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File: hq720.jpg (55 KB, 686x386)
55 KB
>when putting wraps, you should avoid wasting it wrapping around your palm as you only want to protect your outer hand
Why? The purpose of putting on wraps is to tighten you hand as much as possible so you won't bust any of the 28 bones you have in your hand when you punch. Most of these small bones are located in your palm area. Yeah you should obviously protect the knuckles, wrist and thumb, but also your fucking palms.
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Current setup
Thumb - Wrist
Pinky - Knuckles - Wrist
Ring - Knuckles - Wrist
Middle - Knuckles - Wrist
Thumb - Knuckles - Wrist
Is that how you wished you looked like? pull your fucking pants up
Bitch, learn anatomy and mechanics and you will see how retarded you sound. Your knuckles are the most robust part, but the issue is that the metacarpian bones behind them are set up in such a way that when you apply force to the knuckles, that the leverages translate to them splitting appart, which can cause bone and, more importantly, tendon injuries.
I can tell you have never punched with all your might ever.
>this confidently retarded
>telling others to learn anatomy
Whew is it summer already? My degree is 90% anatomy, you don't know shit. You're not punching so hard your metacarpals are splitting apart. And the tendons run parallel to the bone retard.
I refer back to my other post. Boxers fracture are more common in boxing, despite OP alleging they use the safer wrap.
I am taking a shit & had a thought so lemme dump on you some more while I wash my ass with the bidet.
>Your knuckles are the most robust part
You're fucking retarded. No matter what style of hand wrap is used, knuckles are the main focus. All the tendons for digit extension/flexion run through the knuckle & are most vulnerable at the joint. Almost all tendon ruptures/impingements occur at the joints.

File: IMG_1599.jpg (69 KB, 878x1024)
69 KB
>trying to decide between going for a walk or playing disc golf. Played disc golf yesterday for reference.
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when someone gets brained with a disc it sounds exactly the same as when a disc nails a tree
>can hardly walk for two days
>pain migrates around knee for five weeks
Pivot on your heel, anons.
that’s something i’ve been working on for a while. it’s difficult on hyzers to load onto my heel, but delaying my reachback as long as possible has actually made the most difference on the pivot. the robinson brothers both like to pivot off the ball of their foot more than not from what i’ve noticed but yeah most high-level golfers go on the heel.
Forehand bros ww@
File: golfers-elbow800-1.jpg (46 KB, 800x426)
46 KB

File: crime_scene_1.png (220 KB, 275x624)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Should I learn kickboxing?
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The name may sound cooler but as a sport it's not
It all depends the type you’ll do, k2 rules or no low kick kickboxing? There’s tons of different styles and rulesets, I will say that a good leg kick with proper form ends maybe 98% of street fights if not more
maybe i will learn this good kick with a proper form thing

Training only once a week isn't a waste of time
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Clinch fighting is the optimal form of striking.
Boxing is better than kickboxing
Judo is massively popular worldwide
Freestyle wrestling is a fair bit rarer, but still exists in most countries in at least some capacity
I mean submissions specifically
Judo is better than wrestling

File: EmeraldBikeIntro.gif (536 KB, 500x333)
536 KB
536 KB GIF
what are some possible reasons my bike doesn't go as fast as it used to? the gears don't shift smoothly anymore and it feels like the chain is worn down but I don't know enough about bikes to assess it myself. my bike was built in 2007 so it's not new, but what are some common issues with a bike this old? I want to get it repaired so I can ride it again.
If you posted pictures or video that might help. Why do you think the chain is worn down? This is probably a better question for >>>/n/ and you might get more relevant eyes on it in /xs/ by asking in the mountain bike thread >>>/xs//mtb/

