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File: el toro.jpg (91 KB, 940x1106)
91 KB
I hate those "is X an extreme sport" threads too, but bodybuilding IS an extreme sport. Think about it;
>very high fatality rate. At least, higher than mma or rugby or american football
>Involves premeditated self destruction (steroid abuse), "includes" the extreme sport of competitive eating\ brutal calorie ingestion daily
>Involves basically mummifying yourself trough dehydration to be as ripped\dry as possible at stage
>The weight lifting itself is very strict and demanding
>there are cases of competitors having to do bar hangs to gain a few MM\ lose or gain a few grams of bodyweight just before the competition starts. Literally body-hacking against the clock
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kys using poison

really extreme
It's an extreme beauty contest
No sport is played
No strategy is employed
No points are scored
You just flex and maybe dance
It’s in it’s own category.
It's a male swim suit competition

File: usdgc1_mcbeth.jpg (33 KB, 650x370)
33 KB
/DGG/ Disc Golf General
My close personal friend Paul McBeth edition
Season is closing out if you live in a shit state sub edition

>What is disc golf?
Its golf but with frisbees or discs. Generally played at parks that have free courses.
>What do I need to get started?
A disc and some shoes to walk around comfortably. (You should probably also bring some water anon and maybe download UDisc for a scorecard, or print / make your own)
>I'm new what disc should I buy?
Pretty much any decent disc will get you out and playing. You don't need to buy a starter set immediately, instead buy a putter and approach disc as its a pretty easy to throw disc for a beginner and then buy more discs from there.
>Are there courses around me?
Almost certainly, check https://www.dgcoursereview.com/ for a pretty comprehensive list of courses and recommendations as to what ones near you are good.
>I bought a starter set and cant throw these things straight or far at all!
Go onto youtube and lookup guides idiot. Also learn to throw your putter first. It's most likely the easiest disc to throw in your bag and just because it doesn't fly as fast as a fairway or driver disc, It'll probably fly farther as It WILL fly straighter.

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Got it ~2014 I guess. After some googling I found a similar (though not translucent) on ebay where they named it "New Collectible Rancho Glo Roc Innova Champion Disc Golf Glow Rock Disk 177g". It being a Roc does ring a bell, though I threw a similar unmarked Buzzz way more.
oh shit i thought that was the bottom. it’s not marked?
My close personal friend paul mcbeth sent me this video of new discs. Those new tour discs are looking minty.
>Brodie left out
Faurk anons, I was looking for this thread and couldn’t find it. So I made my own.
>About to go play some disc golf and walk around the lake. Dasitmane.exe

No Battlebots thread? Champions II is airing right now.
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whatever happened to that youtube channel that was uploading all the battle bot fights. one day it mysteriously dissapeared...
DCMA'd I'm afraid.
Spectre was the chink show, in BB it's Quantum
No, Spectrum is the name of my cable tv provider.
They let you watch some episodes whenever you want, but they screwed up the order so I accidentally watched the finale of the bolt thing first.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
is dancing an extreme sport?

File: F-GG9B-WsAAuBhn.jpg (652 KB, 1200x1500)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
Free Livestream
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Not a book but I found this really helpful when I was teaching

Also when drilling a move have your guys go for reps not time and don't have them switch after each rep.
So one guy does 75 reps then the other guy does his 75 reps.
A girl just won state against guys in ohio
One of the freshmen at Cal Baptist went to high school with me last year, granted I go to one of the best schools in the country for wrestling but still cool to see him go up against some big boys
Thank you, this looks very thorough and inspires flashbacks to wrestling practice.
>Is it true Amerimutts have no wrestling for adults and it's all in high school or collegiate
Pretty muxh, but the Only exception is if your mma (or just bjj) gym has someone on staff who wrestled in high school and college and specifically offers wrestling classes. Out of the 10 gyms in my city, only one offers actual wrestling classes

File: KEKGANG!22.jpg (425 KB, 1800x4000)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
OP here, I am a faggot who likes sucking trans cock by the way
join the server and find outtt purrr

File: Polish_20240215_022559514.png (987 KB, 1600x1428)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
This fight would immidiately end all the "size vs skill" debates
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File: file.png (255 KB, 464x859)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
>he's sure to win because his speed is superior
To weigh that much and be that tall he would have poor coordination and no stamina. Him walking at that size would be difficult.
One good hit to the knees of that fat fuck and he's toast. Demetrius would win.
"Size vs Skill" is a dumb argument because they aren't singular factors. "Size" includes height, weight, reach, strength, and durability. "Skill" includes techniques and maybe strategy. 5 vs 2 is not a fair comparison.

File: lora040924s.jpg (16 KB, 300x193)
16 KB
Seems the gap is closing. Thoughts?
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>the gap is closing
hahaha funny joke bro
No. But that doesn't mean victory is impossible
File: 566554.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
This mf the only person in here speaking ABSOLUTE FACTS.

