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File: IMG_6990.jpg (830 KB, 1157x1714)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
for 5 years i’ve tried to learn the ollie, this summer…this summer will be the one i know it
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I got my pop down, now it looks my next thing I need to get better at is leveling. I slide my foot up the board then just fall right back down on the board. I recorded myself and saw the frame by frame, back foot is fine it’s just the front foot that’s not pushing it forward. I’m practicing stationary on a doormat, does the board level out easier when you’re moving?
Your beyond retarded
The foot sliding up the board more goes straight up and across slightly to keep contact. When this occurs you need to lift your back foot up so the tail has room to come up. The combination of these two actions work as a lever to balance out the board.
Off the board, it is like hopping off your back and then lifting it to level your feet mid air.
Ollies are easier stationary but I would recommend learning all tricks slightly rolling (unless this is your only way tompractice then go for it, better than nothing). Its almost like relearning the trick going from stationary to moving.
Side note: I think learning a bunch of tricks stationary helped learn doing them fakie. My fakie flips are so much more consistent then kickflips.
Also try keep your balance over your board and square. A bit more front foot orientated. Too often I see guys try Ollie's while being way too far back, commit to one and slip out and earn their first hipper.
File: pop your board.jpg (210 KB, 1521x1080)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Just do this.

Also doing cavemans (cavemen?) and bonlessy shit is worth it. Gets you used to landing without eating shit.
What fucks them up is they don't realise they have to jump lol. They learn the tail pop and front foot pull but never actually leave the ground

File: B272-h_480x480.jpg (31 KB, 240x320)
31 KB
I know regular Wing Chun isn't at all useful in a real fight, but what about this form of it? Anyone heard of this thing?
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What about Kenpo?
Again, Sanda it's the only chinese martial art worth learning
You’re retarded. Grappling in general is about using your strength in the most efficient way possible. I’m going to paraphrase from kodokan judo, but Jigoro Kano explains it something like this:

If you have a strength of 5, and your opponent has a strength of 7, then in a head on confrontation you will lose everytime. However, by maintaining your balance and moving the opponent into a place of instability, his strength becomes 3 and you can overcome him.

In other words, grappling skills allow you to overcome someone who is stronger than you through superior positioning. However, you are still limited by how strong you actually are, so becoming strong and skilled would put you at the greatest advantage.
And given the same level of strength the more technical player wins therefore you could just as easily state that being technical is most important. This is a pointless statement. If you want to beat other fighters you need both.
I would say otherwise, Baijiquan seems like a good martial art from China, mostly ran by Muslims so they know what's up. They focus on a lot of takedowns, hard striking, shoulder tackling and other shit you don't often find being emphasized in a Kung Fu style, plus it seems to be better at take downs than Wing Chun from what one demonstration vs they had between the students so, yeah, Baijiquan is the real deal Kung Fu.

Also Karate is a form of Kung Fu that came down from the Bubishi line of martial arts white crane kung fu and incense shop boxing, monk fist boxing was originally the name but yeah it didn't spread far enough.

Sanda practitioners usually practice something else on the side as well its MMA for Kung Fu applications basically.
As someone who studied Wing Chun (with plenty of pressure testing) for some time, for me it looks like somone with deep understanding of biomechanics woke up one day and decided to invent a martial art with some very specific self-imposed constraints and then did it, the absolute mad lad.
>Can I do a strong kick/punch without using my shoulders or rotating my torso? What if everything is a jab because straight line is the shortest distance? Idk, let me try
Probably the thinking went.

File: 1700477187882396.png (740 KB, 1253x756)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
Do you have power in your hands? What type?
Do you have that KO switch in your hands, like Mike Tyson or Jack Dempsey? Or do you have that thudding power, like George Foreman or Kelly Pavlik? And how did you discover it?
I'm a thumper
I perforated someones bowel with a gut punch once, he had to get surgery
It wasn't a discovery, just an inate characteristic observable from day 1
Ever since I learned to punch the bag always sounded like a gun shot when I hit it. It always surprises people when they hold pads for me for the first time, like last time the guy calls over the main coach "yo check it out this guy's got brick hands!"

I think it's just my build that does it, I have a really high ape index with my wing span being nearly 4" more than my height
So short thick legs + long arms and naturally fast twitch muscles so I can generate a lot of power from the floor quickly and then throw it at the end of a long lever

This body of mine, I can't turn if I'm running but can punch good
I thought I had no power and were a volume puncher. I had fought and trained like one for years. However, at some point, I watched a boxing beginner vid and the trainer said someting like: "[...]You must flex your fist at that angle and just flex your forearm but not your shoulders etc. So, imagine throwing something in your opponents face."
The last sentence was a mental cue that did something with my brain and my body.
I tried it and my sparring partners told me, my hands were actually really heavy. I don't have flash KO power and I'm relatively slow. So, my opponents see my punches coming but they still don't want to be hit by my heavy shots. I can deliver a heavy hammer on their high guard with thudding power that rattles them.
Nope, feels like I'm pushing the pads more than anything. My round kicks do damage though, I can always see in their face when I touch them for the first time with it. Wish I could kill someone with my hands though.
For me it was a slow and gradual process of unlearning bad habits and learning proper technique
There's a new guy in my gym who has 20+ kg on me and say he fears my punches
If I could do it anyone can, just need patience and discipline

File: sddefault.jpg (99 KB, 632x399)
99 KB
THEN why are bets allowed on this fight?