>Gegard Mousasi is not happy with the PFL.
>“I think they bought Bellator but they don’t have the financial means to pay the fighters,” Mousasi said. “Whoever is not necessary, they will just not let them fight. Especially fighters that make a lot of money. Because Bellator fighters make more.
>At the end of 2023, PFL acquired Bellator MMA in a landmark deal, which PFL executives promised would lead to a new era of MMA. Unfortunately, that new era has not extended to Mousasi, who has gotten off to a rough start with PFL, primarily over the lack of fights and even communication coming from the promotion. And after recently attending a PFL event in Paris where Mousasi still made no headway in booking a fight, the former Bellator middleweight champion has reached his limit.
>“Yeah, [I feel disrespected] because they don’t even want to pick up the phone and talk to us,” Mousasi continued. “It’s not even funny anymore. It’s the worst organization so far. I’ve fought in a lot of organizations, this is the worst one.”
>Mousasi has not competed since dropping a decision to Fabian Edwards at Bellator 296 in May 2023. The former champion signed a new contract with Bellator prior to the company getting acquired, and Mousasi said he’s been told by PFL officials that they were not aware of his new contract when acquiring Bellator and that’s why he hasn’t been offered a fight.
>“My contract is a couple million. ... Whatever deal you make, it’s not possible that someone slipped a letter between the other letters and no one found out. Everything has to be signed by lawyers. So whatever they did, they knew about it. They said they’d take everyone from [Bellator]. So they took me, they knew the contract, and now they’re like, ‘Well, they slipped it in.’ You’re not buying McDonald’s, you’re buying a million-dollar company. It’s not believable that they didn’t know and someone wanted to f*** with them, so they did a very fast contract and no one knew about it. It’s just not true. Everything has to go through lawyers. “I don’t know why you even took Bellator if you don’t have the money to let the fighters fight.”
>“I’ve talked to legal council, I’ve talked to managers, lawyers, other people who worked for Bellator, I know I have a contract,” Mousasi said. “They owe me at least one fight, and then they can let the clock run out. At least. So it doesn’t start until I fight. Something like that. The problem is, you never know who is going to win in a lawsuit. So I hope it doesn’t get there.”
Co-leader by 2030!

In DnD, whenever I play, I absolutely hate when players who choose a martial class don't add flavour to their attacks. "I hit him with my sword 3 times", "I punch him twice" is the most you'll get out of them. I hate it even more when the DM does it or when when the DM doesn't allow accumulative damage in games if you target a specific area with enough strikes. I get that the dweebs at WoTC only put barely half the effort of making martials viable in high levels with the battlemaster fighter subclass, but do NONE of these guys have love for the "ART" part of martial arts? Theres so much flavour you can put, like if a player goes for an elbow to the face enough times there will be a cut above the eye that now gives the opponent a disadvantage on perception checks and attacks due to not being able to see. Or hell implement ANY sort of good ruleset for how grappling arts can be used in game to help break limbs, throw enemies to the ground or completely isolate/submit opponents. Or if the player makes a high enough dex check with a weapon once per the enemies turn, they can immediately parry and get a quick strike in.

Maybe this is the price I pay for being into martial arts and dweeb shit at the same time but holy shit is it ever annoying. Especially when no one seems to want it changed.
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LARP rules for Vampire are literally rock paper scissors for success/failure.
GURPS you absolute flaming faggot
You've fucked up so badly sticking to DnD that you're now spreading this irrelevant shit on boards that have absolutely nothing to do with it
Get off 4chan, play GURPs and stop bitching
With some LARPs like that one there's a larger organization with interconnected stories so they're usually handled with a greater degree of standardization and fewer house rules than some one-off game you run locally for your friends. The game session I joined had at least a couple dozen players and several GMs who had to communicate and coordinate with each other to run that single session in that single location.
Does Vampire the Masquerade LARP also include weird BDSM shit? I always heard only degenerates and perverts play VtM.
Not a LARPer myself, but I heard from a friend that did amtgard or whatever it’s called that larp events are basically nerdy fuck fests

Not sure if this is supposed to go on /xs/ or /sp/, but what do you think of the sport? All I see on here is HEMA.

