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File: maxresdefault.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
is dancing an extreme sport?
Only break dancing and lion dancing.
you could twist your ankle out there or stub your toe, sounds pretty Xtreem to me.
freerunning is

File: IMG_1021.jpg (5 KB, 220x172)
5 KB
>Be me
>coaching wrestling for young kids
>getting aid from parent of kid in class cause he’s helping me wrangle the kids and make sure no one’s goofing off
>do a test exercise for the kids to see if they can push through it
>about 6 minutes of jumping jacks no stopping, if pointed at then you shuffle to me and back
>waterbreak after
>parent comes up to me
>starts telling me it was too hard for kids that age group
>Tells me it’s more about trying to keep them interested and having fun cause of their age
>start to understand what he’s saying
>genuinely good advice at first
>”These kids aren’t in competition. Most won’t even make travel teams and become good. There’s no need to push them.”
>woah wtf
>think that’s such a shitty reason to not make them work hard for a bit

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I has job security because nobody had my skill set
So like for example I had a group with 20something 7-11 year Olds in it and I made them all stand in a line at the beginning and I said there's a lot of you in here and only one of me, so there won't be any warnings, if you don't listen you're out and that's it
Well 2 seconds later 2 boys are wrestling on the ground so they were made an example of and banished immediately

Then their affluent Karen moms complained to me about how its unfair and they bring there kids here specifically for class and they're working moms and they're just kids. And I said you know who else are kids? The 20 other ones in the room that listened to what I was saying
Just ignore, anon. Smile and nod and exit the conversation. You owe him none of your time and attention. He can be a drama queen and pull his kid from the class, which is all the better.
wrestle him. whoever wins gets custody of his son
You know what fucking PISSES ME OFF!

Its definitely not worth losing your job keep it tranquillo

Jones would submit + elbow him to oblivion.
Jones is having difficulty submitting paperwork these days.
it would be such a good fight. especially if jones was in his prime


File: 8674860.png (39 KB, 1080x1080)
39 KB
after analisys of over 300hours of video it was found that 96% of fights are only punching in the face/head

learning boxing is the most important skill for self defense

do not let anyone get close to you either, if you lose control of the distance atack first.
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I personally love Krav Maga. Fundamental skills like punching and kicking are done as warm ups . From day one we did cardio. Other skills like knife and gun defenses were shown . Going to the ground and grappling was discouraged because in real life that's only good for one on one, not multiple attackers. Last of all Krav Maga is proven, as it's used by God's people the Israelis.
blades, knives, swords, and spears are the true weapons of warriors. Guns are good for distance fighting, but once you run out of ammo, you are defenseless against zombies.
Funny enough Israeli style they don't carry a round in the chamber so there's a 0% chance these suckers would get a shot off in you by the time you are on them
Not a martial artist, have been in 1 real fight and a couple "scraps" in the past. If I could have chose a background in grappling or striking right there, I would have chose grappling easy. If you're in a fight for your life striking might be more viable. But if you're in the typical drunk/high guy is mad about something and comes at you, people are yelling about calling the cops with their phones out, beating the crap out of the person is not on your mind. All I kept thinking was that if I rock this drunk jack ass in the face and he falls and cracks his skull on the curb, I might be charged with manslaughter. I can knock his teeth out right now but one of these dumb asses filming could edit it to look like I started it, and I get taken in for assault.

It was a lot easier to yank him to the ground and pin him till the cops came and arrested him. I am decently in shape now, but was not at the time, thankfully the guy was off his rocker and had downed 20 beers in a few hours while I was sober DD

The issue I'd see with grappling is if you're in an unfair fight against multiple people really trying to kill you. I'm sure an experienced BJJ guy could handle 2 drunk guys. 2 muggers with a knife is questionable. You pin one guy while the other shanks you in the kidney?
And that really goes into why fighting back isn't the best form of self defence. Cardio is, lol. Better to outrun the 2 guys with knives than try and properly box them

