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File: IMG_2128.jpg (369 KB, 3072x2048)
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>inb4 ‘they’re just fat middleweights’
If that were true then they’d have to be more skilled to make up for such a physical disadvantage whilst competing at a high level.
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I remember when Nelson first stepped on the scene and people I knew were complaining that he used fat kid tactics to win fights.

How can you consider yourself an "ultimate fighter" if a fat guy can beat you by lying on top of you?
Knock out power doesn't need skill.
That belly pin against Mir in a grappling match should've told everyone what he was about
There's not that many of them, so every fat guy gets a go.

And it's very telling when they fight against a guy who isn't a complete shitter and end up subbed in 2 minutes by a basic guillotine.
>heavy people are slow, especially if they need to keep their stamina for more than 20 seconds
>heavy people can knock someone out more easily even if they aren't particularly talented

File: 1710912078857563.png (472 KB, 1290x828)
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472 KB PNG
Absolute pathetic.
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Fuck off Abelardo. There’s a reason people who come into frequent contact with zucas generally absolutely despise them.
I will lay it all out for you
Bjj is on the way out, where like karate it may have growing popularity among normals but gets taken less and less seriously by martial arts dorks

Bjj is a kimono based grappling style with very rudimentary basic takedowns, no real stand up grappling skills to speak of, and a built in aversion to leg entanglement based attacks

Now the white man has come along, ditched the gi, embraced wrestling, and developed new leg attacking systems to make use of attacks previously shunned and banned by the Brazilians for decades

They call this submission grappling, and you're seeing it pop up where there gyms are now changing their names to say that instead of Brazilian jiujiujitsu

The Brazilians are very salty about this because what's happening to them is what they did to the japanese
A lot of judofags say bjj is basically just judo, we've always had all that stuff too (cope and lie)
Now bjjfags are looking at submission grappling and saying it's basically just bjj, we have always had all that stuff too (cope and lie)
Using your terms I have always been doing submission grappling.

I have seen a fair bit of cope from bjj guys getting upset no one will listen to there out dated shit.

If bjj will vanish and leave behind submission grappling I think it is for the best.
The legacy of bjj will be its asinine rules that retarded the development of grappling for a generation
We can thank keenan for accelerating its death with his lapel innovations that exposed just how stupid and easily exploited the rules are

In the future I will have nogi submission grappling only, however I will still rank people up because acquiring ranks is important for lots of folks
Instead of belts though I will give them kawaii pantsu, white, tiffany, pink, duckling, and moissanite

So that way people can receive something for their hard work but it's attached to a humiliation ritual because you should be embarrassed if that's what you care about
What if I have martial arts autism

File: lora040924s.jpg (16 KB, 300x193)
16 KB
Seems the gap is closing. Thoughts?
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your dad is a faggot
I let my chubby ex do this to my twink ass all the time just so I could lift her up. she was retarded and I'd have to guide her into positions that put me at the most disadvantage. terrible at play fighting.
>She's very athletic for her age.

Her 40s?
This thread has existed for over a year on this dead board.
>This thread has existed for over a year
>I'm still Yet to meet a woman that can handle me in a mixed wrestling match

Nah, the gap isn't closing at all! Even by modernist standards.

Not happening like you think.

Seriously though, where are the bad bitches that grapple?

Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
When and why did you first start Judo? How's it going so far?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2024


>Video Resources

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She was in the wrong
Don't put your hands on someone else's kid
bump limit

new thread
I don't like sasae, always feel like I'm falling back. Much perfer Tai.
>tfw no pig nose korean black belt gf
why live
Is that technically sasae since he's blocking the wrong ankle?

File: 1-14-24.png (1.74 MB, 1210x2020)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Power rankings edition



>All the sumo links and how to watch live:

Previous thread: >>191535
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Can't find it in binland
That was Onosato you moron
but I do understand they look similar in profile while crying
What does he have on his survey for favorite anime/manga? This is very important: I will continue to support him or pray for his downfall depending on his taste.
No fucking way Onosato is that based. If true then he's NY favorite rikishi of all time.

No Battlebots thread? Champions II is airing right now.
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DCMA'd I'm afraid.
Spectre was the chink show, in BB it's Quantum
No, Spectrum is the name of my cable tv provider.
They let you watch some episodes whenever you want, but they screwed up the order so I accidentally watched the finale of the bolt thing first.
Just don't tell the Jannies.

For discussion of hang gliding, paragliding, and other gliding sports.