I'm trying to get into it and I'm looking to pick up some gear. I probably want to fence Epee. Any recommendations? The club has gear, but a lot of it is gross and sometimes not working, especially for left handed stuff.
292 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
About 15 years ago I won an epee bout with a spinning jump attack. I am still proud of that to this day.
Next thing you're gonna say chess grandmasters should become military general or some shit.
Kharkiv. They've still got their salesmen going around at the European competitions, and there's also a newer Ukrainian fencing manufacturer that's popped up around 2021 called Folo, they just so weapon components and wires right now.
File: diagolon-flag-2000x1200.jpg (52 KB, 2000x1200)
52 KB
Why does Olympic fencing take place on a linear strip instead of a circular arena? Is this a compromise for electric scoring or an older convention?
Older convention, evolved from Italian rapier fencing that theorized that controlling the center line was the safest and most efficient way to attack the opponent, continued on with smallsword fencing which became foil and subsequently epee. Saber too since foil fencing was often taught as a training exercise for saber since it taught really good point control.

Did we jump timelines again? How the fuck is this actually happening? Am I being fucking bamboozled?
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I don't have extra 100
It's way cheaper than that, tank at spotlight was $70, Medical Oxygen Mask from the pharmacy $20. Got them in the cupboard for when the time is right.
In such an obvious fight what do you stand to win?
It's like 1:1000000 odds
This was the first fight I am interested and betting in and have learnt that in my state I can only place bets by going in person to a tribal run casino. I intend on betting on Iron mike, he might be old but this is mike tyson we are talking about. He is going to beat Jakes ass.

File: IMG_2135.png (43 KB, 316x316)
43 KB
>completely ban elbow strikes
>signed Ngannou a year ago, he hasn’t fought once
>drop $100 mil on Bellator ‘for its roster’, now decide they’re gonna keep the rosters separate
>signing Jake Paul
Is Dana actually a good businessman or are his competitors just retarded?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ONE literally has no fucking clue what they are doing, any event outside of Singapore will have interns outside handing out free tickets to randoms, they have constantly fucked over fighters and fans and the sport of Muay Thai as a whole over and over again. ONE is deeply in debt and only Chatri's Yakuza Vampire powers can keep the business alive.
As retarded as Dana can be (power slap, actually slapping his wife in public) his competitors out-smoothbrain him by a country mile. PFL have already gone to the moon based on the amount of country miles they got on Dana
>One seems to be on the way to getting a stranglehold over Asia
I get the impression that when people call one 'the UFC of Asia' they mean 'the UFC of South-East Asia'. Idk how it is in other countries but having lived in China for ~three years now I can gurantee ONE is in no way shape or form more popular than UFC here.
I can't see how they'd be big in Japan or SK either. There's gotta be some kind of fuckery in the Prime accounting for the region "dominance" claim.
Dana is retarded but his competitors are even more retarded.

ONE has been in the red for their entire existence. Despite all their fluffing, they have very publicly not made a profit.

File: Kungpow.jpg (78 KB, 233x350)
78 KB
What's your favorite martial arts movie?
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You knew it was gonna be a good time when Jet Li and DMX were in the credits together
File: eExqQXVNUT09[1].jpg (37 KB, 408x583)
37 KB
Honorable mention: Duel to the Death for sheer ridiculousness.
Vision quest is a classic
File: kung fu hustle.jpg (103 KB, 854x1000)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
All of the films mentioned in the thread are great, but for me Kung Fu Hustle is a cut above the rest.
The Art of Self-Defense

(Japanese Kickboxing)
47 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
But jkick has ring girls dressed up in cosplay
MT has people cosplaying as girls
J kick used to have that..... thank u for everything Jienotsu....
Imho the traditional dance and scoring system in muay thai is annoying af. Would prefer to see a kickboxing organization that just allows elbow strikes.
Kickboxing is ideal martial art imo for spectating

File: z3fp02ylo9c81.jpg (35 KB, 640x359)
35 KB
>If a boxer lands a Good hit on a grappler they wont get up anytime soon
Makes you think
126 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
would bin ladin have been a good fighter? dude was tall as fuck, long reach
>long reach
yeah no kidding
Maybe like get good at striking AND grappling.
i love how that counts as a knock down but what Justin landed on Max wasnt
Glazing hard
Cain shut down JDS for 9 rounds.

