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File: download.jpg (6 KB, 200x193)
6 KB
>Hanging out at a party
>I find out some dude is a TKD blackbelt
>He starts doing these faggy party tricks like kicking bottle caps off of sodas and twirling in the air using completely inefficient and impractical tornado kicks
>Normies, being normies, completely eat this shit up and start cheering and yelling like it's the craziest thing they've ever seen
>I offer to spar him, knowing his flashy kicks will just get his ass beat
>I swarm him with a three piece combo to the head and body
>He kinda-sorta turtled up, but I KNOW I tagged him in all the gaps, and I KNOW he was kind of surprised, but he just sort of stumbled back and played it off like he blocked them all
>The crowd goes "wow, dang, good thing he blocked them all"
>I LITERALLY tagged him like THREE TIMES, and they THINK he "blocked" them just because he kinda-sorta turtled up?
>He fakes a leg kick and transitions into that stupid 360 spinning back kick bullshit and it doesn't even hurt when it lands cause it was soft as fuck, but I stumble over a hitched part of the rug where it's sticking out, and I trip and fall over
>The whole crowd starts going crazy and going "nah bro, just stay down, just stay down, it's over"
>I'm literally one hundred percent fine, so I dust myself off and immediately stand back up to resume the spar, but everyone's already high fiving the other guy and telling me "it's over, it's over, just stay down"
>I tell them I just tripped over the rug, and the normies are like "yeah, cause taekwondo guy kicked you over it", and I tried explaining to them that I stumbled over it myself but they wouldn't listen and they kept saying the taekwondo guy won
>First of all, normies are so fucking stupid I can't even believe it, and are absolutely fucking clueless when it comes to fighting

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Based TKD bro
damn TKD really works huh
>Anon gets owned like a 19-year-old with daddy issues in front of a bunch of people
It works in street fights AND at parties, especially now that every other normie bitch is a koreeaboo.

This comment made my day lmfao

File: Skydive21-1-scaled.jpg (287 KB, 2048x2048)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Skydiving is the lamest "sport" ever conceived. There is no competitive aspect unlike basically every other sport. It's literally just drop from a plane and them pull the parachute. Obviously, there is some preparation that needs to go on but you don't have to be a peak athlete to skydive (and there's no competition so no reason to improve once you know the fundamentals.) And it lasts for literally about 10 seconds or less then it's over. The disciplines that are actually designed for competition like accuracy have almost no entrants and/or viewers even by extreme sports standards because it's a shitty spectator sport anyways. The only benchmark that exists is "muh records."

Also, BASE is a blood sport lmao. But skydiving seems easy once you are competent at it. Unless I'm missing something since I started finding out about it literally yesterday.
Skydiver here. Very few people in the sport 'compete.

Formation skydiving, be it belly or vertical, is pretty competitive but repetitive. Freestyle is nice to watch once, but then its boring. Wingsuit comps are even more boring.

Swooping comps are exciting, but it's like racing, most people are watching for the crashes.

For the average skydiver, you want 50-60 seconds of adrenaline in free fall, mostly tracking or having fun, and then possibly another 6-10 seconds of adrenaline if you choose to swoop.
I'm going to do it for first time. My ultimate goal is wingsuit flying. How difficult is it to do wingsuit and is it thrilling ?
Not very hard, you will need a minimum of 200 jumps to get into wingsuit flying, and generally a lot of dropzones have a dedicated wingsuit group that is pretty tight. What part of the US are you in? I can direct you to the best dropzone
>no reason to improve once you know the fundamentals
The only people who think this way are A license freshlings who think all the other freshlings are fucking up the dive flow and jump straight into freeflying because it makes them feel more advanced than they actually are. Being a good belly jumper takes hundreds of jumps.

>BASE is a blood sport lmao
Only if you're an idiot. The point of BASE jumping isn't to enjoy 3 seconds of free fall and avoid hitting any rocks on the way down to landing. People like being out in nature and exploring. Scouting out a landing area and poking around cliffs for hazards is part of the complete experience. If your idea of getting into BASE jumping is to go from being a couch potato to jumping off rocks you're in for a bad time. The people who really enjoy BASE jumping are the ones that would have enjoyed being out there even if they weren't BASE jumping. The jump is one part of the experience.

previous >>166676
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KC allowed other styles since a season ago you fucking retard
new thread >>195013
new thread >>195013
new thread >>195013
new thread >>195013
Kata has manly uses but it has lots of cryptic purpose behind it. You mostly see the punching, blocking and parrying techniques first. Other pieces include throwing and locking movements, which is known as "bunkai." Proper body mechanics, and footwork are also learned through Kata. Minimal risk of injury is also a benefit. Kata also makes teaching to a large amount of students easier. Kata is great for all ages as their is minimal risk of injury. Last of all their is a meditative and psychological aspect of Kata which takes away from the violent aspect of fighting and sparring. Without kata martial arts become less of an art and more about violence. If you think it's dancing, well learning how to dance helps you in dating also. If not keep sparring and get into fights every day, eventually you will get injured or get arrested for assault and wind up in jail. especially when you live in a safe region their is no need for hard sparring. In times of real trouble, you will be forced to get into real fights to get your skills up.
I prefer Filipino Martial arts where the drills have the forms in them. Drills like the feed and counter drills have kata like movement but you see the direct application of those form stances and footwork. Japanese Karate also has a different approach to Kata than the original Okinawan Karate. Okinawan Karate is much more suited for reality, while Japanese Karate is for public education.
I wish fighting video games had kata. The closest thing to Kata they have is the combo training and learning how to do the large hit combos.

