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File: 814282_1140x516.jpg (105 KB, 1140x516)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
With two weeks left until launch, how are you guys enjoying the demo?
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oh wow, yikes, i see the spirit of working designs localizations has finally found a modern home, huh?
Only notable change I've seen by playing the demos is that Diva got a scottish accent and some extra inflections, though it's not particularly bad since it makes sense for the setting and the original Kansaiben speech of people from Miyako is lost in translation too, basically you swap Tsunanori and Miyako's citizens' Kansaiben for Diva and Avalon's citizens brit accents, which is not a bad deal.
Other than that it seems pretty good judging from the demo.
There's some minor nitpicks I have with certain other things such as the combo formatting, which doesn't really work well but I suppose they truncated it because the JP formatting doesn't work well in english, other than that the EN voice acting is fucking atrocious so for the love of god switch to JP because most VAs completely failed to understand their characters, so far Administrator Gold is the only one who I'd call okay, and the JP voice is still better.
Is the cat a main character with their own route?
File: 1691913108782148.jpg (1.29 MB, 2894x4093)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
No, Lolo is Ameya's familiar, think Goto from the Raidou games.
or luna from sailor moon?

File: 1691619619065294.jpg (637 KB, 929x1239)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
What CRPGs are we excited for this year? MENACE? Mystic Land? Thaumaturge? SKALD? Monomyth? New Arc Line? ...Something else?
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Is one an rts dating sim?
so what, 2030?
Is that what you want?
Larian already did that blending of genres with Divinity: Dragon Commander, perhaps anon hopes for a sequel.
File: Pepe sad.jpg (83 KB, 500x600)
83 KB
>working on one divinity game and one non divinity game
I really hope that the non-divinity one is the main focus and not the other way around.
I want a good si-fi rpg so badly. Nothing has come to fill the void left by Mass Effect. I even got hyped by shartfield, I'm desperate.

>story axes the complex and thought out lore of the series for fanfiction-esque writing, warping factions like the brotherhood into caricatures
>roleplaying consists of "do you be an edgelord asshole who kicks puppies and enslaves children or do you be a decent guy"
>atrocious gunplay outclassed by games from the 90s
>literally can't play without mods or you'll crash every 30 minutes
Is this whole debate (NV vs 3) spawned solely by the advent of zoomer contrarians who think good games are "reddit"? There is literally nothing to like here. It's a 0/10 RPG. Even as a looter shooter it fails miserably.
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in what order should i tackle the dlc? doing it in release order sounds boring.
>in what order should i tackle the dlc? doing it in release order sounds boring.
You should do it in release order
In Fallout 3?
Doesn't really matter.
Something which is fun is to rush doing Operation Anchorage first since it gives you a free suit of t-51 power armor which doesn't need repairing and free power armor training,

Mothership Zeta, honestly just play with that turned off. That way you can take the Alien Blaster gun without having to play through a boring DLC.
Though maybe play through it once just to see it. There is some neat stuff there.

The Pitt and Point Lookout are awesome. Maybe do Point Lookout first since it's a bit easier.
Fallout 3 has some great world design and side quests. The exploration is fun and very immersive. It s a very atmospheric game. The main story is indeed the weakest part, namely how Colonel Autumn and the Enclave are handled.
President Eden was handed pretty well though, should have been the main villain

File: Fallout_New_Vegas.jpg (23 KB, 295x338)
23 KB
I've been playing for at least 10 minutes or less, killed everyone in the first town after skipping the tutorial (after killing the geckos), heck, I even added a Dagoth Ur mod but I don't know how to find the 1488 trading post to recruit him. But the game simply isn't fun. What am I doing wrong?
Like, I understand the premise behind the game, it's supposed to be a shooter rpg. Or fps first, rpg second but I'm not feeling the rpg part. It's just so weird to me, that's all. I can't seem to understand where all this praise is coming from. It's fucking weird, man. And I enjoyed Morrowind as well as fallout 1 and 2. And my friends told me NV is a combination of all of those.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to shit on the game. I'm just trying to have a genuine discussion here. Especially since the Fallout TV show popularized the franchise. It's just weird. Please, someone explain to me what am I supposed to do to have fun in this game?
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play an all melee build and come back
Epic troll man you are a legion
And with that post, OP, for once, did not suck cocks, but was based.
It doesn't. Because Soiyer can't make a good game to save his life.
The map sucks if you want to explore

File: PC_Game_Fallout_2.jpg (20 KB, 316x316)
20 KB
Any recommended mods/fixes for a first playthru?
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play it vanilla, blind. chump
Sounds like a modded thing. None of the wikis say there is a map. Played this game dozens of times and didn't know it was there if it actually is.
It's from the Restoration Project, go to Sam Pritchard's grave with a stupidly high amount of perception (8 or 9) and you can find the map inside one of his boots.
So yeah, it's an RP thing and not im the base game like I thought. Guess it depends on what OP is using.
Don't be a speechfag

Actually play the game

Yes, it's ANOTHER Fallout thread, but seriously, can someone recommend me some mods to use for Fallout 3? I've already beaten this game 2 or 3 times, but I'm coming back to it after almost 8 years and want to know what mods are most recommended. Preferably something that keeps the original balance and design of the game in check, but increasing its scope, like added brand new weapons, brand new creatures/factions, or modifying the game's difficulty curve so it's slightly more challenging without going off the deep end into retarded territory with tedium like hunger and thirst mechanics, and more along the lines of having deadlier weapons and higher level spawns.