>watching The Alpinist
>movie about free solo climbing
>introduces a bunch of famous free solo climbers at the beginning
>ALL of them died climbing
>the two climbers the movie is about died climbing

this sport is ridiculous. EVERYONE who made a name for themselves in it fucking died due to climbing aside from Alex Honnold

Why would anyone do this?
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>erosion of ego
Most climbers are silver spoon starbucks hipsters anon. The kind of people that are quick to jump on their high horse but love to larp as salt of the earth types. You know, yuppies.
She's a bag of redflags
IoM TT is not comparable. They are not a bunch of stoners downplaying the risks, talking about "flow states" and believing their own bullshit. They also have nearly an entire island on standby as volunteers and everyone involved is well aware their actions are dangerous and put themselves and others at risk of death.
Just because you are clever does not mean you are not susceptible to stupid behaviour. Humans are notoriously good at self-rationalizing. Climbing grades encapsulates that concept very well.
Free-solo climbers regularly absolve themselves of stupid behaviour because they falsely believe the only cost of an accident is their life.

File: IMG_4549.jpg (56 KB, 767x768)
56 KB
Samurai of the dark future edition.

A thread to discuss Kendo/jutsu, Iaido/jutsu.

>What is Kendo?
Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which combines traditional Japanese swordsmanship (Kenjutsu) techniques with sporting elements for competition. It is practiced with shinai (bamboo swords) and armor. The philosophy of modern Kendo is based off of Budo concepts and aims to develop the self through practice.

>What are the rules of Kendo?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb13DKpDd_k [Open]

>Am I too old to practice Kendo?
No. Westerns start later and many people practice Kendo until they’re dead.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm3CmNE72Bw [Open]

>Is Kendo a martial art or a sport?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Two years of experience and you feel bad about losing?
I don't think anyone expected you to win. Ask yourself if you showed all you can do. And why. That's all.
And clubs go up and down. A good generation is up for years winning everything and then they quit (job, kids, get bored...) and leave a void that other clubs take advantage of and that younger kendokas take YEARS to recover until the more competitive clubs retire their champions again for similar reasons.
It is the life cycle of kendo.
File: four-heavenly-kings.jpg (155 KB, 855x731)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Keep fighting. Forget everything else. Just fight. Keep fighting. Dont't stop.

Hey guys. I’m considering joining a local kendo club. I’m close to one and was wondering how long did you consider going before you went?
Just go. If you think about it forever you'll never do it and you'll waste mental energy considering it. If it ends up not being for you then stop going, but at least you'll have gained some concrete experiences in the process.
Just go baka

No rules except no weapons allowed
Who is the strongest of all time?
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Some promotions allow giants and some of hese giant like Bob Sapp and Hong Man Choi were quite popular but non of them was very successful in mma. The largest mma champ I can think of is Grigoriy Ponomarev who's 264-302 lbs.
Shuwen is more verifiable than most, purely because we know he was sought after, the People's Liberation Army hired his students for their security detail, and this was after the Boxer Rebellion humiliated the martial artist gangs/cults of China. Does it completely prove he was the greatest badass ever or something? No, but it does tell us the myth has some actual founding facts behind it.
how the fuck you know that obscure guy?
I have internet access and autism
File: angus macaskill.jpg (33 KB, 339x512)
33 KB
Very real possibility.

File: 2Q==(11).jpg (7 KB, 266x190)
7 KB
So I've been trying to get the balls to attend a gym that does freestyle and Greco wrestling. It took a lot to go to it as I know it's the toughest sport, and I'm not "young".

Twice now I have managed to gather up all my strength and start making my way to the gym, only for freak occurances (train literally going straight past the station, train being delayed for an hour) which left me unable to get there on time

I'm just wondering if any of you had the same sort of issues when you started training. Was the universe basically telling you to stay away but you persisted? Feel like im pushing my luck trying to go a third time lmao

Thank you for reading
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I take signs from God as they come

Like I have a few cars needing repairs laying around so my drive way is full and I have to park one on the street at night next to a hydrant
Been doing this for almost a year a this point and then 2 days ago a guy randomly comes to the front door and says "I see there's no plates on that jeep in the drive way, I'll give you $400" for it
So I sold it to him and now I can park in the drive way
Then last night wouldn't you know it ther was something going on at the neighbors house and the fire department came and needed to use that hydrant which I had been blocking for months
Wow that's lucky. it's weird the universe didn't stop me from going to judo or BJJ even though I did not enjoy those and only went for three sessions yet wrestling it just seems to not even want to let me go once
very weird. Maybe I'll get suplexed and dieded
That means you have to go now
where do you live that they actually teach wrestling to adults?
Not doxxing myself but near a major city, there are exactly 2 pure wrestling gyms (too far away for me) and 1 martial arts gym that does 2 wrestling classes a week

There are MMA gyms located more frequently that do striking/bjj/wrestling but usually only one class a week and very expensive. It's rare here and I still have to travel close to an hour to reach my nearest one

Also we don't have any school or college wrestling here.

