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File: 132434324.jpg (573 KB, 1920x1080)
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What are your favorite action RPGs, and what sets a good action RPG from a bad one in your opinion?
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So the skyrim goyslop type
Uh, what separates ARPGs from action adventure posers to you?
Good characters, story, and music simple as.
>Uh, what separates ARPGs from action adventure posers to you?
One are the games that he likes, one are the games that he doesn’t like
>not a dogshit action adventure game pretending to be an rpg.
That is LITERALLY exactly what Ys is lmfao. It's barely an rpg.

File: 1716440747731431.jpg (83 KB, 706x579)
83 KB
Haha... Rean is coming back in the new Trails game. He's finally back... Haha... the man who took over /vrpg/ in it first years is coming back. Are you happy? Are you happy he's back? Rean is back everyone. Haha... Hahaman is back. Your board king is back. Chuckle with me, now. Haha...
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Only if you are an enjoyer of JP-KINO desu
If you are a westoid or ironic weeb, then I'm afraid there's nothing for you here
I love CRPGs and think trails is great thoughever
I also enjoy some CRPGs desu, that is not what defines a westoid (someone who dislikes all JP media, similar to ironic weeb who dislikes all JP media that is "too Japanese")
File: just.png (225 KB, 500x549)
225 KB
225 KB PNG

How can one flash RPG series be so kino?
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didn't the devs donate a bunch of money to BLM
Always hated this. Never thought it was funny or charming.
5 was pokemon but everyone is a summoner class.

3 and 4 was old skool FF parodies and shit.

1 and 2 were just lulzsecks anime memes and 1 nazi thrown into a battle gaunlet.
big sad. they should sue to get monies back. BLM is legally proven to be a scam now.

File: maxresdefault (3) (7).jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Anyone here played this one? Really caught me off guard how much I liked it.

I'm about 10 hours in and it's fantastic. Combat wise it plays like SOTN and the aesthetics are very mid 2000s doujin game (probably because thats when it started development).

I havent seen this talked about at all though.
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So many games that use royalty free music have great soundtracks. Hiring a composer for a game is just a waste of money.
The game certainly has a lot of qualities early on but after finishing it I would say it was just mostly janky and frustrating, and the story was fucking retarded.
one of my favorite games
dlc sucks ass tho
I didn't think it was that bad
though magic being buffed even more than the base game was a strange choice

>still playable af 3 decades after its release
>writing consists of: "good" guy kill bad guys

For real is it just virgins who play these games?
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Yes, but also the interactivity relationship between world>character is different than an FPS (unless you're just grinding)
doom does not hold up at all. boomer shooters are trash and doom is worse than any of the recent ones
RPGs are defined, to me, by a greater context that all the player's actions affect. In DQ1, every exp point earned, every chest opened and every every coin looted directly informs your characters progression and next steps. By making everything a system, and by making these systems interact with each other, we achieve a game where decisions must be made with both short and long terms in mind.

Many RPGs rely heavily on their fluff, and said fluff is important for establishing a world in which these systems can exist, but saying that the fluff is the end-all be-all, or ultimate goal of the genre is, in my opinion, missing the point.
another wrong bad opinion
the funny thing about rpgs with more in depth gameplay and systems is that whenever you put one of these fags in front of it they have a conniption and call it poorly designed and unfair.

File: 1691722919627005.png (497 KB, 810x400)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
It's up
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Also doesn't really matter but with the latter array I won't have to dump a single stat for whatever that's worth.
what's the point of Armoured Hulk?
what's the point of Barbarian in general?
class fantasy
>what's the point of Barbarian in general?
Rage powers. Primalist is just that broken.
the bloodline powers are pretty good on some of the bloodlines so missing out on totems doesn't hurt too much
but yeah, Primalist is an absurd amount of freedom

File: maxresdefault.jpg (181 KB, 1280x720)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Is TTW the best or the worst way to play Fallout 3?
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File: 1627210055494.png (712 KB, 1499x770)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
no. the thing to do is to beat 3 and then stop playing. nv is just not worth it after the first playthough.
Ive removed that stupid thing multiple times in the last 20yrs. stupid ass bethesda putting that in and only fixing it a few years ago. But than again bethesda has really fallen off lately due to starfield and people seeing just how shit a company they have become under microsoft.
It's got some. But those are generally led to by quests or are placed right on the roads the game tells you to follow.

With the exception of like, Vault 11 and 19, there aren't quests or really cool dungeons which are found and enjoyed best through exploration rather than questing
It only crashed a few times for me
Wait, the game was still easy even with a difficulty mod stacked on top of it? Are you implying its even easier without difficulty mods added on it?

>in order to get the perfect equipment, you need to run eternity dungeons, where you will gather flaming souls. in the furnace of oblivion, you can exchange the flaming souls for cursed charms, which can then be traded to the spellsmith for power orbs, that slot into your augmented gear. of course, not all gear is augmented. only the shadow-touched mythics that drop from elite mobs in the vanishing wastes have a chance to be augmented, and for that you need the onanist cubes, which can be found in the hell-infested areas that can randomly spawn during overworld mob-hunting in difficulty tier 4.5. difficulty tier 5, where the uber-onanist cubes can be found, is locked behind an encounter with the mutated world boss that spawns in the moist caverns in the forbidden peaks, but to defeat it you need rainbow flag powered tiaras that have a chance to drop with mutation resitance over 50%, which is crucial to fight mutated bosses. of course this will change next season, where they plan to introduce the micturating tallywackers, that give bonus damage to ecstatic enemies and make onanist-based build completely obsolete.
File: hide.png (65 KB, 747x180)
65 KB
Keep your dogshit drama threads on /v/.

