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File: SLAP.jpg (204 KB, 1048x1553)
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/xs/'s thoughts on the topic of professional slap flighting?

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I find it interesting how incompetent the body catchers in Powerslap are compared to the slav tournaments. In Powerslap they just allow people to drop on the floor and bang their head.
It's such a farce to do the bar minimum to appease the local atheltics commission. Dana clearly wants footage of people rolling around on the floor.
You've got nothing, go practice more Power Slap and get more CTE while you fantasize about Dana's jizz in your asshole
White power!
top quality slappage
Gayest shit i've ever seen

Is it possible to just never get good at a sport?

I always wanted to drift. I used to rip the e brake in snow and dirt but I just suck at it. I bought a simulator setup and been using it for years and I never get better.

I can barely drift around one wet corner. I just don’t think I can get good at it i never know where the cars gonna go until I hit the throttle and I’m already sliding out of control.
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just find an arcade version of Sega Daytona USA, the drift mechanics of that game is the best of all video games racers.
find a teacher dumbass
I love that game!
Do it for real on a dedicated track with a car set up for drift, doing it in a game even with FFB or with a FWD shitbox on a parking lot won't take you far
>yes, i know plenty of old men who get into mountain biking, have been doing it for years and still suck ass compared to the fearless 12 year old who started 7 days ago., having a risk tolerance, or atleast internal motivation is necessary. Do you just say you want to improve and then never do anything about it.
I don't even think it's a big issue, their ego is just bigger then their desire to do better.
I never really wanted to be the best (inb4 cope comment), and once I understood that I was happier.
Admittedly the best mtber I knew did dirt bikes, bmx, as a kid and had some nasty trips to the hospital.
Learn more. Somewhere there is a key to your problem, and I suspect learning+practice will solve it.

- What is ESSENTIAL to have and to understand regarding Self Defense?

- What is the best Martial Art or the combination of Martial Arts for Self Defense?
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100%, absolutely fair. Just to be clear, in no way am I saying "don't train" or "it's OK to be complacent if you're middle class". I'm just saying that managing lifestyle risk factors is way more effective than fightin' good.

In regards to road rage stuff specifically, have a quality vehicle with good suspension, good brakes, and plenty of power. Keep it maintained. Have a CCW and a high quality holster. Put a couple thousand rounds through it. Attend a Shivworks course. All this has a significant (but not insurmountable) economic barrier for entry.

I dunno, I guess my point is just, don't underestimate the scope of the problem. Learning to fight good and owning weapons is awesome and everyone should do it, but you're still gonna get got if you live near trouble. People buy a gun, drop in the glove box, and think they're safe. Or they train up to be a pretty good boxer or whatever and think "boom, done and dusted, I am un-victim-izable".
Most countries don't allow concealed carry. Tbh I wouldn't even worry about training half as much if I could just carry a small Glock or pepper spray/ shotgun for home defense

Yes a lot of it is situational awareness, de-escalate but don't look like a victim

Sometimes nicer areas tend to have more home invasions and burglaries. I read about several here where the victim was a meek family man and he got beaten up whilst his family were tied up. I've also seen footage of home invasions where a good 1-2 to the intruders coming through the door made them revaluate their decisions...

But at the end of the day if enough people want to hurt you, you're getting hurt. I don't care if you're MMA heavy weight champion with a concealed carry, two guys with baseball bats who sucker hit you, and it's bye-bye
Fast draw
Putting aside the obvious de-escalation/avoidance/awareness/street smarts stuff, you need:

>1 good striking art
>1 good grappling art

That's it for the average drunk or homeless guy who starts shit. Then you can add weapons stuff later.
In an unarmed situation my plan is to do everything I can to get a good liver punch in. I’m sure I will take damage and quite possibly lose but a solid liver punch will drop anyone. Follow up with a flurry of kidney punches and gtfo

