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File: IMG_7075.jpg (25 KB, 639x480)
25 KB
But it’s pure kino?
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Yeah, the way fusions are handled is just disgusting. I know that quality-of-life features weren't as high in the SNES days but that's just completely inexcusable.
File: 2825698-art.jpg (97 KB, 500x444)
97 KB
>He doesn't know
>be retard
>no taste
>havent played a game in 11 years
>play bad game for 15 minutes
>wtf this is the best game evar?!@
As a poorfag this is the BoF I could play on my family's pc with an emulator so I have fond memories of it but it didn't age well to be qhwy.
not a true BoF, just a shitty attempt at reviving the series after 5 killed it

File: -_-.jpg (38 KB, 682x628)
38 KB
>play kingdom come deliverence after it being shilled here for so long
>all the posts about it seem to be about how it's le hard this and that
>it's actually super easy if you do the entire training quest and not just the first bit
>economy is completely fucked once you get a horse because it basically gives you basically infinite inventory space and just a few trips back and forth from any fight with armoured opponents nets you great boons
>combat is clearly designed for dueling and yet the game keeps throwing multiple enemies at you, yet using the bow feels like cheese because it's so trivially easy to hit anyone if you just put a dot in the middle of your screen
common comback is "hurr durr have you tried fighting 3 guys at once irl" well why does the fucking game keep throwing 3 guys at me in missions huh?

There's a lot more i can complain about, open world basically runs out of content once you're done with the town that starts with R and the one with the chuch under renovations, the rest of the map is basically filler.

Story is kinda shit, some chapters are neat in the same way a mid TV show can have a good episode but the our protag's motivation is really weak. Hometown gets massacred by some thug, go kill that thug, right, makes sense. But the guy that ordered it is so distant he can never realistically be involved in the story. So once that is done, all that remains is "hurr durr i want that sword my dad was working on" even though the guy the sword is for says he has like 100 and doesn't care, so that feels incredibly contrived. And then that gets resolved in the first third of the game also. The rest is just kinda meandering from random assignment to random assignment until the game ends.

Searching for treasure is somewhat fun but the game can't reward you with much more than money and shit you sell for money. I had the absolute best gear 1/3 through the game just because i did sidequests as they appeared.
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File: 1532900521826.jpg (240 KB, 606x606)
240 KB
240 KB JPG

DLC are legit scams. The game itself was very much alright though with glaring flaws, but the DLCs are legitemately and honestly scams that are falsely advertised. They're the only time I've ever demanded a refund for a video game (thank's epic for giving it to me) because they were the only times I felt cheated, not just dissapointed. For example, the kickstarter page promised a "playable female character" as a stretch goal. They reached it, but not only can you not play as a woman in the base game, the DLC is basically spitting in your face for wanting to be a girl as you are tasked to collect flowers for 2 hours and that's basically it. I wish I was joking.

Another massive scam is the "hans capon dlc". It's called something like "the great adventures with hans capon" so you'd expect the guy to be majorly involved in the story but no, it's basically a glorified cameo in a dlc that otherwise feels like some cut content sidequest they felt like charging separately for. I think I did everything there was to be done in 1 hour or so. I could break every DLC down like this (other than the free one amusingly enough) but I don't feel like typing anymore, I'd be putting more effort into this post than they did into the DLCs. If I was smart enough to do so I would honestly sue for false advertising and I think I'd win.
Nobody cares.
Your opinion doesn't matter
Yeah some of us tried to tell you. Still it's quite soulful. Looking forward to the sequel much more than anything else
>he didnt play on hardcore mode
try playing it for real next time
File: kitty.jpg (101 KB, 669x628)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>not play as a woman in the base game, the DLC is basically spitting in your face for wanting to be a girl as you are tasked to collect flowers for 2 hours and that's basically it

