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File: lisathepenis.jpg (52 KB, 460x215)
52 KB
Enough about Earthbound-inspired RPGs, what are some LISA-inspired RPGs?
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Are you retard or something? Dingaling said many times he took inspiration from Earthbound. Funny how he used to post on 8ch and now he is a twitter liberal faggot.
He calmed down a bit after his mental breakdown from his dad’s death.
File: IMG_6596.jpg (147 KB, 1600x960)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Lisa the Earthful

File: -_-.jpg (38 KB, 682x628)
38 KB
>play kingdom come deliverence after it being shilled here for so long
>all the posts about it seem to be about how it's le hard this and that
>it's actually super easy if you do the entire training quest and not just the first bit
>economy is completely fucked once you get a horse because it basically gives you basically infinite inventory space and just a few trips back and forth from any fight with armoured opponents nets you great boons
>combat is clearly designed for dueling and yet the game keeps throwing multiple enemies at you, yet using the bow feels like cheese because it's so trivially easy to hit anyone if you just put a dot in the middle of your screen
common comback is "hurr durr have you tried fighting 3 guys at once irl" well why does the fucking game keep throwing 3 guys at me in missions huh?

There's a lot more i can complain about, open world basically runs out of content once you're done with the town that starts with R and the one with the chuch under renovations, the rest of the map is basically filler.

Story is kinda shit, some chapters are neat in the same way a mid TV show can have a good episode but the our protag's motivation is really weak. Hometown gets massacred by some thug, go kill that thug, right, makes sense. But the guy that ordered it is so distant he can never realistically be involved in the story. So once that is done, all that remains is "hurr durr i want that sword my dad was working on" even though the guy the sword is for says he has like 100 and doesn't care, so that feels incredibly contrived. And then that gets resolved in the first third of the game also. The rest is just kinda meandering from random assignment to random assignment until the game ends.

Searching for treasure is somewhat fun but the game can't reward you with much more than money and shit you sell for money. I had the absolute best gear 1/3 through the game just because i did sidequests as they appeared.
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>In hardcore, armor is now worth less and you can't fast travel with your horse.
This might be the most retarded shit I've ever heard of in my entire life holy shit.
is this nigga serious?
If a game were ever to let you fast travel, it should be on your fuckin horse.
I don't like how the swordplay relies on timing of mouse swings. I always over time a swing or under feint.
If they updated the swordplay to use buttons or something, that'd probably be better.

It may look like shit but it will offer a choice of real RPG (that is realtime) combat instead of strategy game combat, which is so rare these days. It also takes inspiration from the best RPG of all time, BG1. Hopes, fears, dreams?
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Call it soul, mystery, or whatever, it lacks something to keep me interested.
Will buy it hoping its a slow burn (it won't be).
saying huh like an idiot is a dumb use of words by a dummy too, retarded anon, when i'm calling "game's gameplay" retarded. lol, what a retard.
games have gameplay
the wording could be better
but what's retarded about it?

sounds like you are a venting midwit ngl, hopefully you didn't get misgendered or something you kids don't like these days
its the moeblob tranny whose whole schtick is pretending to hate games he thinks are or will be popular here.
>gAMes hAvE GaEmpLaY
>random tranny accusation
ok kiddo

File: 1716517921162788.jpg (91 KB, 500x500)
91 KB
Are you a TRVE KVLT gamer or just a poser consoomer?
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I beat moria before you were born and also enjoyed Skyrim.
I wear a black robe with a hood pulled down to my eyes, kicked back with feet up so you barely see me moving, like a wizard dominating fantasy realms by thought and minimal magical gestures alone.
Mod left and right with content from right and left.
old roguelikes suck. bad case of wikigame. new ones like DCSS, Brogue, Sil etc. are good though.
I like both

Post Kusoge rpgs.
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Even the name sounds like they looked up Final and Fantasy in a thesaurus.
every shit I have tken has been lighter than I am stop acting like a fat white girl.

>original Digimon World.
true........ It's just just that everything after the fact was no good or region locked until recently.
Even the worst Golden Sun game is better than at least 80% of what Squaresoft shat out.
Where does Beyond the Beyond rank?

