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File: Senegalese-wrestlers.jpg (104 KB, 421x447)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Even taekwondo is better than sambo, catch wrestling, glima, sanda and lethwei

If there's no gym that teaches a martial art anywhere near you, it's not a good martial art for you. There's much higher chance your town has karate, taekwondo, bjj, judo, aikido, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, krav maga or even slightly obscure things like freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling, kung fu or Filipino martial arts than some local stuff nobody knows outside of the country of origin. A wimpy art you can train is better than a good art you can't train.
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>watch almost any MMA match and see BJJ techniques
Yeah, the absolute simplest shit that children can recreate through basic mimicry. For any BJJ submission there is pretty much always an analog pathway to it via wrestling.
>gloves make subs way harder
Outing yourself as a larper dude. MMA gloves are open palm & there are ways to wrap hands that don't hinder grip at all. Anyone who uses this line 100% has never had their hands wrapped for MMA & has never used MMA gloves. This is total bullshit.
Not that headbutts have anything really to do with grappling or are unique to wrestling, but yes, there have been many changes since the beginning that have served to artificially make submission grappling safer.
Theres a lot that would fuck up grappling, but that doesn't negate the need to have a grapple game. If you're gonna get into some hypothetical self-defense debate, let me cut you off, because wrestling would still be great for moments when grappling is appropriate. But in self defense situations, Judo might be king. No one is pulling guard on concrete or asphault so BJJ is totally useless at this point.
Larping. Remove gloves and you would see even more RNC. Any retard can tell it's harder to snake your hand around someone's chin with a glove on. Try it yourself. Fucking retard.

You also ignored getting reset by rounds. A grappler can fight to a dominant position and sub for an entire round and then have it reset, completely bailing out the striker.
Keep your doing your gay "brazilian jizz juggling"with your fellow plebs.

I exclusively train in Wallachian toe-grappling.

Elite martial art.

Can't find it? Not my problem.

File: Kimura_kesa.jpg (38 KB, 400x300)
38 KB
*slams u on the ground*
*puts u to sleep*
*snaps ur arm in half (twice)*
heh, nothing personnell, bjj-bro...
Senegalese wrestling is rarer than every martial art you mentioned, yet a Senegalese wrestler beat a BJJ hall-of-famer.

File: 8674860.png (39 KB, 1080x1080)
39 KB
after analisys of over 300hours of video it was found that 96% of fights are only punching in the face/head

learning boxing is the most important skill for self defense

do not let anyone get close to you either, if you lose control of the distance atack first.
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>be bigger, stronger, fitter
Unironically invites trouble from people that want to proce something, specially with alcohol inbolved.
I didn't think anyone takes "self defence styles" seriously
File: aee.jpg (35 KB, 640x640)
35 KB
>96% of fights are only punching in the face/head
You could have asked us instead of wasting 300 fucking hours. Everybody know that.
Just STFU retarded macaco.
The only real martial art is getting a gun license or other means of real self defence, everything else, from boxing to judo to mma is a sport that has about as much carryover to self defence as bodybuilding or rowing or tennis.
Actually even less carryover because it teaches you tunnel vision in a fight.

File: 1709950256166349.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
>Here's your professional MMA fighter bro...
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This is why you teach people head movement and guards even in MMA
>gets KOd stiff by a naked loaded right hand
The faggots who say hurrdurr you might get headkicked need to git gud
The sport with less restrictions is obviously more respectable.
usman vs edwards
So? He trains a much less limited fighting style. Put the pro boxer in the octagon and he has his legs chopped off and RNC in one round

>wow you would think a PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER could sprawl and check kicks
Most UFC fighters are garbage punchers, no surprises here. I'm just surprised he agreed to boxing match

File: IMG_8095.jpg (77 KB, 460x818)
77 KB
why is skiing culture like this?
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we actually had that happen here a few years ago where someone tried ripping off a bunch of stuff from ski shops and got caught instantly once they put it on ebay
I'd imagine a nonzero amount of thieves either rent their equipment or don't actually even use any, so details fall to the wayside.
black guy immediately thinks of stealing.
>nog's first out da hood experience
How long will this last?

