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File: GM4K_lXbEAAwYrm.png (413 KB, 800x620)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
Never trust anyone who would sing you a song for money or says that they know many tales
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Many are shitting on it because the graphics fucking suck. It's a square issue but it has always been a square issue so they might as well put money where their mouth is and finally start killing AA starting with this mobile game UI having backwards Stockholm simulator
even the menus provide less of a headache compared to SaGa
if this is a celebration of the series you might as well kill it now LOL
retards acting like muh experimentation when the experiment failed decades ago when actual games like chrono trigger and final fantasy vii shows how you actually do it
gacha devs = gacha quality = gacha game = DO NOT PLAY
File: japa.png (106 KB, 1002x618)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Reminder, even the Japanese are shitting on the new game
each one is different, even remakes and remasters of remakes differ from the originals, the turn-based jrpg combat is the best in the genre, the music is great, the character designs and overall atmospheres and vibes and aesthetics are on point, the stories are impactful (pretty sure saga 1 was the one that began the killing god jrpg trope, and saga 2 and 3 kind if continued it but in those games the "god" you kill wants a fight to the death whereas in saga 1 god is caught by surprise by the willingness of the party to fight him) and because it's comfortable, i know what to expect from a saga game, conversely i don't know what to expect from a kiseki game other than being an incredibly overglorified dating sim visual novel with a jrpg hastily tacked on last minute and that every single entry in the cursed legend of heroes franchise are the worst most bland milquetoast run of the mill middle of the road middling fucking boring ass jrpgs in the history of man, bar none

File: doopliss.png (530 KB, 3187x3459)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Honestly it was fine as is, it really didn't need quality of life changes. There are a ton of other titles that needed them more.
What are your sentiments on all of this>?
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I wished it stayed in the past after they vandalized it
Nah. Despite what your friend says, he still would have bought it even if it was literally just OG Metroid Prime upcaled. People who act like that don't actually have any "real" opinions on anything, they just go along with whatever is new and hyped up and will whatever they need to to justify that.
>he still would have bought it even if it was literally just OG Metroid Prime upcaled
Your hypothetical fails because the reality is when put side-by-side, he'd still prefer a dolled-up remaster over the OG if given no other option. You underestimate the average intelligence of NEETs turned normalfag, anon.
Ironically enough, he's in the Airforce as an IT guy and fiddles with PCs, but can't into emulation. He's a consoletard "mature games for mature gamers" type at heart.

>People who act like that don't actually have any "real" opinions on anything, they just go along with whatever is new and hyped up and will whatever they need to to justify that.
He just lacks perspective and a critical eye in terms of art, as all average people do. He's been like that since I've met him 2 decades ago. Also this might be me projecting, but this is coming off like 2 parents discussing their child's shit tastes. kek
Neither did Seiken Densetsu 3 or LiveALive, but the remakes were released here anyway.
>Tanabe ( the new director)

Tanabe is a producer, not director. The new director was Taro Kudo from Vanpool. The original director of the first three games (Ryota Kawade) was put in charge of Fire Emblem Cipher, which recently ended

File: 300px-Redding.jpg (30 KB, 300x300)
30 KB
OH. MY. DAYS. Someone tottaly should make mod for Fallout 4 that lets you visit Redding
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>ESL spam
Because they make terrible games and mods have never made them better. Every other modding community has made excellent content, while bethesda fans only produce garbage. It attracts lazy, stupid people who want to get attention and validation for doing little to nothing.
Based, I'm imagining him as St. Jiub slaying the hordes of cliff racing redditors. A kindred spirit to my own self.
They even get any credit? Anyone gives a shit who made some random mod?

File: 1702529855416676.png (89 KB, 321x351)
89 KB
>character creation and leveling
>feel obligated to bump up charisma and rhetoric skill because devs always put the best quest outcomes behind dialogue check and I don't want to miss on it
Am I the only one? How to stop caring about such thing?
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Fine by me
For a change.

But if optimal playthrough is important for your enjoyment, keep doing what you do.
Wooaaaw, that is some TRVE SOVLFVL roleplaying you got there! You now the big charisma you can the THE GOOD dialogue. Man that is some real roleplaying, I feel just like my character!
Don't feel too bad anon, it's not your problem, it's the dev problem 100 percent of the time.
Let us consider simple things like intimidation always being tied to charisma and never strength, or perhaps even dex in the case of an assassin or omae wa mou shindeiru death touch monk.