File: 1.BD_Jungle_Vista.png (1.64 MB, 1280x720)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
game looks pretty, but its first time i hear about it. currently quite cheap. Anyone here played it, is it any good? steam opinions vary - apparently meh gameplay and good lore, which might be passable for me. i tought i gonna ask you guys since you know everything
just look at that screenshot - pretty!
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It really is the janny making the threads. Why have moderation if they are the ones actively shitting up the board the most? I don't get it.
A janny is a regular poster with a delete button. It's about making everyone else miserable, not making the board a better place. Hes here solely to protect shit off topic threads from actual RPG discussion. He probably doesn't even like or play RPGs.
I like this thread
You sound like a twat
Makes sense
it's about a nonRPG after all
... why are you posting a P&C Adventure in RPG?

What's an RPG with a good story that doesn't take X amount of hours to get good? I like Japanese games more but if your game is really that good then I'm willing to play it. Picrel is a good example in my book.
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Fun fact, the Shadow Hearts wailing lady is the same lady who does the scat for Minstrel Song/Emerald Beyond.
Metal Max. Start with the remake of 1 for the SNES, then play 3 for the DS, followed by the remake of 2 for the DS.
>90% nintendo games
confirmed to have never played real jrpgs
To be honest, I tried Xenogears and got filtered by the camera movement and the text speed.
OP is asking for games which have a strong story from the get go, not games where the story doesn't get good until the final installment
play Ar Tonelico

File: tim_cain.png (389 KB, 860x655)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
Oh look, another video where Tim Cain shits on Fallout 2. Why is he so bitter?
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He didn't and wouldn't say that. More likely he'll say something more passive-aggressive or even sarcastic tone like "Yeah, that game? I bear bull responsibility for it being bad. I, Chris Avellone, personally, fucked that up, and I shoulder all of the blame for it. Not my superiors, not my underlings except the one's who went on vacation instead of working on the game. Me." with a heavy gay commiefornian valley accent.
and look how that turned out
I like his videos
>Why is he so bitter?
Fat and gay
The first thing you see in the first game is a cultural reference.

File: m2i8b1K9d3d3b1N4.jpg (259 KB, 720x665)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Are people actually play "story mode"?
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itt: newfags arguing with newfags
Im on this site for 18 years
>you are a literal retard for not managing to learn proper english after 18 years of shitposting
>you are a fucking newfag
You had to pick one, and you chose the first? But why?
Newfags become oldfags eventually. Retards don't get any smarter.
I didnt even know you could turn the Story off
Unsurprising. Fags by definition have low test, hi estrogen and thus are bad at hunting and warfare simulators (video games)
That is who story mode is for.
Women also say jealous petty shit like this about each other, and when they say it about men they don't understand that real men truly compete against themselves, to better themselves, or to interact and learn about the world around them more deeply.

The 'bragging' is instead the real man trying to share a deeper experience of the world with people whether that is Mt. Everest, or the Mariana trench, or making a new dish as a chef, or the inner workings of the brain through Neuralink, or the interesting and deep RP build. Those who would complain of this are petty, like women are.

File: Untitled.jpg (14 KB, 237x213)
14 KB
>Single-handedly saves the classic jrpg genre from being irrelevant forvever
>Nobody remembers it anymore
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>limit breaks are hidden behind a time-locked mechanic that expects you to have friends
No thanks.
>stuck on 3DS
what a self own, lmao.
Not to mention both Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy were originally intended to be working titles. They ended up just sticking with them because they caught on after the respective projects were announced. At this point the weird engrish titles are a trademark of these games.
SaGa games are square games retard