A light-hearted JRPG loosely based on the historical age of discovery, where people live on floating islands, and the developers biggest stated goal was to give players the freedom to explore. A unique game with surprising features you'd never expect to find in a JRPG and a rarely matched spirit of adventure. Does Skies of Arcadia still hold up?
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File: deep sky.png (209 KB, 704x528)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
We infiltrate the Dengral Base and run around in air ducts for awhile until we manage to steal some schematics that enable us to go to Deep Sky. At this point we encounter the Galcian, the Lord Admiral of the Valuan Armada, who has betrayed the Empress to become literally Hitler or something, and Enrique's uncle shows up to sacrifice himself on our behalf while we escape. Then its off to Deep Sky, the very bottom of the planet, where atmospheric pressure is so high that we basically have to turn our ship into a submarine, and is so far down that sunlight cannot penetrate it. Here our goal is to retrieve Fina's lost ship, which curiously places the area's entrance right underneath the very first dungeon where we began the game. We locate the ship through a series of radar pings in a sort of mine sweeper mini-game, where disturbing the wrong patch of earth pisses off giant sea monsters. This all ultimately culminates in a final battle with De Loco, the gimmick here being that it is so dark we cannot predict each other's attacks visually and must instead utilize pattern recognition to hit him, until he tethers his ship to ours with a giant harpoon and we shoot at each other until his ship explodes once and for all. After returning to the surface, Enrique decides he must depart from our party to warn his mother that Galcian has betrayed Valua and attempt to fix the nation.
I made my parents buy me a dreamcast for Christmas in 2008 so I could play this, Grandia 2, and the Berserk game. It was a lot of fun.
>Really, Valua is the one that proved that already by blasting a fucking hole through a mountain range to get to Yafutoma. Guess they just didn't report the discovery fast enough.
They didn't report the green continent either, plus they didn't go through the Dark Rift, so not an "around the world" for them.
Glacia was mentioned to be next best after the Silvites, both surfed the Rain of Destruction, yet both are pretty much extinct.
File: 20190503_224309_resized.jpg (796 KB, 2064x1161)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
I think one of the biggest reasons I love this game is that every part is just plain cool. Like if you describe every single moment of this game on paper, it sounds fucking rad as shit. I feel like that's a major first step in development that a lot of studios don't get.

Right, but they still figured out they could travel east by going west. You could argue they never made a big deal about sharing the existence of Horteka because they were essentially in the middle of enslaving the natives to strip-mine it for them.

I remember reading fan theories that the purple civilization built their own spaceship and went off into space, while the Silvites chose to stay in orbit because they positioned themselves as this world's caretakers. I wouldn't be surprised if the Purples (who survived the rains of destruction since their kingdom was built beneath the continent) thought the Silvites were assholes for nuking the entire world and just noped off the planet.

(pic unrelated but I do just love how Drachma is ready to kill random strangers at multiple points in the adventure just for convenience)

High IQ Mass Effect roleplayers immerse it up by coming up with creative in-universe reasons why nobody says his/her name. Such as naming your character:

>Commander Adolf Shepard
>Commander Nigger Shepard
>Commander God Shepard
>Commander Osama Bin Ladin Shepard
>Commander Devil Shepard
>Commander Satan Shepard
>Commander Hitler Shepard
>Commander Monkey Shepard
>Commander Big-Head Shepard
>Commander Queenie Shepard
>Commander Queefy Shepard
>Commander Stinky Shepard
>Commander Pussy Shepard

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Except they call you "Shepard" with no title even in supposedly casual situations. Even the person you're fucking will only ever call you by your last name. It's weird. Even japs will eventually call you by your first name once you get close enough to them.
I like the idea of the shadow broker being a 'continuously replaced' entity, main issue with the Yaahg broker that we see in the DLC is just that it devolves into a straight up physical boss battle, when the main challenge should've just been figuring out who he is/finding his location. Actually getting to the broker himself should've been the win condition.
imagine being the shadow broker
This. Most Americans are under the impression Japs have no names, they're like Geth, just robots. Legion is the only Geth platform with an actual name yet all of the other Geth fail to view that unique privelege as any sort of honor afaik
Fan Theory: I'd naturally assume for a Star Wars RPG, the literal most possible meta thing you could name your human male character is "Dendo Dakaar" as it just works. But Mass Effect isn't really as Star Wars-like as we think it is, considering Commander Dendo Shepard somehow doesn't quite flow naturally here when viewed in comparison

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (164 KB, 1280x720)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Who's hyped for another playthrough?
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Are they going to make the gunplay good this time?
It sure fucking doesn't feel like it isn't anymore. Graphics basically peaked shortly after and game devs just won't do anything half sane.
Maybe to the layman's eyes. Of course, progress hasn't been as noticeable as during the jump to 3D
>PC version will be adding widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, as well as fixes to Creation Kit and a variety of quest updates.

how is this in any way a "Next Gen" update?
no Raytracing
no 4k textures
no graphical or animation improvements of any kind.

but hey, its now 60 FPS and with fewer bugs! thats Next Gen right?