This is utter bullshit because the 20 str/dex combat monster is guaranteed to be more intimidating than the 20 cha fruity bard.

Other mistakes keep coming up constantly in this similar vein such as religion skill being tied to int and not wis.

They are wrong in making certain stats so utterly dominant outside of combat and it points toward underlying creative bankruptcy when it keeps happening.

Why does this matter? It matters because people shouldn't feel so locked into one way of having a 'face' character. There is absolutely no reason to make a game be a slave to 'realism' because it will never be real so you should instead go for robust opportunity cost tradeoffs that let people succeed with more diverse character builds. It's entirely plausible that wisdom would make you have more of a knack for a religion skill due to direct connection with karma and the gods vs. only a pendantic interpretation of rote memorization of dogma for example.
>roleplay as a minmax munchkin combat god
>become the crisis, pummel all of the factions into submission
>bend the smoking hot princess over the dead king (you killed him) and fuck her ass
>after you oneshot the big bad you crown yourself king and everyone kneels
Why would you ever choose to not be powerful?

File: ti fanart.png (1.23 MB, 859x767)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
How are you enjoying Arcana Invoker, lads?

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I still have no idea how to fight Malgor
File: Ultra Speaker.png (170 KB, 3617x1410)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Genuinely don't recall the old UI.
It's been too long since I played.

See pic related, I suggest 3-man.
>need to quix and prax in 1t
not worth the effort, can't carry shitters which is why you should just 2t or 3t lol
>Do the quests for Vordred
>Instead of giving him back his body, the Hero steals it and wears it
How are we so fucking based?
File: 1692916526517179.jpg (498 KB, 2500x2150)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
Apparently coming soon. Related to >>3493971

You've tried the only live service /jrpg/. RIGHT?!

>Your critique
>Your honest thoughts
It steals it's combat from FFX so I like it.
It's not fun without spending like $100 up front and fucking battlepasses are cancer.
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>it won't be (anywhere) as strong as other builds BUT YO CAN
its because in other games such as this I asked if it was possible to always keep the MC in the party and the usual response was; 'oh you can, realistically speaking it won't anywhere near as powerful if you just went with the usual all-girls team BUT you can!'. In short, its possible but not effective so I was wondering if I could get both in Honkai.

I'll download to check it then, thank you.
I didn't want to like the game. But it happens to be a top-class RPG. I apologize.
>u didn't play the game homie
That's literally what it is.
I'm genuinely mad about the penacony story because it contains all the elements of a top notch arc, with the falsification of history and the melancholy of forgotten heroes who's land has been overtaken by eternal complacency. Could have been fantastic if told properly.
Instead the way the game tells its story works completely against it. Most of the background information about clockie's cartoon and the official version of history is told through a fucking side event that unlocks after the story is already completed, an entire patch's story has to be wasted on adventurine, a character that's pretty much completely secondary to the plot, because he's the newest character they're trying to sell, and the game's lack of forward thinking prevents us from seeing important members of any of these families beside the only one that turns into a boss later, making the worldbuilding feel artificial.
When aventurine and ratio flatly commented on the trial that has just taken place offscreen, I got so mad. It was a perfect opportunity to show how the family handles justice and politics, but instead of seeing it we have to be told it happened because the game can't spare the budget for such a cutscene. It's pathetic.
HSR and Genshin share the same problem in that they are trying to present a story that is apparently way outside the scope of their budget, but instead of focusing their attention on a few select cool scenes that tell meaningful story beats, we get to walk the streets while NPCs talk at length about things we will never see. It's a problem of their presentation, it's way too wasteful in trying to represent these large 3D spaces that don't really serve any story purpose, so the story ends up being poorly served by the environments and models available. Games that use VN-like portrait dialogs with CGs have an easier time creating the illusion of places and people.
It's a shame.
holy low IQ

Dying series that refuses to die
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You don’t do it at a reasonable pace though, that’s the issue. Sometimes the drop rates for things are so poor you’re not going to get them until way way after they become available. The difference in availability by level (when you theoretically get an arte) and by eres stones (when you actually get the arte) can be fucking huge. And there’s a lot of artes you want right when you unlock them or you’re putting yourself at a big disadvantage until that if you don’t grind. Putting them off until you’re in the second half where you might actually get them is just masochistic
>Rebirth wants you to farm arte uses every time you want to experiment with ougis due to they way that it works
I don't know, I can only argue on my own experience, which is that eres stones never caused me worry. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe I fight more battles than your average joe.
when I played legendia I definitely just didn't learn every spell because I somehow didn't get enough drops from a specific enemy type sometimes and the effort to try and track them down and farm it wasn't worth it vs just learning another spell especially since magic is fucking dogwater in this game anyway
Norma a cute. Best girl on the PS2 by a mile