How can a fight be notoriously fixed with money matters behind? It's would be illegal, they would get sued.

So i believe it's not fixed... I want to believe.. it's not fixed.
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I hope tyson lost the last brain cell that constraint him and fucking kill paul
Tyson's already busting to Paul
I'll wait for the three weeks it'll take for the whole thing to get posted for free on youtube.

>It's eye opening to see so many retards on social media claim Tyson will win.
>They don’t realize he cherry picks every single one of his opponents so that can’t happen, including 60 year old retired champions.
The fact that he makes a point of doing this in the first place tells you everything you need to know about his level of ability.
I intend to place my first bet on sporting events on Mike Tyson but due to my states laws I will end up using Draftkings once I can bet on the fight. Does anyone have any opinions on Draftkings and is there anything I should avoid in the betting scene?
>How can a fight be notoriously fixed with money matters behind?
Yeah, because this never happened before, lmao.

If a human can kill a grizzly bear unarmed,
Could one of the modern martial artists like Mike tyson do the same to someting like a tiger?
Has any regular person beat up a profesional fighter?
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If you are lucky and can get the animal by its hind legs and bash it against a hard surface repeatedly. You have to be strong enough to do this

Yes a random person can beat up a trained fighter. Training increases your chances but no one's invincible. If a random wrestler double legs Tyson he'd get btfo
If its an unsanctioned fight, any kid or adult can just grab a leverage (weapon is just leverage multiplier) and smash the trained fighter's head in, life is not pretty, life fights can turn nasty in a split second, your enemy was empty handed now you are both grappling to the ground, he grabs a bottle as you are falling down and starts smashing you to the head.

Shit like that can end anyone at a moment's notice.
File: bear gorilla.jpg (701 KB, 632x749)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
Mike isn't smart enough to figure out how to do it.
He would just punch and get fucked.

Also the guy probably killed a small one.
Tigers are a fraction of the size of a grizzly bear.
I'm not here to suck Tysons dick, but 'a random wrestler' is a bit of a stretch. Tyson boxes professionally, but i imagine he's probably done some ground work.
The skill disparity would probably still matter. He is a world class fighter. No he's not invincible, but he's made unarmed physical violence his hobby and livelihood, and did it better than all but a handful of people. The odds of him winning any fight aren't 100%, but they're not below 99%. And this isn't specific to Tyson. If the 7 billion people in the planet, only a few hundred or a few thousand become professional fighters. Of that list, a fraction are memorable, and of those only a small percent have the talent to be as much of a staple in their respective sport.

All that said, Tyson would probably be much worse suited to fight an animal like that compared to a guy like Brian shaw.
And I'm not saying muscle beats experience in a fight been two people. But Brian shaw is literally twice his size and is a world class athlete as well.
I imagine fighting a bear or some other non human predator is not similar to fighting a person. But I am to lazy to look up anything to support that claim, and I have talked myself out of giving a fuck about the rest of my point.

Please call me a gay retard in your response
He would just rape it.

File: drink.jpg (200 KB, 1024x1024)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
I have 5 months of nothing starting today.
How can I become the best fighter possible with, say, $1400 USD a month in my pocket.
Mot of the fight camps seem to be in Thailand.
Do they have any good grappling camps there or outside?
I like grappling more, ESPECIALLY nogi
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Why do you need to go to Thailand

Just go to a regular gym in your country
>I'd go to california to train at 10th planet HQ
You said you wanted to get good
It's cheap but yeah. Thailand is fine but overrated. Yes your conditioning and toughness will be good but you can do that anywhere. It's getting much better but the grappling is noticeably weaker and that muay thai style is definitely flawed in the head movement.
Come to my house and I will make you very powerful if my theories prove correct.
Yes most of the commercial Muay Thai gyms have no-gi and wrestling as well as general MMA classes. I'm going to fitness street in a few months to train at a few gyms there, come kick it with me.

File: charge_lg-1.jpg (1.28 MB, 3072x2048)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
This is just a question on should i keep trying to join or should i give up joining at this point.
>I try to join a branches/group in the SCA and get rejected because i asked to join the branches/group as a newcomers but no one seem don't want me to join the SCA at all and get really aggressive about joining in anyway or just don't tell me here to go to meet up for practice/training for fighting.

i tried to join when i was 18 years old now i am 30 years old, is there even a point to join anymore?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Just join some other sport. Everything I’ve heard about the SCA is that they think their weirdo knight and lord larp is real life and expect you to kiss their ass.
That's weird, they're usually eager for new fighters. Do you think there's a reason they don't want you specifically? If you reach out through the official channels of contact on the SCA website you might have better luck getting help from people if you think there's something about your physical presence that's particularly off-putting.
>i tried to join when i was 18 years old now i am 30 years old, is there even a point to join anymore?
There are lots of graybeards who fight in the SCA, you'll be fine on that front.
Hey everyone who have read this post and i want to say thank you gays for telling me about the SCA official channels on the SCA, but i think i should just walk on my own path on becoming a fighter out side the SCA.
Thank you all.
OP are you mentally well?
I think i am mentally well.

