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File: 2989172.png (1 MB, 1599x1366)
1 MB
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>Not Daybreaker
Pls Daybreaker, I need angry mommy
Best pony right here.
File: 3333974.png (1.35 MB, 1687x1758)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I've always liked the evil forms of the characters the most. fire mommy might be the best. even if she technically never existed.
File: nicemares_0.png (639 KB, 750x750)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
NMM is my pick but her sister is God tier
No more royalsister wars
Snobby dommy royal mares make me hard.

File: GJ6-1tTbUAAMKKc.jpg (175 KB, 1306x1224)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Alicorns are no longer in power. Kneel to actual future ruler of Pegasi.
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Retards like that should be ashamed of themselves, working themselves up into a frenzy with no evidence
well they kinda were right about sunny. She was annoying protester. And what is worse since that resolved in the movie, writers dont really know what to do with her so now even when she is main character is is uninteresting and boring.


Gen 5 (My Little Pony: A New Generation) Make Your Mark series has begun on Netflix, and there's still the movie as well!
Tell Your Tale episode playlist

Pony Life:

YouTube Playlist of pony shorts

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria, Vol. 1
Download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/j76lgbbq1nibrrj/MLP_The_Manga_Vol_1_HD.rar/file
Get a physical copy https://sevenseasentertainment.com/books/my-little-pony-the-manga-a-day-in-the-life-of-equestria-vol-1/
My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 2
Download link

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What if we caught fillies in balls and made them fight each other like Pokemon?
why would sugar plums be down there
Sugar Plums was the name of a pony pirate ship, captained by the dread pirate pony captain known only as Plum Tuckered.
They say the ship crashed because he fell asleep at the helm and his first mate couldn't right the ship in time.
Tragic. All that lost booty...
Indeed, the fruity booty of the Sugar Plum is truly what danced in Pony's head, and it leads her to places dark, dank, and dangerous.
And also empty, since the sea ponies looted it yonks ago after they stumbled across it.

File: create_6.gif (122 KB, 400x300)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
(formerly known as /tempo/, or T:EM/P/O)
A conglomerate of content creators since we couldn't keep our own threads up alone. If you're working on something, be it musicfagging, writefagging, drawfagging, poetfagging, craftfagging, or game-devfagging come by and post for some feedback or give some of your own. If you want to start content creating why not start today?

This thread is intended for ALL SKILL LEVELS, from complete beginner to seasoned expert. Don't get intimidated. We're all just hobbyists here to have fun and help each other make more pony stuff.

Active Community Projects:
Antithology 4.0 >>40869203 (Deadline June 14th)
/mlp/ con 2024 >>40876407 (probably happening late June)

Resource Bin:

Tempo Music Archive:

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sometimes you have to force things a bit but the best thing to prevent the pattern from drifting is PINS and lots of them, feel free to message me at vinyl@horsefucker.org and I can try to get you some more assistance
How scared of copyright do I have to be for my shitty little porn game
You don't need to be scared at all, because it's a parody.
Hasbro is not so retarded to claim that a porn game can be confused with the official materials.
Glad to hear it.
I hope my game can for for people what the show does for me (warm heart, hard dick)

File: mtg.png (2.68 MB, 1542x1436)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
All things considered was the two charity sets the right idea for this crossover or did Hasbro miss out on money by not making a full set for MTG like they've been doing with other IP's out there?

File: 1686096360030356.jpg (258 KB, 1920x1080)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Forest Hike Edition

For those seeking any and all things Fluttershy.

>/shy/thread Ponepaste (includes the OP, writefag list, writefag request bin, and all current/completed stories)

>Collaborative Fluttershy playlist (request for new content to be added in the thread)

>/mushy/ Musical mixtape (request for new content to be added in the thread)

Previous thread: >>40936954
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File: shy in white garter.png (579 KB, 1280x853)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
File: 925490.png (70 KB, 730x700)
70 KB
Sweet Flutter tummy yeeeeessss!
File: 3152560.jpg (258 KB, 1954x2048)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
File: 1674076188435488.gif (352 KB, 600x450)
352 KB
352 KB GIF

Trixie thread
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File: IMG_2814.jpg (136 KB, 1245x1487)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Abstract Trixie
shes so pretty... and so smart....
File: 1678841787838873.jpg (10 KB, 300x300)
10 KB
trixie using an air fryer but it bloed up
This pisses me off more than it should.