I already downloaded Mart's Mutant Mod, which has one aspect I'm already looking for.
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I will make a new thread about Fallout 3 mods , one moment
Need more Fallout threads
Rebuild the Capital
Companion mods if you are not using broken non human Companions

File: 1680028079927978.jpg (138 KB, 1280x725)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
2 and 2-2 over nyaa

TH2 upcoming
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posters like those never answer in fear someone (like them) shits on their favorite game
Hear me out...what about....six members in a party?
You askin them to overhaul the battle system? Too much effort, gonna recycle everything again for a 4th game.
There's so much I'd love to see them try/tweak in a 4th title but I can't help but feel like the tepid response to the re-releases was like a bucket of cold ice on revisiting a new entry.
I wouldn't even mind, I like the system as it is. They just need to tweak the balance a bit more. I also wouldn't mind either seeing a new class or seeing reworks to some existing classes, hopefully make magic damage more viable and give more types of support. Or make Sage good again...

File: fallout_3_4k_xbox.png.jpg (117 KB, 1200x674)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
is this really shit? i got it for free from Epic so i'm wasn't hugely invested in it. the beginning is very fun the first time, the open world, gunplay and quests are so much better than people give it credit for and the companions while not super deep are pretty funny,
this just feels like the perfect mix of action and rpg.

The only bad thing i can say is the last main quest is too cinematic.
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It's a good game, the hate comes from contrarians tying to seem smart by hating "oblivion with guns"
I hate oblivion without guns too
Wasteland 3 was fun enough but it went full bazinga with the humor. Within like the first 10 minutes you meet "Major tom" a cat in a cowboy hat that can join your squad. Very borderlands. I don't know why so many post apoc games feel the need to go that route.
fallout is the best game ever made and anyone who says otherwise has only ever played japslop made for little kids and girls

need moar threads

File: 1708187133922729.jpg (44 KB, 285x350)
44 KB
Fallout 4 just "happens" to get a new update just a few days before "Fallout: London" emerges.
New update is almost guaranteed to break mods and, by extension, F:L.
Meanwhile, he nukes New Vegas and the NCR on the TV show.
Are devs really this petty IRL? I mean, I've known bosses on a local level like this but isn't Beth owned by Microsoft? You'd think that cooler heads would've prevailed.
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I really wanted to play it. Damn it.
what are you trying to say, vaultie?
The amount of delusional, retarded, dipshittery in this post is simply astounding, acting as if Skyrim and Fallout 4 were not ginormous mega-hits. What rock have you been living under you fucking idiot?
no joke, i once heard a poster on here say Skyrim was a financial failure
Yeah but then Fallout 76 and Starfield happened

File: 1713355958910881.png (184 KB, 571x660)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Some anon made this last second before the thread dies.
Ngl Victoria looks pretty good, Nice job to whoever made it.
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i already knew about the cabal implosion, but your picture just set off my ptsd and I shot my mailman by accident, hope you're happy
>best girl
She couldn't even get her shit together without help. She's a crybaby.
File: Spoiler Image (98 KB, 1024x1024)
98 KB
Well anon, can you get you shit together by yourself?

A light-hearted JRPG loosely based on the historical age of discovery, where people live on floating islands, and the developers biggest stated goal was to give players the freedom to explore. A unique game with surprising features you'd never expect to find in a JRPG and a rarely matched spirit of adventure. Does Skies of Arcadia still hold up?
198 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
Man, the blue moonstone is such a fucking slog. Between exploring the area, the painfully slow-ass dungeon in Mt. Kazai, and then having to get your ship back before another marathon of ship battles, it's just too much. Bluheim is also the hardest ship battle you've fought at this point and if you didn't think to upgrade your ship's cannons at Yafutoma, it can make it take that much longer. I'm not saying it's insufferable or that it ruins the game or anything, but it's just one of the arcs that feels like it needs to be over way sooner than it is. Guess it makes coming back to your base that much more exciting, though.

The shitty part is that thequests for the two remaining moonstones, purple and yellow, both feel a bit lacking and could have used some more dev time, but I suppose all the stuff with Dangral Island, deep sky, and the overall finale make up for it.

>its time to sail all the way around the world, being the first to prove its not flat
Really, Valua is the one that proved that already by blasting a fucking hole through a mountain range to get to Yafutoma. Guess they just didn't report the discovery fast enough.