File: Fallout_76_cover.jpg (41 KB, 285x350)
41 KB
Didn't see any 76 threads...is it still shit?
It has been goodened.

File: Fallout.jpg (147 KB, 357x285)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
U N C O N T E S T E D !
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But I pirate
Yes you pirate anyways
give me a fun build for resurrection
Try small guns, speech, lockpick, with high agility and intelligence
It's a classic Fallout mod:
TBQH at least for me it feels really fucking boring and bland, at least in comparison to Sonora or Nevada. The first and only run i did couldn't be bothered to go past Sedit, and places like PROGEMA feel literally unfinished since you can't barely explore it. At least the Robobrain gimmick is fun.

File: aza.jpg (87 KB, 692x642)
87 KB
When will CRPG's improve their art? Its always the ugliest shit. BG1 and BG2's portrait are literally just photoshopped versions of real people.
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More complex than all your wrpgs with no competitive scene
File: 1709223942295581.jpg (3.76 MB, 3837x3226)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
Don't really give a shit as long as I can use custom portraits on my own custom dudes.
What gayme?
Is this an NTRPG?
Rogue Trader

File: 630.jpg (31 KB, 484x534)
31 KB
>he hoards his consumable items because "what if I need them later"?
>finishes the game without ever using them
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Didn't Dragon's Dogma have food that expired?
I beat Nioh 2 without using ANY consumable playing like this
You can never be sure there isn't a phase 2 or another "final final boss" after him.
File: Capture.png (6 KB, 81x29)
6 KB
Soma my beloved. You and repel phys/mag damage are my world.
File: 1000087385.png (85 KB, 304x360)
85 KB
I simply cannot help myself

File: sleep.png (313 KB, 1024x768)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
April is the month of Uula. Be nice to her.
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>it wasn't the first time the world almost ended
But it is the first time a certain :> appeared in Ordowald.
Still mad we never got any anal or footjob scenes with her.
Isn’t the “almost” the cause? If we failed in saving the world in a game it was at stake like due to the Brand of Ronis or something like that wouldn’t then the angels step up?
All you had to do was to ask the damn slut, MT

File: rebirth.jpg (195 KB, 1307x974)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>not a single thread

It's not good, huh?
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Perhaps theyll have learned their lesson and attempt a botw-style comeback to ff1 Origins of Dungeon crawling and overworld roaming.
A couple, Mithril Mines, Shinra Manor, Gongaga Reactor, Corel Mines, Temple of the Ancients, but they hardly feel like dungeons.
File: 1710417301872409.jpg (40 KB, 620x620)
40 KB
I loved it, best game I played since Elden Ring. Sure it has some stupid things here and there but has far more good to make up for it.

I'll be happy when the game is on pc so the kids here actually play it. Best Final Fantasy game since 10. Comparing Rebirth with the classics would look like this for me

FF5, FF7, FF9, FF10

FF6, FF8, FF7 Rebirth

FF1, FF4

Not Good

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Where's Remake?
Probably in Good/Okay

File: file.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
I just finished Dragon Quest XI but I did something INCREDIBLY STUPID. I did NOT know you can recruit party members I thought it was like the other DQ games where you just run into characters that end up joining your party.

I played and finished DQXI solo without even knowing this fact. I was wondering the entire time why I didn't get any party members on my team. I'M SO FUCKING STUPID!!!!

Anyways, I enjoyed DQXI. Lets talk about it.
Party members join you automatically in 11, are you trolling or just a dumb mutt who can't write Roman numerals?

File: G2_1.jpg (494 KB, 1920x1080)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
So I just started this, I downgraded to 1.3 or whatever and removed NOTR. It was a hassle to make work on Steam but It'd doable.