Golly, there's no Golly thread up! Somepony's getting in trouble.
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I hate it too, but its literally the newest one I could find on derpi and the thread needed a bump.
Cozy doesn't use guns though.
File: 3341563.png (475 KB, 970x1325)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
She would if she could!

File: file.jpg (272 KB, 1024x1024)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
These washed up popstars were so fucking hot.
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>Ruby Jubilee is another term for a 40th anniversary
Mind blown
What was the thinking behind bringing Electric Blue back? Are they a reference to some band I'm not hip to? Dreamlands stole the show at Bridlewoodstock.
>1 Earth Pony bands
>2 Pegasus bands
>0 Unicorn bands
Horn heads were lacking
A soloist isn't really a band, and unicorns are more into poetry and light percussion than big production music
Unicorns didn't have bands because of the voice-stealing creatures stalking the woods where they live, and once that was dealt with they enjoyed the music festival. Unicorn musicians will probably start up within a generation or two.

File: 1709629452690862.jpg (3.86 MB, 3024x2408)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG
Dazzle on Me Edition

All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're an Adagio, Aria or Sonatafag, let's all join in one place. Post anything of the Dazzlings: drawings, discussions, stories, fetishes, re-edits, gifs, re-made songs (written or, if you had the guts to, sung), anything you like. Come here and show that you're under their spell!

Archives (green, thread, plus downloads): https://dazzlefan.club/

Guides for Aspiring Writers:

Art Compilation:

Steam group:

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To appeal to gamers. Are you complaining?
Watch the video. She's about to tip herself.
File: Spoiler Image (1.7 MB, 1198x1300)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
If we ever got a Dazzle edit of this pic, which girls would be who?
File: Spoiler Image (784 KB, 850x1200)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
Sonata, Aria, Adagio.
File: 1713181594057627.png (1 MB, 1322x1280)
1 MB
I wish that were me

File: mimobotponies.jpg (105 KB, 800x382)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Mimobot Edition

Previous Thread: >>40808781


Share your pony rices and tech related projects!
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I click Forget your password and reset it every time.
File: 1704848274642444.jpg (1.32 MB, 3819x2154)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
I assume there is some logic like:
>1.x is old, simple and had more audits when 2.x has more useless in corpo world features = more potential bugs \ exploits
>more recent
1.x is\was updated in parralel with 2.x as legacy for such purposes

>any known faults
Multiple sophisticated attacks about breaking encryption, accessing key during unlocked state (agains diferent versions, most patched \ considered low probability)
Also you can call use of mono in 2.x as privacy\security fault, considering microshit 'analytics' policies.
Also fish algo was removed during 1-2 migration(probably not a big deal but could have been point for someone)
File: 1678705916554626.png (154 KB, 1762x2325)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: outLow.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB WEBM
So one of my LCD screens started growing a line of dead pixels, (2mm/day on average for about a month) but now it stopped, and it seems to be growing to the sides instead. Surprisingly it doesn't bother me much, except for the fact that it's dying.
Anyone had something similar happen? I'd like to use for at least one more year but I wonder if there is any way to estimate how long does it have before it takes most of the screen.
But even then, there is probably some hackery you can do to make X use only the good part of the screen lol

This episode's fucked up implied morals or whatever you would call this in this situation are so similar to something you would see in Season 1.
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>Literally excuses. You are using this fact to excuse her, which is what an excuse is.
Yes, they are excuses. Fair ones at that.

>So you're saying that glimmer shouldn't be held responsible by society for silverstream.
In this scenario, yes, she shouldn't be held responsible for her disappearing. After she was informed, then yes, she then has a responsibility to go search for her in the woods.