File: 1711276119659736.webm (2.9 MB, 270x480)
2.9 MB
How did this happen???

I thought wrestling was useful in the street????
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I really doubt based on that throw the guy had any kind of grappling experience at all.
This. Proper suplex makes sure the opponent is the one crashing to the floor. If you did it the judo way your arm will hit the floor and be stuck underneath
Its only useful if you're not a total wimp
You can notice that retard had 0 athletic skills the way he tried to lift the other dude with 0 leg strength
"Legit" self-defence instructors say that you can't do shit in a street fight due to stress

File: output.webm (2.35 MB, 360x640)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB WEBM
What is your boxing style and stance? Why did you choose them?
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Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJMa9p2bk8w
He probably doesn't box a lot.
i dont looks like none of these

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 183x275)
10 KB
He did nothing wrong
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He was absolutely bottom of the rung dirt poor in Brazil (as a child he ate out of the trough like an animal at times).

He turned out to be pretty good at BJJ except he had some sort of mental problem where he wouldn't let go of locks and would just cripple people. Which - you can't have in professional sports. Also he was never the best of the best so he got booted out till he was fighting in bottom rung promotions and then fell off badly
Paul Harris is a walking big pharma ad, anon.
>He did nothing wrong
Not true,he was brazilian
I wish someone had kept pummeling him after he got knocked out.
The age when MMA fighters were violent brutes with a lot of issues was gone since UFC 10, now everything it's business and no need for violence

File: 1656011481337.png (1.16 MB, 1667x1002)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG

So, what do you think? Can he do it this time?
Can he? Yes. He's stronger than last time and big guys like Levan don't have the gas for long fights.
Will he? Not likely. He's the underdog for a reason.
Devon doesn't have the side pressure or internal rotation of Ermes and I don't see him beating Levans wrist .if Levan pulls with his Side pressure and pronation primarily maybe Devon can swindle him but if he brings the match to his side of the table and works efficiently yeah it's going to be a short night for the Canadian.
Where can we watch it for free?
Would also like to know. Anyone?

File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
>Defeats black belt in BJJ with a blue belt
why does nobody go over this in class?
Step 1: Stand up
Step 2: There is no Step 2!
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> Risk/reward
> In favor of boxing
Your defense must be a lot better than mine then. I caught 2 concussions within a year, and the worse of the 2 was in training when I tried to weave a feinted straight right directly into a left hook.

I've had a bad knee injury, lots of pulled muscles, and a popped rib from grappling, but I have never caught a severe headache for 8 hours straight from wrestling. I fucking hate getting punched in the head, even in heavy gloves and headgear.

> And if you think a fun game is men's sweaty infected feet around your head
Lol, never ask a guy on the wrestling team why it seems like everyone on the team, and their girlfriends, always seem to end up missing classes around the same time.
You don't have to spar heavy
You also don't even need to spar. You can be a bag warrior and learn to hit hard and fast. That will do more than bjj larping for most people, "fitness boxing" is underrated. You will be fit, fast etc
You don't need to get your head bashed in for years by pro and amateur boxers to put up a decent fight protecting yourself. Especially when most boxing shit goes out the window as soon as grappling is involved. Better off being strong, quick and injury free. Know how to throw a strong punch. Moderate safe sparring if you want. You're not a top pro, the neck, eye and brain injuries aren't going to be worth the heavy sparring
> Don't go heavy
Sure, but that's kind of the rub, isn't it? You can turn it up semi-regulary in the grappling games, and unless you're working with guys still in their spazz out phase or someone who throws like an asshole, you're probably looking at some sore joints the next day. Wrestlers don't have a gear between stop and go anyway. Balls to the wall is how you learn that some throws can't be half assed or you will take a ride. Or when and where you have to put some elbow grease into some submissions to finish them.

Too many times, turning it up in the ring ended up with one of our guys sitting in a chair, puking into a bucket. But for a lot of us, that was the only way we understood how to work through another guy literally trying to knock our fucking faces off.