File: Awful.jpg (467 KB, 1920x1080)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
>Bronze-Iron Ages timeline
>be Kyros' Fatebinder
>Kyros is a GOD that want to remove matriarchal societies
>literally PIE Sky-Father
>Kyros is based on Cyrus the Great
>somehow the """bad guy"""
>matriarchal degenerate societies somehow the """good guys"""
>despite being the Fatebinder of a GOD, somehow you can rebel against him
>rebel path: restoring matriarchal degenerate societies, pov: you're a male, aka le simp path
>no matter because is part of his plan (peak writing) to reminder everyone how bad matriarchy is (kek)
>you can be an anarchist, somehow better written than rebel path
>it doesn't matter what anti-Kyros path you choose, people see how lawless Terratus is without Kyros
>Kyros won in the end, LE FRIDUM OF CHOIZ!!
>Verse, Eb, Sirin, Kills-In-Shadows exist, more anti-Disfavored feministslop, their endings are shit (kill them all)
>Lantry and Barik are the only male companions, better writtern BY FAR than female ones. Their endings are awesome. BARIK, I WILL SAVE YOU!!!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
172 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you calling them her? Stop misgendering Kyros by assigning pronouns to them.
File: FPBP.jpg (164 KB, 553x550)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
No your Mr thinks there way smarter than they actually are. Mr psued.

Can you role play for fun on the internet? Sure. Can you bullshit? Absolutely. Can you get to know others and make connections? Sure thing. It was supposed to be an open and free digital world with endless possibilities.

I hate when people call things escapism. Everything you do is apart of your life you can't escape life.
m8 I've never even played Tyranny and I know Kyros is a broad
I don't believe you can't follow this conversation. You aren't mad.

File: F80aMq8bEAArMVT.jpg (905 KB, 1704x1400)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.
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Mă duc la Alice
Ah, you were at my side all along
My horrendous brainrot

File: tif.png (670 KB, 1080x608)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Did anyone see the FF7 Advent Children announcement at Tokyo Game Show 2003?
What was it like?
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Because that was worth the bump.
I was in high school at the time. Everybody I new was hyped was for FFX-2 - only because it was the first sequel to an FF game. Everyone new the square-enix merger had fucked everything up irrevocably. The FF7 fag's were hyped for the FF7 compilation slop, and the newly formed Sqare-Enix got their first new fans from the KH slop. That's about it. I didn't recall watching the Tokyo game show trailer. I do remember hearing about the announcement from a friend though. I wasn't interested in their multimedia projects and still am not. Square was a game company and should've continued to make... games.
Comparing FF to fifa or call of duty... give me a break thats just disingenuous.
My favorite part of AC post announcement was arguing with other autists whether or not they had actually increased Aerith's bust size or if it was just because the one shot of her at the end of the trailer was taken from an angle looking up at her, causing the illusion. I dunno why that's imprinted in my mind but here we are.
File: RIP.png (1.24 MB, 1034x1191)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>I dunno why that's imprinted in my mind but here we are.

I think it's really good


Get eaten by a Grue.
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File: 4.png (101 KB, 754x565)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
these thirsty ass hoes belong to the streets
File: 5.png (119 KB, 753x594)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
File: 1709756965667842.png (147 KB, 389x387)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Lol here he is
There is a thread about CYOAs on /vrpg/ you whould try posting it there
Posted it there and got some ads going

File: banner.jpg (293 KB, 1600x740)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Was thinking of getting NWN2 just to play Mask of the Betrayer (given its reputation). I've never played a NWN game though. Should I be fine to skip the OC? I watched an hour or two of both on YT and the OC looks like the cheesiest fantasy schlock, whereas the opening section of MotB was kino as fuck. Also, more importantly, the modules for these games are a big selling point, so are there any that you guys like?

Basically discussion both NWN games, which expansions you like, and which modules. I'm open to trying out both games
213 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Saleron's Gambit
This series is very obscure for some reason, but it's incredibly high effort - from heavily using custom tilesets and soundtrack to having interesting story and sidequests, and a pretty good reactivity. The only weak part is henchmen - chapter 2 has a very fun cast, but they are pretty bland later on.
He also made a cleric only module for NWN 2, which I highly recommend.
speak of the devil, is there a reason why all-inclusive module list was removed lilura's site at one point?
I dunno, but if I had to bet, I'd say because some autistic fit.
luv me some cleric so thanks

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