>banana weight so weak even the ring girl coild win
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no way lol
Wikipedia agrees
>olympic lifting results in pounds
Nigger what the fuck is wrong with you?
Joe rogan is so fucking short.
He looks 5'4
Is this the contender series? why is he wearing his uncles basketball shorts?

thoughts on bullfighting and other bloodsports???
Mexican here, been to 2 bullfighting events in my life and leaving the animal cruelty aside (I literally don't give a shit, I love steak), it was THE MOST BORING fucking thing I've ever attended. I get it has 100 layers of rules and traditions and culture and all that fucking bullshit, whoopdy fucking doo, who cares if the event is a complete fucking snoozefest? It pisses me off knowing there are people who give a shit about it. Absolute braindead motherfuckers. And my state (Aguascalientes) is one of the biggest bullfighting state in the country. Fuck my life.
savagery for people with moorish ancestors.
Running with the bulls is better
okay now what do you think of cock fighting?
large cultural tradition, seems interesting. Bulls are stupid as fuck and they use the meat afterwards from what I hear anyways. Anyone have a video or something of a Matador killing the bull, like in the final act? I'm curious to see it, can't find footage anywhere. if you search you only get matadors getting gored by the bull instead.

Can I be still be good at martial arts if i have a bad knee?
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Fix your knee. How is it bad?
>Illegal below brown belt

Most gyms now a days start training leg locks at blue.

My own gym starts at white, once they can prove they're done spazzing
It's just a holdover that then became a cope
Judo said no more leglocks because in 1890 there was no such thing as arthroscopic surgery or knee replacements
So the Brazilians didn't learn leglocks because they were removed from the syllabus before it got to them

The end result is Brazilians were bad at leglocks therefore BAN! And make up some ridiculous cope that they're 2dedly4u even though they're no more dangerous than any other submission
Unlike a choke, twisting someone's knee never killed or paralyzed them

Leglocks are non-fundemental so they can wait for later on that front. But no reason you can't introduce them to someone within their first year
>good at martial arts if i have a bad knee?
of course

Is it possible to just never get good at a sport?

I always wanted to drift. I used to rip the e brake in snow and dirt but I just suck at it. I bought a simulator setup and been using it for years and I never get better.

I can barely drift around one wet corner. I just don’t think I can get good at it i never know where the cars gonna go until I hit the throttle and I’m already sliding out of control.
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Of course you are going to fail at first but keep going keep practising fuck the simulators just get in a car find a place with not much people and start to drift, thats how i learned to drift using my brothers car my brother allowed me to drive his car as long as i put gas in it but he didn't know i would occasionally use it to drift too
driving is not a real sport
it's the same "sport" as darts, video games and chess
just find an arcade version of Sega Daytona USA, the drift mechanics of that game is the best of all video games racers.
find a teacher dumbass
I love that game!

File: Marozzo_8.png (882 KB, 744x819)
882 KB
882 KB PNG
/HEMA/ General - Yes capo no cap

>What is HEMA?
HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts, sometimes also called Historical Fencing.
It's reconstructing how to fight with swords, daggers, polearms, and other weapons based on old European fighting treatises

>What does it look like?
Inside the World of Longsword Fighting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zueF4Mu2uM
Back to the source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DBmNVHTmNs
Martin Fabian Sparring - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QlbKfX84k

>Where can I find these treatises?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, and he is going to a ren fair. He is not going to wear asian themed armor and stick out like a sore thumb now is he?
why is the hema discord the best place to have your progauntlets repaired
>sea shanty enjoyers
>damaging the reputation of HEMA
Avast, ye faggot. Sea shanties are based
Does anyone make safe steel sparring fokos?
Larp foam or something

File: the taker.jpg (145 KB, 676x800)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Takerufuji edition



>All the sumo links and how to watch live:

Previous thread: >>186986
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Are you a zoomer? Have you no patience?
so how's it hanging
oh sure >>194287 you say you're staying in this thread but I ask you how you're doing and it's total silence
I said I'd stay in the thread, not that I'd monitor it.