Old thread: >>191222
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Cringe larp. Go watch some battery changing tutorials.
File: R.jpg (544 KB, 1500x1113)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
Not sure what board this belongs on but what about hacky sack? I just got some and played with a friend. It's a good workout and probably helps with balance for skateboarding.
New thread alert

but you were lazy and didnt backlink or put any general info

redirect your efforts

File: 1666199110911115.webm (652 KB, 576x1024)
652 KB
>5'8 man vs 5'8 woman
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In that vid a girl is beating a healthy adult male tho
So your ancestor was the guy who legalized this?
>ricebug chink
>healthy adult man
kek. also women dont actually see through their eyes they only have an imaginary third person view of themselves like a video game, which is why they are athletically inferior. they are not at the reigns of their corporeal form, nature is, and everyone knows nature is a girl. and man was put on this Earth to rape nature.
T. Plays bibeogaymes all day
>Hurrrr let me tell you about what is alpha

Sit down

File: Xs_logo.png (317 KB, 1364x1411)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
As a small but mighty board, /xs/ has their own Soccer (not an extreme sport, I know,) team that fights other boards. This is done by making a computer play pro evolution soccer. Most recently, our former boardmates over at /pw/ won. Our roster is largely unchanged from the early days of the board: so I'm putting it up here for people to give feedback on. If there is a meme or shitpost you like from your threads (especially you guys, fight bros,) please hit me with it and what you think no longer represents the board. This is all autistic as fuck, I know.
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Add "Gun" as a goalkeeper.
Turn Hakuho into PUNISHED Hakuho
Oh shit, didn't see this before, change Hakuho to Terunofuji and call it "Exploding Knees"
Yeah, I am not helping
Indeed, hakuho in a janny suit would be neat.

Something to represent the floor hugging sports would be nice

In any case, next ( possibly final) match is in around 1 hour vs /m/. Basically need a win and a r9k win afterward to go forward

If 100 random men and 100 random women were chosen to fight in mixed sex mma with legal groin shots, how many women would win?
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Possibly 1 woman out of the 100, I would give that like a 2% chance or lower compared to 98+% chance of all 100 men winning.
They would wear a cup so not that many
Statistically speaking I would expect 5-10 women to win as I believe that is the overlap in the strength bell curves. If they're paired by weight class then I'd expect 0 or 1
You are aware that women can be kicked in the crotch as well and it hurts similarly badly, right anon? Or is this just another retarded inter-sex combat thread that you faggots are obsessed with for some reason? Surely not.
I expect a few women to win. There are some really beta and pacifist guys out there and some horrible and trashy women who don't mind throwing hands

I know nerds cope and say otherwise but fighting is massively a mindset and the ability to do damage without thinking about it. You put some tech funko pop onions up against a ghetto ass female and she will fuck him up

File: based soaper.jpg (43 KB, 284x432)
43 KB
soaping bros, we're home
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i love the 90s vibes these videos give off
I kind of want to buy a pair of these
I tried to get into rollerblading but I bought a pair that was somehow way too small and I don't wanna risk it on another pair
anyone else wanna buy grindshoes, link up, and travel the world to shoot a revolutionary grindshoe video and create a new extreme sports trend?

File: SLAP.jpg (204 KB, 1048x1553)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
/xs/'s thoughts on the topic of professional slap flighting?

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I find it interesting how incompetent the body catchers in Powerslap are compared to the slav tournaments. In Powerslap they just allow people to drop on the floor and bang their head.
It's such a farce to do the bar minimum to appease the local atheltics commission. Dana clearly wants footage of people rolling around on the floor.
You've got nothing, go practice more Power Slap and get more CTE while you fantasize about Dana's jizz in your asshole
White power!
top quality slappage
Gayest shit i've ever seen

Is it possible to just never get good at a sport?

I always wanted to drift. I used to rip the e brake in snow and dirt but I just suck at it. I bought a simulator setup and been using it for years and I never get better.

I can barely drift around one wet corner. I just don’t think I can get good at it i never know where the cars gonna go until I hit the throttle and I’m already sliding out of control.
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just find an arcade version of Sega Daytona USA, the drift mechanics of that game is the best of all video games racers.
find a teacher dumbass
I love that game!
Do it for real on a dedicated track with a car set up for drift, doing it in a game even with FFB or with a FWD shitbox on a parking lot won't take you far
>yes, i know plenty of old men who get into mountain biking, have been doing it for years and still suck ass compared to the fearless 12 year old who started 7 days ago., having a risk tolerance, or atleast internal motivation is necessary. Do you just say you want to improve and then never do anything about it.
I don't even think it's a big issue, their ego is just bigger then their desire to do better.
I never really wanted to be the best (inb4 cope comment), and once I understood that I was happier.
Admittedly the best mtber I knew did dirt bikes, bmx, as a kid and had some nasty trips to the hospital.
Learn more. Somewhere there is a key to your problem, and I suspect learning+practice will solve it.