Anyone who's trained for years will know.
Gay as fuck

Imagine being a pro boxer with a record of 33-18 and only being remembered as a guy with one glove who tapped to mount
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Why is boxrec bad?
I don't get his defeat, even average boxers have the fastest hands, their close distance it's a death zone so Royce should have been knocked instantly, Or that's a 80s myth?
If Royce approached him with head up and hands down, he would get knocked out but instead he lowered his level and grabbed his legs so it's not so shrimple. This is not the level where boxers usually punch and even if he hit Royce, he would most likely hit the top of his head and not do shit.
A boxer doesn't hard-counter a grappler in punching range this isn't pokemon bro
Art Jimmerson wasn’t a notable boxer at all. He never won against anyone notable. Only few people fought in the early UFC so it makes sense.

File: Xs_logo.png (317 KB, 1364x1411)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
As a small but mighty board, /xs/ has their own Soccer (not an extreme sport, I know,) team that fights other boards. This is done by making a computer play pro evolution soccer. Most recently, our former boardmates over at /pw/ won. Our roster is largely unchanged from the early days of the board: so I'm putting it up here for people to give feedback on. If there is a meme or shitpost you like from your threads (especially you guys, fight bros,) please hit me with it and what you think no longer represents the board. This is all autistic as fuck, I know.
File: roster.png (42 KB, 780x433)
42 KB
Here's the current players. Notably:
-411 #16 finally got deleted and no longer autoplays on the catalog
-some of the skating reps are lame
-not a lot of concrete martial arts shitposts
>players that should be on
>players that should be off
Aggressive Inline, Tendonitis
Add "Gun" as a goalkeeper.
Turn Hakuho into PUNISHED Hakuho

File: 1711054881241593.jpg (159 KB, 1284x923)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Who would win beetween 1'8 him and 1'96 him?
Shorter one by leg kick

Idk how can people do this to themselves. Maybe if I was super short I would go for it but this guy only fucked up his proportions by breaking his legs.
He looks way worse with those fucked up stilt legs I have no idea why people do this
meters are a retarded way to measure height, use feet please. It's just way more concise
You could send that retard to snap city so easily now lol.

File: 1660460131356081.jpg (871 KB, 2042x2115)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
Best martial arts if I don't want to break my nose? Broken my nose twice through boxing when I was younger and a year and a half ago I got it fixed through surgery.
Want to start training again but don't want to risk breaking my nose as it's now weaker than before. Boxing is out of the question so I'm considering bjj? Anyways idk
Any grappling is less likely to break your nose than striking but it is still a possibility.
Pretty much anything grappling and if you really want striking you could go for some TMA, maybe Kyo or some other full-contact school if you want the intensity from combat sports. Also, how did you break your nose in boxing, was that during training? That shouldn't happen.
I've done judo and wrestling for years and I don't think I've ever hit my nose or witnessed any nasal injuries. I've hit my mouth quite a few times though.

File: belts.png (306 KB, 685x980)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Belt systems were cool at first but they are easily corrupted and nowadays they have become a joke in most styles that actually use them.

How would you fix and/or replace the belt system?
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karate gis have little strings you tie it shut with
funny enough implementation of this system would fix one of the worst bullshit sporty aspects of bjj, the meme lapel guards
But I do Judo.
Yeah, that sums it up

Could you?
Okay, but how about:
>he gets one month of MMA training with Danaher and GSP
Now what, huh? Think you can beat him now?
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Okay 69kg skinnyfat
This guy weighs 140 kilos. Unless 40 kilos of that is muscle concentrated entirely in the arm in question, then that arm is getting snapped.
I'm way weaker than that dude and I can jump up in a second from prone with a 80kg dude armbarring me. I did it during judo practice. You're gonna get your head bashed on asphalt if you don't let go.
none of those counted. 0 one arms, amazing.
Post body. You can't even hang off the bar one handed

File: maxresdefault (52).jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
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What is it with MMA organizations and having extremely shitty management? By this point I'm half convinced every manager is a Dana plant to ensure only the UFC ends up mattering in the sport. It shouldn't be that hard to just hold an honest business capable of attracting fighters with how little pros usually make outside of merch shit. Every promotions either collapsing or fading into irrelevance has to be on purpose.
Unfortunately an enterprise that involves paying your employees to bash each other’s heads in tends to attract certain types. Same problem with boxing. We’ll see what happens with PFL but given how they’ve handled Ngannou so far I’m skeptical.
Combat sports are even more mobbed up/gambling controlled than any other traditional sport. On the international promotion level, there is no getting away from it.

The pay in one is even more dogshit than the other orgs.

Kongklai left with 800 dollars not too long ago. The few mma contracts that are public go as low as 1200/1200
One is terrible almost exclusively because Chatri is a massive tard. He sidelines guys he doesn't like regardless of their skill. He also publicly trahsed japanese fighters while actively trying to break into the japanese market.

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