There is a reaper that is destroying all the ships attacking it. Any sort strategy that isn’t focused on destroying it could mean dooming the galaxy. Shepard sacrificing the alliance fleets to help the destiny ascension escape has him put the lives of three politicians above the lives of the entire galaxy. And it’s supposed to be a paragon option. Saving a few of elites is the good boy option. So dumb. The choices in mass effect make nonsense. Just like curing the genocide all because you care about making your friend happy rather than making sure the galaxy wont be engaged in a war to stop the krogan after the reapers are dealt with.
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seth green is a you know what
>Judging Joker exclusively on his wikipedia early life section instead judging him based off of his unrivaled piloting talents
Sounds a bit pre-judgemental. He's hardly what one would call the most vile Jew in the Galaxy per say, or even in Hollywood for that matter. Most members of his faction are far worse I find
You have to wisely kill the Council to destroy the blackmail peepee tape
He didn't die, Cerberus had a ship nearby that recovered him and was able to keep his brain alive. I don't remember exactly what explanation TIM gives for the Cerberus ship being there and it would be unreliable anyway. Most of his crew also doesn't survive, you can go back to the planet he got blown up over, go down to the wreckage and recover the dog tags of the crew from the first game that died in the attack.
Paragon/Renagade isn't suppose to be goodboy/badboy (at least in 1). Its more of an idealist/pragmatist dynamic. Yes sacrificing a small number civilians to save the galaxy is the more moral decision, but its also the pragmatic one.

File: 1714173885939.jpg (139 KB, 616x353)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
The remake of this guy just game out, so we're having a DRPG thread.
194 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to get into the genre, I like exploring caves and Vaults in Fallout New Vegas. The first game that I'll ever play in the genre will stick with me for the rest of my life, so please say why would you recommend that I start with that particular title.
Etrian Odyssey 4
It's the easiest in the series and just one of the best DRPGs for people to start with in general. Also great music.
EO4 as that other anon said is good. If you want to try out something more classic in the genre Wizardry Tales of The Forsaken Land is another good starting point imo. Easier than some but still challenging enough for newcomers and vets. If you want something that isn't turn based, check out Legend of Grimrock 1 or 2, both are good. Also Path of The Abyss is a great starting point since it's pretty easy and very enjoyable.
>At the beginning of the game they ask your name and that name is NOT any of your playable characters. That's you, your self insert, you're running the guild of gay little girls. The game's dialogue does not assume "you" are a girl.
Nice. Do the girls ever directly address or romance (You) then?
What part of a "now kiss simulator" didn't you get?

File: Goth Mommy Saint.png (299 KB, 1594x1194)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Some VAMPIRE RPG ludo-kino just dropped boys
>No depressive nu-vampire shit, actual kick-ass vampire with a big ass sword
>Comfy european fantasy setting
>Fun Turn-BASED combat with spells and cool abilities
>Cute chinks you can interact with
>No grinding aka no filler
>90s/pc-98 retro anime portraits and graphics
>Beautiful naturalistic painted backgrounds
>Unique characters and witty dialog instead of cardboard slop
>Mysterious plot about uncovering and slaying demons
SOVLFUL gothickino made by a solo dev, and the best of all is that it's fucking free: https://lilianduleroux.itch.io/the-voyage-sinister
And it has a trailer too: https://youtu.be/98jRzjMFtWY
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rent free
Based as fuck taste. You really know your stuff.
Don't reply to yourself man
>all that garbage
if you're going to samefag and make an ass of yourself, at least make reasonable posts instead of basedjaking out.