I've joined the militia in order to become a Paladin later and after talking to the commander in Khorinis I was sent to the valley of mines, after I tried again and again to run through the Orcs and reach the castle I was immediately told to fuck off to the mines to find the missing scrappers. Is this point in the game just supposed to be >savescum till you run past orcs?
I'm starting to get really bored of this shit, with 35 strength and a "fine sword" there really is no reason to fight anything besides wolved and rats. I remember Risen making you SUCK at the beggining but it wasn't like this, often soon after getting assfucked the game gave you what you needed along the way to be able to kill it shortly afterwards and there was constant sense of progression. In G2 I haven't reached this point yet. Should I stop following the main story and grind fetchquests and shit? Even if I do there doesn't seem to be anything worth spending gold on apart from more sword training which will not save me because orcs can 1shot me anyway. Do I need to grind 2500 gold for the "hardenned militia" armor they sell at the castle in the valley?
89 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't waste lp on two handed or ranged but i did get enough dex to steal from NPC and the only fight that was a slightest bit tough for me was the final boss
It's easier and that's why they're making an update which adds a hardcore mode.
At least it's optional. One time was enough for me though
Try and take on orcs one at a time
When the orc is down slashing, you can interrupt it with a basic slash every time. If you're careful, it will never be able to hurt you.
Archolos is way way more relaxed, both because it's just easier but more because they did things like separate permanent stat buffs from lp investment

File: klmk.jpg (9 KB, 320x320)
9 KB
So Amarant had Schizoid personality disorder, right?
12 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>But there is no narrative highlighting this significance.
Really? I thought it was very straightforward. Freya wants to be remembered (by Fratley) and Amarant wants to be forgotten (by the Treno nobles who plaster the place with wanted posters of him).
That's also why they have Freya be the one Amarant tells about his first meeting with Zidane while the group is in Treno at the start of the third disc.

He's a self sufficient loner with a soft spot for children who's also eager to test his own abilities against those he perceives as strong. He has no more or less personality than the average FF character.
I have to wonder if the people repeating this even played the game.
Sometimes FF schizo has some interesting points but this is such an asspull, my brain hurts
File: F2yLFg4bYAALkhl.jpg (643 KB, 3840x2160)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
What's interesting is that in FF9 Eidolons change appearance with the surrounding culture and stories.

Ipsen's castle is of Terran origin, therefore, so is Odin.
But the play about Ipsen and Colin is from Gaia. So it it stands to reason that Odin, while on the Mist Continent, would appear as Ipsen - possibly, Fratley.
Indeed. Fratley appears at Clayra just before it is destroyed.

The mechanic of changing the Eidolon's appearance by region was never implemented. Ramuh changes at will. There's concept art of Shiva's other forms. Odin at the very least has 2 weapons. One with his sword and one with his spear.

If "Salamander" was an Eidolon, he would likely be a facet of Ifrit.
Likewise, Lani could have been Shiva. Which makes sense, as we never see Ifrit and Shiva while Garnet lost them.
And it would be appropriate as Amarant/Salamander and Lani appear at the Eidolon Wall.
File: l805kzm52p961.jpg (138 KB, 1193x1042)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I can absolutely see Lani as Shiva, getting in a fight with Amarant, and then switching to her "kid" form.
File: latest.jpg (144 KB, 1057x641)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Of course this might suggest a scenario where Garnet never gets Ifrit and Shiva back.
Assuming Amarant stays a party member. That would just be weird, right?


And looking at Lani's design, she could have also passed as the Phoenix.

Phoenix and Ifrit would be awesome combo. They could make a whole game around it!

File: fft translations.jpg (440 KB, 1640x1642)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
PSP FFT has an OBJECTIVELY bad localization
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Never misunderestimate the bad taste of some people on this board.

That reminds me. Why isn't there an Arrested Development style 2000s political thriller SRPG? You'd think that would be niche enough people would cover it.
So I guess you guys can use these tools to put out a better translation and patch it, right?
File: images.jpg (26 KB, 339x196)
26 KB
You don't translate "Howdy" to "Hi."
It's a greeting, yes, but that's secondary to characterization.

In this case he is mocking, Meliadoul, correct? The literal translation about her father being a lucavi is redundant.


"Yes. Redundant. Repeating what has already been established immediately after it was established."

"You don't say!"

"Fool. I did say! Just now. Repeating myself. I'm the Angel of Death, not a clown."

"It's honestly hard to tell."
>localizers used to make kiddy jap shit more interesting
>esls confounded beyond belief
>pseuds still flipping their lids about it 50 years later
Huh, never realized
Still enjoy it though, I can't imagine many people buttblasted about faux shakespeare in wotl liked it in vagrant story

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