I won't say I'm smart enough to know where the optimum rate is, but I firmly believe you have to get in there occassionally and push it to validate all that other work you're putting in.
Might as well have an amateur fight if you're going to spar as hard as you can. At least you can have a proper record

>style of long arm chads
>counters cringe peekaboo style
>enemies can't hit you because of range control
>KO enemy easily because you are fast, strong, use full body on punches
>cool footwork
>cool guard
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>combines the styles
>90% KO rate
No one at the top level is fighting like this. This style is point fighting faggotry.
File: image.png (14 KB, 211x206)
14 KB
Not only are you going to gas yourself in the first round, you're not going to be able to respond to anything if both of your feet are off the ground.
Sounds like what a fighter with a small weak core would do. You never see MMA fighters pull off soviet type shit.
if you're expending energy for no reason while your opponent is not, you are losng

File: Muscle_Control.jpg (83 KB, 360x583)
83 KB
I recently discovered that during the early 20th century, a German strongman called Max Sick devised a type of training called Muscle Control, in which you are meant to learn to control each muscle in your body individually for the purpose of being the strongest in the most efficient way possible.
Point is that by having your muscles be by default loose and selectively activating only the muscles you need to for a given movement, you can both train muscles in isolation better and more efficiently execute compound movements and lifts. After looking it up for a bit it reminds me a lot of traditional Asian "internal" martial arts like Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Apparently, some successful strongmen, Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters have used this precise type of training to improve their performance.
Could this type of training be useful as a compliment to martial arts training and performance? For example, relaxing your bicep and back completely when throwing a cross and precisely activating the muscles necessary in the right order to deliver the strike with the most speed, power and the least energy expenditure.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't mention Muscle Control one time. I was talking about isometrics and the whimsical fantasy some people will try to sell you with them by saying how you can develop physical strength and maximum power output the same, if not, better than conventional resistance training.

Next time, read through the entire argument before coming to a conclusion.
Ok dyel.
Post body.
Then why did you bring up isometrics being pointless nigga.
Also isometrics can literally enhance your short term strength powerlifters sometimes push on a fixed bar before benching to increase their output.
>Also isometrics can literally enhance your short term strength powerlifters sometimes push on a fixed bar before benching to increase their output.
That's retarded and I reject that completely.

Is his career over?
I don't see him having another fight unless he somehow starts running out of money
Though if you consider the amount he probably blows on booze, coke and whores, who knows, it might just happen
No, he runs two very successful distilleries.

File: Snapchat-1356186984.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x2560)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
I'm a long distance runner. I've got a 41 minute 10k. What martial art will this come in the most handy for?
Long distance sprinting
The best martial art
Joking aside, it's hard to pin down what you'll be good at
Martial arts rely on both slow and fast muscle fibres so stuff that requires a lot of fast twitch muscles like rolling or drills, even in anything would be a little tiring to you despite your stamina.

Go to your closest MMA gym and try stuff for a month and pick whichever feels the most fun
Good cardio for 45 minute NJPW bangers in the tokyo dome
Boxing definitely, somewhat wrestling in a distant second. More likely to be employed for weekend long tournament stamina though, not typically applied to what anyone here wants.
File: parkour_pig.webm (3.69 MB, 372x360)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB WEBM
Parkour, the French martial art of running away.

So I was rolling with a new white belt female today and she didnt tap to rnc so I choked her out and she pissed herself. She came to and started crying

Then the instructor told me to go home for the day. This was a few hours ago. Idk what to say?

Did I do anything wrong?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have never seen someone piss themselves after getting choked out. I know before he died gene lebell used to do a prank where after choking someone out he’d throw some water on their pants, but I’ve never actually seen or heard of someone in real life pissing or shidding themselves after being choked unconscious.
Anon first of all with a white belt girl always go smooth, and if you catch a submission and you see your opponent don't tap, just catch and release, try something else, it will help you your gamplan
Once I was close to passing out after a guillotine and almost I pee myself, I recovered just in time
Well, you took someone who's never been choked before and didn't know they should tap, put them to sleep and put them in one of the most embarrassing situations for an adult to be in, guaranteeing that they won't return and will recommend discourage anyone they know from going to this gym
Yes, you are a retard
Based women killer
Yes, you should have carried on until she shat herself too.

My mma gym doesn't have any AC. The temperatures rise up to 40°C while we're training in the summer.
Is there a benefit to training in this heat or am I just gonna get tired early?
the data suggests will be cardiovascular performance adaptations because of the heat such as increased blood plasma and Vo2 max as long as you stay hydrated
but the data also suggests it needs to be done daily for a number of weeks. So it could be a useful modality to incorporate into a training camp but if you're just going into the gym for an hour a couple times a week you're likely not seeing any of the possible benefits and are just having a shittier workout
I train 4 times a week for 1.5 hous each, so it's *probably* doing something good
Thank you for your expertise, I will train hard
Make sure to hydrate before the training, drink lots of water some hours before. And while you're sweating a lot, drink a isotonic

File: 1713408861042382[1].jpg (1.06 MB, 1710x900)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Why does it look like this? Why does Tonathy have a pipe under his board?
It's on the tail so when he board slides vert he doesn't end up too far on the deck.
It's a fucking camera, you mouth breathing mongoloid.

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