File: 12341324314121.jpg (142 KB, 640x480)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
What is the best JRPG that never had any sequels/spin-offs etc.?
31 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Radiant Historia
Fuck off. I can't believe anyone still upholds this as any sort of quality experience. The only reason it got any praise in the first place was because it came out during a period where JRPGs were effectively dead and everyone forgot what made a good one because it turns out what makes a "good JRPG" is all kinds of shit the average developer can't be arsed to do, nor can the average player be arsed to care about.
that's great and all, but give me some actual criticism here
I remember pirating this to play it on my modded PS2 and I just couldn't get into it at all, just really soulless combat. I think I made it to some factory or something and quit.
The Rape of Nanking
Yeah, the difficulty even falls off towards the end and there were a lot of tools that make it easier if you actually explore a bit.

File: 1708307357695046.jpg (283 KB, 1004x1048)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Do you also struggle to name characters in vidya?
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No I have a stable of names
not really.

I go with default, or my name, or pick something from this list:
I always use my name. Always. Maybe 2 or 3 times I went with 'anon' because I was worried the porn game I downloaded from F95 could be dialing home
Just you and me, macaroni salad
that cat would be named Ramen then
also no, i name my player character Anon in every singleplayer game

File: 1716391343371.png (192 KB, 350x530)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Just started disc 2, what am I in for?
60 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Erde_Kaiser_Sigma.png (181 KB, 360x343)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
You just need to learn to have fun. Sometimes the story is serious but Takahashi loves super robot shit so much he has no problem breaking the tone for levity.
I would argue that the scene where Jessie "sacrifices" himself was way too cool for school.
Especially since it's the first moment where Jessie tells Billy that no, faith is not le bad, it's actually le good, and is an admirable thing to have.
What is he doing?
The absurd silly moments are why Xeno is great, keeps it SOUL
Talking heads

File: 1714528825129674.jpg (44 KB, 640x360)
44 KB
What the fuck is their problem????????
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Playing isekai rondo.
Their NES/GBC style games aren't half bad. Not the best but no worse than any other random no-name company game. They're good enough to kill some time on the bus with. Their SNES/GBA ones all suck ass.
Been a while since I last played something new from them though. Last one I remember playing was Dragon Sinker or Lapis on the Android.
Regualr jrpgfans dont play kemco games. Lmao! The only jrpg fans that like kemco games also play western rpg's. >>3496669
I heard hit-point is a bit better and experimental than the others, but I have no idea wtf that means in the context of kemco
I got me eyes on metro quester or as it's called on steam quester.
kinda like the vibe it gives and that it seams to be walmart Undernauts
File: OIG4 (1).jpg (193 KB, 1024x1024)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
It's a toss up of shallow writing and lazy graphics.

Their characters are all 1-dimensional. There might be 1 brief story segment where they tease potential for depth. Reuniting with a long lost family member or something. No. That's exactly what the formula is. Mileage may vary.

The other component is some invisible grandeur. In Isekai Rando, the villains are piloting an "Asura" statue. Something like that deserves a parallax background, a shadow, a giant foot, or something! But all you'll see is a small blurry 4-armed icon on a map. Then you go into the statue as a dungeon, and it's just more cave, forest, and brick tiles. The later dungeons are always lack luster. BOOOOO.

Use your imagination? Sure. Except there is "The Dungeon" which the bad guys wanted to destroy. But what is "The Dungeon"? I have no idea. It's just a series of areas connected by warp circles. In other games it would at least be a giant tower. I know what an Asura Statue looks like, but I don't know how it was going to attack a nebulous trans dimensional construct.

There's no such thing as the perfect role playing ga—
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why does offensive magic suck so much? What's the point of using it when I'm better off getting a Monk and punching the enemy harder than some mage's dinky fireball or ice shards? At best you can use Sap, but that misses a lot against the stuff you'd actually want to use it on.
It's not even just DQ3, it's all the games.
Magic is incredibly powerful if you experiment with it and develop strategies for efficiently clearing enemy groups. Enemies have resistances and weaknesses to certain types of magic and you won't know it until you experiment with different encounter groups.
The Defeat/Whack line of spells for example often get memed on for being every useless but it took me a bit of playing around to realize that there are certain types of enemies very susceptible to being hit by it (usually "dumb" or physically strong types of enemies), and this stuck with me for every game since DQ2.
i think people are very hesitant to experience with magic in dragon quest purely because mp is such a precious resource with so few ways to recover it in the series.
Even with hitting weaknesses, it feels like you'd deal more damage just smacking the enemy with a sword. It simply doesn't seem worth it for how squishy mages are and for how limited MP is.
Some enemies are resistant to physical attacks. You're also able to attack groups of enemies with magic early on in the game.

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