File: l-intro-1648665535.jpg (607 KB, 1600x900)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
Want to participate in one of the most ultimate extreme sports? Come Skydive.

Either do a tandem for ~S220 (Don't get video you will watch it once or twice and it costs $120+) or go through AFF and jump with your own gear every jump ($~3600 for the first 8 jumps or so) Most jumps are $60-70 after that if renting gear, or ~$30 if you have your own.

Any questions? Ask away I'm an insutructor

Is it possible to be strong enough to squeeze and submit someone on the ground the same way a constrictor snake can kill its prey?
Well you have to understand how constrictor snakes do it. They aren't just crushing things to death like the movies would have you believe. What they do is every time their victim exhales they squeeze a little tighter preventing them from inhaling again. Eventually they just can't get enough air in with each breath and pass out
It doesn't take much pressure at all to do that

File: IMG_6911.jpg (582 KB, 1179x727)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
Weekly Debate Post: Skiing vs. Snowboarding!
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>I had to drive hours to the closest hill
boo hoo, be thankful we had anything to slide down this year
File: right now.png (1.19 MB, 1203x669)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
i'm going skiing tomorrow
File: ski.jpg (233 KB, 840x1120)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
i went skiing yesterday
Snowboarding maybe seems cooler, and perhaps is more like surfing in powder, but when it comes to getting down super steep terrain or highly technical no fall zones, skiing is the way to go. Much more difficult to master, but it’s just the logical choice for mountain travel. You’re fucked if you have to traverse on a snowboard— it’s easy on skis and you can pole along the flats too —Don’t have to buckle your fricking boots every run and sit down in the snow — you can go way way faster —- snowboarder or slowboarder? Nothing against snowboarding I’m glad lots of people like it but the above reasons make skiing an easy choice for me —
>dissing rollerbladers when they can't bail unlike skateboarders

File: WRONG.jpg (331 KB, 1919x817)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
/xs/! What is best in life?
77 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This thread will never die and there’s nothing you can do about it
He Is Risen

To the top of the catalog
420 blaze it
Late Cinco de Mayo celebrations hermanos
Remember the fallen. Like OP.

Post all things related to baton and knife fighting.

38 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Nata.png (1.36 MB, 960x640)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
I need to practice with random weapons that aren't sticks, machetes, or knives. Who knows if I'll end up staying for a while in Japan. I heard sickles are readily available there for cheaps. I find they're "machete" a tad too smol. Probably useable still.
>FMA was preserved through dance
I really want to know if anyone can interpret the actual hand to hand combat techniques from the "Maglalatik" dance. Supposedly it has trapping and grappling techniques in it.
>the "Maglalatik" dance
Have any clean demo videos or photo sequences?
from what I've seen, Maglatik is a dance to familiarize target areas on the weak points of the enemies body armor, while other movements were just flourishes to hide it's martial arts application.
There are some Filipino masters that will straight up tell you study HEMA and it will improve your FMA. I was also told personally to study the movements of Mike Tyson.

File: Capture.png (682 KB, 1435x845)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
>it's kino
>360 hardflip
>its Jeff DeChesare
ok but it doesn't tell me how to do it.
Is it < < ^ O+X ?
File: images.png (2 KB, 160x144)
2 KB
holy based

File: 1689326904606158.gif (3.08 MB, 330x330)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB GIF
what size dimensions should you use to design a skateboard graphic? does anyone know the standard width x height? it depends on the size of the board I guess... does anyone have some kind of chart? this is a long shot I know. but this is the only board I know that would have people that know about skateboarding to that extent.

185 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah a lot of the early Gracies were not good people. I still respect George Gracie because he could actually fight and took his losses with good grace and cross-trained with anyone.
>While stuff like Muay Thai and BJJ have conflicting feetwork, Boxing and Wrestling kind of complement each other when you think about it.
It really depends on the type of wrestling. Freestyle wrestling with the really low stance doesn't mesh with the upright boxing stance, so guys with freestyle backgrounds often end up taking an extra motion to switch between the two stances when they transition from striking to wrestling and vice versa. Historically Greco-Roman guys make the easiest transition from striking-to-wrestling because they already stand upright when wrestling.
>le bad IJF that wants to DESTROY judo
More to this, if youre right handed you stand left foot forward in boxing
If you're right handed in wrestling you tend to stand right foot forward

Throws me off completely. Also with strikes around 80% of wrestling is pointless. You can't hand fight with someone punching/elbowing/headbutting. That is the handfighting
Sounds like you're just a shitty wrestler. Being ambidextrous for wrestling is something you should pick up year 1

>80% of wrestling is useless with striking


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