File: Yo-Yo-Plastic-Toy-Green.jpg (758 KB, 2400x1600)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Is this an extreme sport? WHat are some unusual sports i can get into besides skateboarding?
File: 200w (4).gif (127 KB, 200x113)
127 KB
127 KB GIF
I don't know about extreme but it's fun. Extremely dorky to most people though.

Camping/hiking/kayaking. Survival stuff. Primitive hunting
I wouldn't call it extreme. I suppose it kinda counts as a sport if their are official scoring criteria but it's very much a talent show level hobby.

I think that cycle cross is an ususual sport that is fairly easy to get into. lots of local cyclecross events in my country. just bring an bike and have fun.
File: CtGx.gif (1.34 MB, 320x179)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF

cyr wheel
Spinning tops.

File: RAD1989.jpg (119 KB, 826x1169)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Modern skateboarding fucking sucks. Everyone skates like a robot: same tricks, same style (both clothing and trick execution), everyone at the skateparks are way too serious and tryhard. Nobody carves or has any real style, just the same in-line tight truck 5 approved tricks tried endlessly in a row.

How do we make skateboarding like 1988-1992 again? Bright day glo colors, giant ass fish boards with rails, tricks that are whatever the fuck you felt like doing that day and who fucking cares if you drag a hand or a toe as long as you surf out of it. People used to all have a sense of humor and goof around and improvise halfway through a trick, not stand around like soulless autistic robots and give up if the autism flip didn't land perfect in the sperg grind. And for the love of fuck, they listened to ROCK and METAL, not this horseshit faggot ass trap music rap bullshit.

Skateboarding used to be rad as fuck and whatever gay shit it is today isn't worth being around. I don't see any tricks around today that weren't being done back then, it just had more pizzaz then.

Like, watch this part and tell me you aren't 1000x more amped to skate than some bullshit dropped today: https://youtu.be/3c7XV-FC59k?si=RAAuO_Fu-BT8R2RF&t=21

Fuck modern skateboarding, make skateboarding rad again.
83 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Guy is talking about someone he meets at a bar, that is "approaching" 40 as a boomer and a grandpa. What a dipshit. Boomers are the children of WW2 veterans. They are 75-85 years old now. Im a 48 year Genx that hasn't had grandchildren yet, but I don't know many that are grandpas before they're 40.

And you're in a bar? You're already out dated for skateboarding and just haven't figured it out yet.

So just go back to the industrial production line of thirty 6 year old's practicing kick flip shovits (thats a trey flip) at your local skate park. You uncoordinated out of shape, computer fat, lazy Millennial, self entitled, can't ever buy a house , can't afford food, always fucking crying, poser.

Any GenX want to entertain themselves. Go watch Tim Pool skate videos. Most fat sloven, stranded mess. Pulling tricks that are awesome, with zero coordination. Thats what skateparks did for us. They gave our children a production line of the best tricks with zero style.
File: 983[1].jpg (251 KB, 1600x900)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
but since you used a magazine that contained skate and bmx at one point. have you looked at the state of bmx? absolutely 0 style, just a bunch of mongs begging for the 1 or 2 energy drinks sponsorships whipping and flairing on everything risking becoming a vegetable for less than minimum wage
compared to any other /xs/ skateboarding is doing amazingly well
bmxers are so weird, they build the stupidest shit
File: Yrsyn3wTXpw4mlNm.jpg (78 KB, 720x1280)
78 KB
>Global Chillin'

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