File: cymbal.png (9 KB, 631x522)
9 KB
Is the cymbal crash an effective strike in a fight?

For those who don't know, it's a strike that involves using both your hands in sort of a palm strike where you smack both of them on each side of the opponent's temple.

Very effective in grappling and clinch fighting when bare-handed or using lighter gloves as you can clear distance faster while also obtaining either an overhand or double overhand grip.
Doing it with just one hand is 2x better
How do you figure?
Why not just clap their ears at that point? Seems better and you don't even need to be particularly strong to pull it off.
It’s retarded and would never work unless you’re hitting someone standing perfectly still and not expecting to be hit. At that point just sucker them on the jaw and knock them out

File: 1702271121868694.webm (2.15 MB, 720x1280)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB WEBM
>s-strength and muscles don't matter, meathea-AAAAAAACCCCKKKK
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Best answer
I didnt know you dont wear clother faggot
Kimura was invetned by a judoka when he broke a Gracies arm
Greco roman won't touch the legs, and judo is too focused on the collar/sleeve. I desperately want an infusion of Eastern European judo guys because they can transition from Georgian A/B to over/under hooks without a complete overhaul.
For the bragging rights if you win?

How do make finger skatign EXTREME
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File: 1700071676659072.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Laughed way harder at this than I should have.
I laughed at every post gg.

Post all things related to baton and knife fighting.

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Any of you practice any FMA empty hands, specifically grappling? I've seen Yaw-Yan and other FMA striking styles but never the bunohan/grappling.
I studied some Filipino dirty boxing which consists of elbows, wrist locks, and take down holds. I also want to find a Silat teacher, Silat is culturally the best compliment to Filipino weapons . I really don't like the vibe of Yaw-Yan, it feels too much like American Kickboxing mixed with Filipino commercialization.
Why didn't you just go with /fma/ - Filipino Martial Arts like a normal person?
It's annoying how difficult it is to just refer to FMA by one name. The way I make sense of it all is most Northern FMA practioners call it Arnis. Practittioners from Visayas, Cebu, and Mindano will mostly call it Escrima, Then there is another group who will insist on calling it Kali because Escrima and Arnis are derived from spanish terms for fencing Escgrima and Arnis de Mano.
Yaw Yan is not a traditional Filipino Martial Art.. It's a modern hybrid creation like how Jeet Kune Do and American Kempo were created . In many ways it's much more of a brand, just by examining the name of it Yaw Yan means "The Dance of Death" It looks fun, and I see many of techniques do look effective, but it's a commercialized school practiced in westernized gyms. it's not traditional like the FMA which uses sticks, spears, wooden shields, swords, and knives

File: el toro.jpg (91 KB, 940x1106)
91 KB
I hate those "is X an extreme sport" threads too, but bodybuilding IS an extreme sport. Think about it;
>very high fatality rate. At least, higher than mma or rugby or american football
>Involves premeditated self destruction (steroid abuse), "includes" the extreme sport of competitive eating\ brutal calorie ingestion daily
>Involves basically mummifying yourself trough dehydration to be as ripped\dry as possible at stage
>The weight lifting itself is very strict and demanding
>there are cases of competitors having to do bar hangs to gain a few MM\ lose or gain a few grams of bodyweight just before the competition starts. Literally body-hacking against the clock
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kys using poison

really extreme
It's an extreme beauty contest
No sport is played
No strategy is employed
No points are scored
You just flex and maybe dance
It’s in it’s own category.
It's a male swim suit competition

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