A match beetween someone trained In BJJ, judo, Wrestling,... vs some nigga in plate armor without weapons.
how would it go?
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Believe or not the guy doing the throw ended up more injured. The guy who got dropped had the wind knocked out of him but the guy doing the throw was concussed by the pommel strikes to the head.
I wouldn't call the 17th century modern
Why would you lie? Those pummel strikes had no structure behind them and even then were hitting the mask.
It was never as clean as it is now though, most modern joint lock submissions are from late 1800s and on. In wrestling it was mainly just trying to pull something until it breaks, there was no technique to submissions. Even the toe hold which was probably one of the more common 1800s wrestling submissions was just pulling the foot in one direction when the opponent was turtled up. The armbar as we know it was only introduced to America around 1905 or something like that. So while submissions were around for thousands of years, they really weren't around to be used on battlefields, especially in Europe where there was superior weaponry and armor, they would mainly use a takedown to use their weapon to kill someone on the ground if they were armored, if they were unarmored then it doesn't even get to a grapple.
Parry this casual

Why do boxers have so much more fights than mma guys?
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And why does boxing not have greedy promotions?
They didn't know getting your face bashed in for 10 rounds was bad. The fighters weren't the only ones with CTE
Try 110 rounds
MMA is far more destructive to the body. Boxing is more dangerous to the brain, but you don't get leg kicked and elbowed.

Just look at the faces of boxers and MMA fighters after their fights.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>Just look at the faces of boxers and MMA fighters after their fights.
Bad comparison. Gloves in boxing are literally designed to minimize chances of cuts. Look at the face of bareknuckle boxers and they look way worse than either MMA or boxers.

File: IMG_0122.jpg (1.99 MB, 1307x1999)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Any hot woman, who do extreme sport
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Look i could not find a big boob
in order to be skinny i need to eat like 1200 calories a day, which is hard but doable. but anon imagine having to eat that little just to not be fat. Id rather eat a lot and workout a lot. You get used to eating little but its very hard to maintain
theres nothing wrong with her fucking brow bone tf is wrong with you

The fuck kinda name is Puck

File: skullbroken.jpg (70 KB, 713x718)
70 KB
What are the best nutrients/supplements for bonemaxxing?
>bone composition
>precursors to bone creation and repair
>hormones that give denser bones
>things that boost those hormones

Unbreakable bones are useful for extreme sports, so any help is appreciated.
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i have nebula also i think its broken cuz i have a lot of stuff that is 100 percentile and 0 percentile also but its not statistically possible
I cherry picked those ones.
Research Botox in water. Great source of boron and increases bone density.
Take tamarind, it increases the amount of fluoride leaving body, prevents it from being absorbed, and helps keep minerals like magnesium and zinc stay in system, increasing bone density.
Get wooden pole and firmly wack your entire body before bed will help.
Take empower supplement
Stupid fucking tablet autocorrects
I don't trust anyone posting from a tablet

File: IMG_2128.jpg (369 KB, 3072x2048)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
>inb4 ‘they’re just fat middleweights’
If that were true then they’d have to be more skilled to make up for such a physical disadvantage whilst competing at a high level.
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I remember when Nelson first stepped on the scene and people I knew were complaining that he used fat kid tactics to win fights.

How can you consider yourself an "ultimate fighter" if a fat guy can beat you by lying on top of you?
Knock out power doesn't need skill.
That belly pin against Mir in a grappling match should've told everyone what he was about
There's not that many of them, so every fat guy gets a go.

And it's very telling when they fight against a guy who isn't a complete shitter and end up subbed in 2 minutes by a basic guillotine.
>heavy people are slow, especially if they need to keep their stamina for more than 20 seconds
>heavy people can knock someone out more easily even if they aren't particularly talented

File: 1710912078857563.png (472 KB, 1290x828)
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472 KB PNG
Absolute pathetic.
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Fuck off Abelardo. There’s a reason people who come into frequent contact with zucas generally absolutely despise them.
I will lay it all out for you
Bjj is on the way out, where like karate it may have growing popularity among normals but gets taken less and less seriously by martial arts dorks

Bjj is a kimono based grappling style with very rudimentary basic takedowns, no real stand up grappling skills to speak of, and a built in aversion to leg entanglement based attacks

Now the white man has come along, ditched the gi, embraced wrestling, and developed new leg attacking systems to make use of attacks previously shunned and banned by the Brazilians for decades

They call this submission grappling, and you're seeing it pop up where there gyms are now changing their names to say that instead of Brazilian jiujiujitsu

The Brazilians are very salty about this because what's happening to them is what they did to the japanese
A lot of judofags say bjj is basically just judo, we've always had all that stuff too (cope and lie)
Now bjjfags are looking at submission grappling and saying it's basically just bjj, we have always had all that stuff too (cope and lie)
Using your terms I have always been doing submission grappling.