File: 16576-acl-tear.jpg (92 KB, 800x936)
92 KB
Was training muay thai in class with my friend. Got my kick caught and he pulled. When I was hopping in my grounded foot, I landed funny, felt something in my knee like a pop and collapsed. No swelling at all, feels weird and tingly. Hurts when I attempt to walk on it. Doctor claims only meniscus tear but nurse told me the doctor half asses his job. Going to try to schedule an MRI.
Do you guys thing its a ligament, and how bad is it to come back from those?
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How's the myocarditis going buddy? I'm sure it's because of global warming and not your shot. Remember, for each booster you take, 10 palestinians die for the promise land
>for each booster you take, 10 palestinians die for the promise land
How many fake identities can I get away with before the nurse notices?
>Doctor claims only meniscus tear but nurse told me the doctor half asses his job
did he at least do a lachman test?
Yes and my tibia is intact. No shifting. Just an update, I can walk but can't straighten my knee or twist.

File: vegeta in the meadow.gif (2 MB, 500x375)
2 MB
I am planning on visiting an MMA gym soon. Being honest, I am scared as fuck. I am a long time sufferer of imposter syndrome and I feel like there's no way a physically awkward nerd like me can do this without embarrassing myself badly but I gotta try. My gf is constantly pestering me about having kids and deep down I feel like "how can I be a father if I can't even protect my family from other dudes?". That's basically my biggest motivation. I was wondering if you guys would be ok with me blogposting my progress here somewhere as I am also socially awkward(literally diagnosed with autism) and it's kinda easier to talk online about stuff like this than it is irl. Any beginners tips? Is there a general I should redirect my posts too? Btw I am a Vegeta chad(undefeated against Goku)
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For shitposting, not much else
Thats all this board is. This place is unironically worse than /pol/ or /b/
Just go, your body will eventually adapt to what's required.
Also try out various schools, there is more than just MMA.
>american freestyle/boxing/kickboxing
Lol you're a karate dork. And not even one of the good ones.
File: 1692261220625545.jpg (29 KB, 400x596)
29 KB
Your mind is in the right place anon. Deep down everyone has some level of imposter syndrome, just keep moving and doing your thing. If you ever feel unmotivated remember that motivation is the fuel of the week, the strong thrive on discipline. Go exercise a bit, work on your cardio and flexibility, specially if you hear any pops or anything weird. Don't be too picky about the gym you are going to, at first, go to the nearest one, get some experience, and if with time you want to experience other stuff or go to a more hardcore gym do it. And yes, do post your progress, I believe it will motivate other anons to do the same. Just remember this is a slow thread so keep using the same one for as long as possible.
>Any beginners tips?
Fighting for me is about two things: control and creativity. Control as in breathing control, stamina control, distance control, pain control, body control, etc. Most of these things you can learn and practice before even fighting. Muscle memory also, that is half of the game to almost any physical endeavor. Follow your coaches instructions, don't worry about speed, don't worry about energy, focus on your form and repeat, repeat, repeat. Lastly, when you gain confidence and learn the basics and its forms, don't be afraid to try new techniques, just don't get hurt.

Good luck anon.

5'7 guy here. Gimme the best martial arts to effectively beat someone twice my size, if they have little to no experience.
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Nice attempt at trying to blackpill me. I VILL beat Chad. I VILL smash stacy's tight pussy.
This. 3 years ago a BJJ black belt got shot and killed in a club in Brazil by an off-duty cop (go figure) and I remembered all the YouTube MMA influencers releasing videos discussing how firearms should be illegal and banned since they're so unfair. 'The Fight Bible' did a 15 minute long video just bitching and moaning about how overpowered firearms are.
just shank a nigga
Gun-in-hand kata

File: 1709950256166349.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
>Here's your professional MMA fighter bro...
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Ali had dozens of exhibition matches.
He has the worst technique in the history of the world.
>Floyd took it easy on Mayweather
Why are you?
What do you mean that Tyson took it easy on Ngannou??
You mean to tell me that he purposefully ruined his legacy?

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