>the culprit appears to be doppelgangers, leading to what is probably the hardest optional bossfight in the game
I always found the Ixa'ness demons way harder. Last time I played, I literally couldn't beat them without burning an aura of valor, which you only get like 4 of in the whole game. I know all the optional bounty battles level up the longer you put them off, which makes some of them easier, while the later ones get harder, unless you farm seeds to boost your stats.
By the time I got to Blueheim my ships cannons/torpedoes were hitting as hard as the moon canon, so I didn't find it very hard, especially with crew abilities. The dungeon I enjoyed as well, although I guess it can take a long time if you mess up that one puzzle. I really enjoyed the purple crystal dungeon and the ending was impressive, yellow was indeed a bit short though considering how interesting the premise is.
Purple dungeon isn't the worst, it's just painfully obvious that it was a product of "okay we need another dungeon but don't have the time to build enough assets for another major continent or actually make any lore for it". Shame they couldn't have at least thrown in a little village of eskimos or some kind of snowy outpost full of aspiring archaeologists to make the continent feel less bare-bones. Unlike every previous moonstone where you were basically neck-deep in the culture and history of every continent, the ice continent feels like it barely has reason to exist.

And as much as I like what transpires at the end of the purple dungeon, plot-wise, the actual boss fight was rubbish. I've played the game like 6 times and I still couldn't tell you what the boss was. If it wasn't for the fact that it spams instant death magic at you, I probably wouldn't remember it at all.

The yellow moonstone is even more disappointing because the underside of the Valuan continent is a potentially interesting location and we've literally already seen part of it, but it turns out it's just a big empty cave with a boss fight at the end.
I can hear this
File: rhaknam.png (415 KB, 704x528)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Next stop is the lost civilization of Glacia. To reach it we have to smash our ship through a layer of ice into the entrance facility and are greeted by a wall of fog. It slowly lifts and we get our first look at an inverted city attached to the bottom of a perennial ice layer, from which the buildings hang upside-down like icicles. The is a ghost town, its inhabitants have either fled or been wiped out long before recorded history and it makes the crew uneasy. After exploring for a bit via ice bridges and floating platforms, we enter a pavilion and a giant robot bursts down through a stained glass ceiling. We survive its barrage of laser beams and enter the final chamber to find the great whale, Rhaknam, and with him, Drachma. Shockingly he's still alive, but Rhaknam wasn't so lucky, and was mortally wounded. Drachma looks over the dying creature with melancholy, while considering the irony that just as it had accidentally killed his crew and son, so too did it accidentally save his life when it dragged his ship here. Just as Drachma had lost everything, so too did the whale, as the Gigas of this abandoned civilization. The creature lets loose a single tear and passes away, then we collect the purple moon crystal and take our leave. Drachma decides he can no longer accompany us and must move on.

Absolutely incredibly soundtrack for this place, by the way.

File: 6563683_sd.jpg (391 KB, 618x1000)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Wrong picture lol. I meant to post this.

So much evidence led us to believe it was. I read some anon on here say indoctrination theory was true and that bioware meant to leave it open to interpretation to drive discussion of the game. I wonder if that anon is still posting on this board. He seemed very knowledgeable on mass effect.
70 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
we'll bang ok?
Hadron collider got turned on and switched us to Berenstain Universe
There are a lot of things about the story that make more sense if it’s true
Obviously you're indoctrinated if you do anything other than destroy the Reapers. That's the only way to rationalize the abysmal writing these choices result in.
File: Was she Indoctrinated.jpg (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB
>"No... there is absolutely no way we would be able to get away with putting a Final Boss Battle in Mass Effect 3 now... Not after what happened last time."
>"He's right, boss. The Mass Effect 2 baby Raper was quite poorly recieved by the fans, to put it lightly... And we all know the customer is always right man."
>"Guys... What if we just make """Indoctrination""" the Final Boss maybe?"
>"hmm, perhaps? But Sir... What if fans are too stupid to get it? What if it they shame us again like with the human Raper finale?!"
>"Very interesting point, I don't know... And I don't care. I mean I certainly used to care, but EA has cucked me so intensively to the point that I now mostly only care about the money anymore."
>"I see... Yeah."

File: 1709263613194448.jpg (246 KB, 765x786)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>playing Baldur's Gate 1
>having lots of fun
>suddenly enter a forest full of spiders
>start hyperventalating and uninstall
Does BG1 have an arachnophobia mod? I literally CANNOT play this. Real talk how do I get past these spiders? They keep webbing my dudes. Normally I'd just cast Freedom of Movement but I don't have that spell if it's even in the game.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's like playing Pillars of Eternity, but the game is fun and charming.
>When can I fuck Imoen?
>For me, I really started to enjoy myself when I got to the city for the first time
That's when I dropped the game during my first playthrough. You go from comfy adventurning in a huge region to getting bombarded by sidequests.
To be fair, return to Baldur's Gate aka the stealth sequence is the coolest part of the main story.
Playing this and I'm also starting to lose steam in BG, but that was partially my fault because I restarted my playthrough partway through because I was unsatisfied with how it was going
>Basically, there are two main changes: giant spiders cast (single-target) webs every few rounds, and wrap their opponents in webbing when they bite them, and phase spiders teleport more effectively.
That forest is a fucking nightmare with SCS


How will nma and codex fags cope?
This recent shilling sure is really weird.
/tv/tards are the worst posters on this entire website.

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