand in the creative process" but none that went all the way yet.
you are setting up tags: captured with that
make a gacha where NPCs are all the important dudes in the grand scheme
and the only ones you can roll for are all literal whos by comparison
wait a minute that's arknights

File: OmertosaReview.jpg (308 KB, 1024x576)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
What the fuck was Hypergryph thinking? why is the whole meta of the game determined by this bitch now? dps higher than trashter the holungday and more versatile...
>be me, work at HG
>need new whale bait
>make a unit with higher dps than surtr and deployaple 4 times as much
>players somehow fine with this
>cool day
Are arknights players just retarded? is that it?
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File: IN THE END.png (426 KB, 500x500)
426 KB
426 KB PNG








Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hey just so you know, Amiya is pretty

Will they rerun Cardies skin? I forgot about the event lol clumsy me
They used to add minievent skins to cc shop ~2 years after initial release, so yes, it will most likely come up somewhere.
>still no sweep for normal stages
bitch i don't want to waste an hour on 1-7 again.

File: Diamond Twister 1.png (68 KB, 476x640)
68 KB
Thread made to share and discuss any old mobile game.

>What is java games?
Early 2000 mobile games made with the java programming language or mostly known as J2ME

>How do i play them?
For PC
For Android

>Where can i find games?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Heroes lore
This one was the GOAT
>Heroes lore
what the fuck this looks so solid
>he maxxed out City Bloxx

File: GJvF5DPbYAAiUB6.jpg (216 KB, 800x690)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Only a few days left of the 7th anniversary. Asteria event coming soon.
159 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Or any timeline. They're clones, not alternate timeline versions. The third Ix and the second Mileena have been our Ix and Mileena from the start until now and until forever. The people they're clones of were engaged, but ours aren't and almost certainly will not be.

But Ix did sort of retract to something less committal at the end of Arc 4. But I doubt they'll get together in official materials; the point of the ending was to be vague so they're not just doing the same thing as the original Ix and Mileena or actively avoiding what the originals did. They're doing what they want.

The original Mileena is the cloaked woman you see around in arc 1, Gefion. The original Ix is her dead fiance, and the original Phil is the Phil who's playable. Ix has two clones (one dead, telling you third Ix has always been our Ix is technically a lie but close enough because the other Ix clone had maybe 10 minutes of screentime at the very start), Gefion has one (just our Mileena), and Phil has two (Phantom and Junior). They're not replicas, so they have memories from the people they're clones of, but to some extent those memories are altered or incomplete (due to being cloned off an earlier time period, for example)
expect an oav or anime series based on Arise with some remasters or ports in between
nta but what was up with the 2nd Marcus? When i first saw Marc with a new haircut, i just thought it was a redesign for the new arc at the time.
That's just Junior's Mark. They probably redesigned him so you can differentiate the two or maybe it was to suggest Junior has different fashion sense than Phil.
both probably, because his outfit has some bifrost inspiration to it. (and while he has memories of phil's childhood, everything hes done himself has been either sticking by mercuria's side or working with bifrost once theyre their own faction..)

makes you wonder how close our karia might be to nevan if she got bigger.

File: 19346543213.png (99 KB, 250x500)
99 KB
>gives temporary ownership of his store to a random person
>workers get their salary from customers' tips
>somehow succeeds and does it 17 times.
What is this business strategy called?
That's not true, you get a weekly paycheck in those games

File: Fn4S6nSaAAMdqkz.jpg (256 KB, 1313x2054)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
This thread is dedicated to Kisaki.
214 replies and 193 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1694634863157494.jpg (935 KB, 827x1169)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
File: 1703408513848234.jpg (475 KB, 2234x4096)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
File: 1698106736972.jpg (102 KB, 701x903)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: 1687047131282164.jpg (735 KB, 3251x3337)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
I want Kisaki to divest me of semen

File: file.png (3.51 MB, 1800x900)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
How are we liking the monster hunter colab? The champs are mostly pretty good, but it sucks that they're time limited
114 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I think I've seen screencap of this guy while doing my research, that's where I 1st read term "kraken account", dude ammased like 60 maxxed out champions in less than 50 days by spending aprox 50k.

I think I know who you're talking about. There's a whole video on his account if you're interested. It's way more than $50k and it's way more than 60 champs:


The figure the youtuber reviewing his account gives out is generous: personally I'd estimate he probably spent upwards of 700k or more. And that's considering the fact that in order to do this in 83 days, you'd almost certainly have a special deal with the devs to buy bulk resources outside of the in game shops. He likely spoke to them to work out a deal because even bought every single offer in the in game shop, he couldn't get the blessings that he has. If he had waited for offers to pop up in the shop, this would have taken years and likely hundreds of thousands more.

To answer your question, no, I don't compete with krakens like this, I couldn't even kill one of his champs if I threw my best geared champs at it; his gear is just at a level I simply will never get to.

Take for instance another player, someone widely toted as the #1 best F2P player in the entire game:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
same channel but different creatura https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovC3s-Ia27w
OK as i might be kinda sorta retarded i read your post and had to come back 10 mins back to re-read it when the cogs started spinning. I thought the 600k figure was estimated value he managed to pull not what he had to SPEND. Am i understanding this right?! There is no way mafia is not involved one way or another, this gotta be some IDF black fund. Ain'toway nigga, ain'tnoway.
>I thought the 600k figure was estimated value he managed to pull not what he had to SPEND. Am i understanding this right?!

Those two videos are about the exact same guy; the one you posted was just using screen shots he sent the youtuber, the second one he actually gave him control of his account to do an account tour. Yes, 600k, in my opinion, is what he would have had to spend to get his account at that level in 83 days of play time.

That 83 day figure is set in stone btw, it literally shows the total days he's logged in in his daily rewards section, something the youtuber covers. Believe it or not there are krakens with even better accounts than his, but they've been playing the game for years and years, and their accounts are bought and sold multiple times, with multiple krakens spending obscene money on them. They end up spending way less than 600k because each person only spends a comparatively small amount of the total, and since they've been playing for so long, they earn free shit/do events/spend 24/7 grinding gear in dungeons. That's what makes this guy's account so unique/insane; he did all this in 83 days, meaning he couldn't have possibly farmed that much gear/shards from just normal play; it all would have had to been purchased.

That's why he's the #1 kraken in this game, and not other accounts who have spent more/have more play time/have better accounts.

>There is no way mafia is not involved one way or another, this gotta be some IDF black fund. Ain'toway nigga, ain'tnoway.

Well the thing is, this game is typically played by older people. The average age of my clan for instance is like 40 years old; we have 1 dude who's under 30. Most of the krakens who play this game are old farts who have more money than they know what to do with. It's not in vouge for rich people to splurge out on instagram thots and yachts apparently, a lot of idiots also whale out on video games.
It makes sense though. Raid has been so aggressively marketed that the default opinion for most people is "get this shit out of my face, skip", so there's less of an urge to run defense for it like you might have for other mobile games that are equally greedy. Most people that get into it know what they're signing up for, a game that's got a lot of really fun mechanics and things to do that's also designed to steal your money at every opportunity.

It's a lot like gambling. If you have self control and know what you're signing up for, you can have fun without ruining yourself... but nobody is going to recommend that you start gambling, either. I'll say I have fun playing it, I play it while I poop or when I'm on public transit. The game mechanics are fun enough on their own to keep me interested. I don't spend money though, and I wouldn't recommend paying to get ahead either.

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