- What is ESSENTIAL to have and to understand regarding Self Defense?

- What is the best Martial Art or the combination of Martial Arts for Self Defense?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
100%, absolutely fair. Just to be clear, in no way am I saying "don't train" or "it's OK to be complacent if you're middle class". I'm just saying that managing lifestyle risk factors is way more effective than fightin' good.

In regards to road rage stuff specifically, have a quality vehicle with good suspension, good brakes, and plenty of power. Keep it maintained. Have a CCW and a high quality holster. Put a couple thousand rounds through it. Attend a Shivworks course. All this has a significant (but not insurmountable) economic barrier for entry.

I dunno, I guess my point is just, don't underestimate the scope of the problem. Learning to fight good and owning weapons is awesome and everyone should do it, but you're still gonna get got if you live near trouble. People buy a gun, drop in the glove box, and think they're safe. Or they train up to be a pretty good boxer or whatever and think "boom, done and dusted, I am un-victim-izable".
Most countries don't allow concealed carry. Tbh I wouldn't even worry about training half as much if I could just carry a small Glock or pepper spray/ shotgun for home defense

Yes a lot of it is situational awareness, de-escalate but don't look like a victim

Sometimes nicer areas tend to have more home invasions and burglaries. I read about several here where the victim was a meek family man and he got beaten up whilst his family were tied up. I've also seen footage of home invasions where a good 1-2 to the intruders coming through the door made them revaluate their decisions...

But at the end of the day if enough people want to hurt you, you're getting hurt. I don't care if you're MMA heavy weight champion with a concealed carry, two guys with baseball bats who sucker hit you, and it's bye-bye
Fast draw
Putting aside the obvious de-escalation/avoidance/awareness/street smarts stuff, you need:

>1 good striking art
>1 good grappling art

That's it for the average drunk or homeless guy who starts shit. Then you can add weapons stuff later.
In an unarmed situation my plan is to do everything I can to get a good liver punch in. I’m sure I will take damage and quite possibly lose but a solid liver punch will drop anyone. Follow up with a flurry of kidney punches and gtfo

Why do boxers have so much more fights than mma guys?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And why does boxing not have greedy promotions?
They didn't know getting your face bashed in for 10 rounds was bad. The fighters weren't the only ones with CTE
Try 110 rounds
MMA is far more destructive to the body. Boxing is more dangerous to the brain, but you don't get leg kicked and elbowed.

Just look at the faces of boxers and MMA fighters after their fights.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>Just look at the faces of boxers and MMA fighters after their fights.
Bad comparison. Gloves in boxing are literally designed to minimize chances of cuts. Look at the face of bareknuckle boxers and they look way worse than either MMA or boxers.

File: IMG_0122.jpg (1.99 MB, 1307x1999)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Any hot woman, who do extreme sport
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Look i could not find a big boob
in order to be skinny i need to eat like 1200 calories a day, which is hard but doable. but anon imagine having to eat that little just to not be fat. Id rather eat a lot and workout a lot. You get used to eating little but its very hard to maintain
theres nothing wrong with her fucking brow bone tf is wrong with you

The fuck kinda name is Puck

File: skullbroken.jpg (70 KB, 713x718)
70 KB
What are the best nutrients/supplements for bonemaxxing?
>bone composition
>precursors to bone creation and repair
>hormones that give denser bones
>things that boost those hormones

Unbreakable bones are useful for extreme sports, so any help is appreciated.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i have nebula also i think its broken cuz i have a lot of stuff that is 100 percentile and 0 percentile also but its not statistically possible
I cherry picked those ones.
Research Botox in water. Great source of boron and increases bone density.
Take tamarind, it increases the amount of fluoride leaving body, prevents it from being absorbed, and helps keep minerals like magnesium and zinc stay in system, increasing bone density.
Get wooden pole and firmly wack your entire body before bed will help.
Take empower supplement
Stupid fucking tablet autocorrects
I don't trust anyone posting from a tablet

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