File: arcane.webm (99 KB, 980x550)
99 KB
did they copy Blizzard and why didnt he sue him?

here's now comparison of arcanist skills (GD) to wizard skills (Diablo3)

magic missile (diablo)
replicating missile (gd)
-they are same

shock pulse (diablo)
callidors tempest (gd)
-they are close enough

disintegrate (diablo)
ether ray (gd)
-they are same

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>what inhaling farts does to your brain
>teleport (diablo)
>teleport (gd)
Holy fuck I think I played a game but the skill is called blink but it's the same OMGGGGGG
File: 1000060792.png (383 KB, 1080x1780)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
anon, please seek medication. perhaps even taking your own you have already been prescribed.
>phoneposter appeals to authority
>includes steam, forbes, and fucking reddit
roflcopter. dey don make no pills for jes being dumb, do dey anon?
File: iron lore.jpg (63 KB, 977x129)
63 KB
>Made by the Titan Quest devs themselves
why is this a genuine meme and why does it get repeated in every discussion about GD

File: 1000017288.jpg (128 KB, 326x306)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
So, what's the required reading list I have to burn through before starting this game? I want to extract MAXIMUM VALUE from its story but I don't plan on replaying it ever
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i just pretend that xenosaga and blade fill in the other parts leaving the final part open, but it doesnt all match up exactly.
goethe. and maybe kaprinsky as well
I don't disagree that I was simplifying and shitposting to an extent, but what are you trying to prove with that pic? This is cartoon tier characterization.
Better than most other rpgs and happens like an hour into the game. The entire sequence is anything but cartoon tier and you know it. They fight over an entire village being destroyed by Fei. It's a very natural and human response.
The game's only value is as an aesthetic experience, the writing is nonsense.

File: Ahnassi.png (1.02 MB, 600x1000)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
If you dont know who this cutie is you know jack shit about Elder Scrolls.
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of course I know who my special coda flower is, I'm her golden kanet after all!
Shut the hell up buddy
Is there a doujin where blonde tanned ntr guy shows up at the drug addict self-insert's sewer shack and gives him a book about quitting fentanyl
File: 1713357290819056.png (454 KB, 1104x1011)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
there was doujin by Oyster about orc rape slaving elven virgin wish i could find it

What did you think of the live a live remake? I thought it was a hell of a Lotta fun.

Final scenario > Osmond > wild west > distant future > ninja Japan > dinosaur times > Kung fu > near future mecha > present day.
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I got to it very recently. I think it's mostly pretty good. Very faithful to the original.
I never played the original so dunno how faithful it was. I liked what was there in the remake alot though. It was fun to play an rpg of short stories that all tied together
>I never played the original so dunno how faithful it was.

Pretty darn.
>visually update

File: shiren 6 release.jpg (360 KB, 1200x1600)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Shiren Mystery Dungeon 6 is out, post those rescue codes.
Have you beat the main dungeon yet? How far have you gotten?
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is there a way to combine gitan or do you have to just sell in sale pot something big to get like 6k throwable?
Maybe the Synthesis Pot? Try it in the Monster Dojo.
who is objectively the best shiren party member?
I tested it myself, Gitan bags can't mix. Shame.
If you can bring in tools, Asuka has the most customizing (sword and shield runes).
If you're doing on-site procurement (OSP), probably Hibiki? Either way, it's not like you can pick your ally since any of them showing up is RNG.

I'm kicking myself for an Extra Inference run that should've given me the Clairvoyance Bracelet all because I wasn't at "1 more item left to identify".
>walked out with a Balance Staff instead because of how the game checks the 50th ID via Blessed ID scroll (the Bracelet was #48, then the game went down my inventory and saw my Staff as #50 (2nd unID'd item)

Has any jrpg bothered to explain why there are treasure chests littered randomly all over the world?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>A lot of WRPGs have areas close, or relatively close, to the starting point that are deadly to new players/characters
A couple of decades ago
I think it's time to stop calling Western games jrpgs because Westoids are too dumb to get the mood or gameplay right.
>Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are decades old. As is Underrail. As is Gothic: Chronicles of Myrtana. As is Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 3. As is Pillars of Eternity 2.

You're retarded.
We could also stop calling jrpg, rpg.

File: ohrpg.jpg (32 KB, 604x172)
32 KB
Do you have experience using it?
I read that it is quite primitive and old style but free.
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File: moirai.png (298 KB, 1051x467)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
they made a demake of Moirai kek
there are some yume nikki style games made in the engine. in the games wiki there were some of them.

In the forum there is someone making a remake-demake of yume nikki in the engine.
I grew up making OHRRPGCE games in the Windows 98 era and trading them on floppy disks to kids on the elementary school playground for stuff like action figures. I'm 35 now. I'd do them all in one sitting because my copy wouldn't save properly before compiling, and I'd take requests. I remember making a lot of garbage including:

>longish (3-4 dungeons before I deleted it all angry at my bad art) obvious DBZ inspired RPG where the main character had Marge Simpson hair and was named "Gohanku."
>civil war game made for a fat kid named Willy.
>space RPG like a simple Solar Fields made for a Star Wars loving kid who committed suicide in his 20s
>pokemon clone with my own cool monsters
>a bunch of other schlock

I loved the sprite editor's use of the arrow keys and spacebar to paint, and if I could find a similar sprite editor these days I'd still try making 2D games.
Well look at that.
Wonder if Yume Nikki will be made in every old RPG engine at some point
Ive been using it for the past 7 years

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