>This is why Silverstream was fine without any help [...].
Glimmer didn't force her help onto Silverstream; she asked her for help.

>"student council" says starlight should exercise some emotional self-control so that she can care about goals that make sense.
It rather says that she should have a healthier balance for time between work and friends; the goal of helping students through counseling still makes sense for her. Again, why are you putting the episode name in quotation marks if you're citing it wrong.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No, I understood perfectly well what you were trying to say. I'm saying that you're retarded for it.
>just like Starlight was blamed unfairly.
I'm pretty sure locking Twilight in a shack while blasting commie propaganda count as a crime.
Even Magic Duel Trixie had an excuse since she wasn't aware that the alicorn amulet has corruption effect.
File: 1692508765755782.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Boast Busters was botched so hard I don't think it can be compared to Student Counsel on the same level. At least in SC, Glimmy was the one unfairly blaming herself as she usually does and Terramar was like a karen complaining to the cashier, he was just ignorant. In BB, everyone blamed Trixie just for doing her job and they even all knew it was Snips and Snails that lured the ursa.

The "moral" in BB was such a slap to the face of Trixie, "it's okay to be proud of your talents, and there are times when it's appropriate to show them off" kek it's inappropriate for Trixie to entertain ponies using her talents apparently. Guess the Wonderbolts are in the wrong too for having air shows, fucking hell. The difference is SC was actually written well while BB was a pile of garbage.
You need morals and emotions to write morals and emotions. For sociopaths this is magic. Woke writers are sociopaths.
Don't expect sociopaths to grasp what you're saying. The writers couldn't write an episode to save their life because for them morals and emotions are magic things they hear about on TV.

File: 1712866165190541.webm (1.27 MB, 960x540)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB WEBM
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Why bother with rage baiting in EQG threads when posting EQG in pony threads gets people way more riled up?
Because the first works and the second doesn't. I tried it. The best you get is "this is a pony thread sir". In my experience ponified eqg can make anniversary threads shit their collective pants which is why I'm on a constant search for more.
File: 1673730272428.png (288 KB, 810x480)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
She was finally deported.
This was from last year

File: QtTrapNeets.png (87 KB, 508x630)
87 KB
Oh hey, two pretty NEET mares kissi- WAIT, THEY'RE DUDES? Edition.
Previous: >>40775375

>What is this general?
NEET/Misfit Pone is a thread for ponies who despite their best efforts (or in some cases complete lack thereof) struggle to fit in with the rest of society.

>What sort of stories can you expect to find here?
• Slice of life stuff.
• Lots of odd cute ponies becoming the waifu stories.
• Lots of being the cute oddball pony stories.
• A few NEET-recovery stories.
• A lot of smut, if you're into that.
• Lots of ponies to get you started with a variety of personalities and quirks. Don't like one of them? Give another NEET a try!
• Much, much more!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>"I-it's okay Synth, a-as long as I'm wearing this skirt, I-I'm a mare."
Same as Mr Burns.
Nearly ALL the diseases, but they all balance out and/or get in each other's way.
You try to get the fleas out, and suddenly they get obese because the flea where the ones pumping all that sugar out - or something dumb like that.
That's why the social workers stopped trying to force Floorb to bath thoroughly. Each time someone got her back to her original perfect white she would need a trip to the emergency services the next day. Now they stop when she is just off-white and the shampoo is enough to cover most of the remaining smell.
Is this the first time we've ever seen Floorb taking a bath?
No, but it’s probably the first time she’s not upset about it

This is the Pregnancy General, not stillborn and ready to be borne again. We've lately been building up a bundle of regular artists, storytellers, and others again; may this general get quicker and continue quickening.

For files and other things we can't discuss in this thread, there's a fraternal twin thread over inside Pregchan, the premiere pregnancy imageboard:

That thread is the third in a series, and here are the prior Pregchan threads, which have been archived here:

Because of that drama with Pastebin, here are two archives of our greentexts:

Here’s a list of some artists and writers who use these threads:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wonder if this guy still draws ponies
Cute Dash

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