I have seen a fair bit of cope from bjj guys getting upset no one will listen to there out dated shit.

If bjj will vanish and leave behind submission grappling I think it is for the best.
The legacy of bjj will be its asinine rules that retarded the development of grappling for a generation
We can thank keenan for accelerating its death with his lapel innovations that exposed just how stupid and easily exploited the rules are

In the future I will have nogi submission grappling only, however I will still rank people up because acquiring ranks is important for lots of folks
Instead of belts though I will give them kawaii pantsu, white, tiffany, pink, duckling, and moissanite

So that way people can receive something for their hard work but it's attached to a humiliation ritual because you should be embarrassed if that's what you care about
What if I have martial arts autism

File: 1700477187882396.png (740 KB, 1253x756)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
Do you have power in your hands? What type?
Do you have that KO switch in your hands, like Mike Tyson or Jack Dempsey? Or do you have that thudding power, like George Foreman or Kelly Pavlik? And how did you discover it?
I'm a thumper
I perforated someones bowel with a gut punch once, he had to get surgery
It wasn't a discovery, just an inate characteristic observable from day 1
Ever since I learned to punch the bag always sounded like a gun shot when I hit it. It always surprises people when they hold pads for me for the first time, like last time the guy calls over the main coach "yo check it out this guy's got brick hands!"

I think it's just my build that does it, I have a really high ape index with my wing span being nearly 4" more than my height
So short thick legs + long arms and naturally fast twitch muscles so I can generate a lot of power from the floor quickly and then throw it at the end of a long lever

This body of mine, I can't turn if I'm running but can punch good
I thought I had no power and were a volume puncher. I had fought and trained like one for years. However, at some point, I watched a boxing beginner vid and the trainer said someting like: "[...]You must flex your fist at that angle and just flex your forearm but not your shoulders etc. So, imagine throwing something in your opponents face."
The last sentence was a mental cue that did something with my brain and my body.
I tried it and my sparring partners told me, my hands were actually really heavy. I don't have flash KO power and I'm relatively slow. So, my opponents see my punches coming but they still don't want to be hit by my heavy shots. I can deliver a heavy hammer on their high guard with thudding power that rattles them.

File: lora040924s.jpg (16 KB, 300x193)
16 KB
Seems the gap is closing. Thoughts?
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your dad is a faggot
I let my chubby ex do this to my twink ass all the time just so I could lift her up. she was retarded and I'd have to guide her into positions that put me at the most disadvantage. terrible at play fighting.
>She's very athletic for her age.

Her 40s?
This thread has existed for over a year on this dead board.
>This thread has existed for over a year
>I'm still Yet to meet a woman that can handle me in a mixed wrestling match

Nah, the gap isn't closing at all! Even by modernist standards.

Not happening like you think.

Seriously though, where are the bad bitches that grapple?

Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
When and why did you first start Judo? How's it going so far?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2024


>Video Resources

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She was in the wrong
Don't put your hands on someone else's kid
bump limit

new thread
I don't like sasae, always feel like I'm falling back. Much perfer Tai.
>tfw no pig nose korean black belt gf
why live
Is that technically sasae since he's blocking the wrong ankle?

File: 1-14-24.png (1.74 MB, 1210x2020)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Power rankings edition



>All the sumo links and how to watch live:

Previous thread: >>191535
518 replies and 137 images omitted. Click here to view.
thanks for the webm
Can you make webm. of Atamifuji vs Tobizaru bout?

No Battlebots thread? Champions II is airing right now.
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
DCMA'd I'm afraid.
Spectre was the chink show, in BB it's Quantum
No, Spectrum is the name of my cable tv provider.
They let you watch some episodes whenever you want, but they screwed up the order so I accidentally watched the finale of the bolt thing first.
Just don't tell the Jannies.

For discussion of hang gliding, paragliding, and other gliding sports.

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