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File: Spoiler Image (390 KB, 1079x1354)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Chris Avellone wrote a moderately-negative breakdown of the Fallout show's lore discrepancies on his blog, if you are curious.

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>Communism good, capitalism bad is going to backfire pretty hard as a message as it always does so I hope kids are smart enough not to take it too seriously but who knows these days, they ate tide pods and licked toilets on tik tok.
Capitalism and communism are 99% the same, it doesn't matter
Being a flirtatious person while also being unattractive.
>Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under socialism, it's precisely the opposite.
It's just all so tiresome to me. Gaming can die for all I care. Hell, it's been dead for at least the last 10 years.
Shut the fuck up, Pete, Jet is still a post-war drug.

File: file.png (154 KB, 240x360)
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154 KB PNG
What are some masculine RPG games to play? I mean like feeling like an ultra powerful hero? I'm talking like playing like a badass or even a God himself.

For me, it's Jupiter Hell. Anything similar?
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File: nodding.gif (189 KB, 350x350)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
You're joking, but Magical Diarrhea: Horse Hell is easily one of the most masculine RPGs.
diablo 1
lol shut up woman
camping doorways is not masculine

File: Awful.jpg (467 KB, 1920x1080)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
>Bronze-Iron Ages timeline
>be Kyros' Fatebinder
>Kyros is a GOD that want to remove matriarchal societies
>literally PIE Sky-Father
>Kyros is based on Cyrus the Great
>somehow the """bad guy"""
>matriarchal degenerate societies somehow the """good guys"""
>despite being the Fatebinder of a GOD, somehow you can rebel against him
>rebel path: restoring matriarchal degenerate societies, pov: you're a male, aka le simp path
>no matter because is part of his plan (peak writing) to reminder everyone how bad matriarchy is (kek)
>you can be an anarchist, somehow better written than rebel path
>it doesn't matter what anti-Kyros path you choose, people see how lawless Terratus is without Kyros
>Kyros won in the end, LE FRIDUM OF CHOIZ!!
>Verse, Eb, Sirin, Kills-In-Shadows exist, more anti-Disfavored feministslop, their endings are shit (kill them all)
>Lantry and Barik are the only male companions, better writtern BY FAR than female ones. Their endings are awesome. BARIK, I WILL SAVE YOU!!!

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10 days in and not a single person is playing this game
>Lefties are all for it.
Where? Only ones I have seen for it are techbros
I honestly think railroading part is because game itself is, frankly, unfinished, you can plainly see it in act 3 where, for me, you just...go to Scarlet Chorus camp and kill Voices of Nerat, no maneuvering or anything just go to the camp and kill the dude
I guess they had time for only one ending and decided to go with one which would have most appeal, which in this case is rebelling against morally dubious world conquering overlord
To much text to said that the Disfavored are unironically the based good guys and that killing matriarchal beast-women and savages is the right thing to do to see the continent finally in peace and prosperous.
I finished it shortly before OP created this thread. It was OK. The DLC area seriously pissed me off.

File: 1698820292121558.png (432 KB, 810x400)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
Behold, the last Pathfinder content made by Owlcat, there will be no more Pathfinder after this
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Thinking of finally finishing Kingmaker in preparation to play WotR for the first time.
Are the majority of the bugs fixed and are all the DLC worth it? Steam reviews seem to be mixed for them, mostly laying blame on how unbalanced the DLC content is. Will still get the Tiefling DLC regardless cause the new companions look cute.
>Tiefling twins DLC
Cute characters, though their content is weirdly spaced and kingmaker combos for chaacter interactions can be weird in general (you can have a party interjecting constantly or a silent one in the same chapter). And kineticist is a strong class that works differently from he rest.

The best standalone of Owlcat probably, if you do not like roguelikes.
Levels 5-8 are a good point where a build starts coming together. Varn and Asmodeus Wizard are inteesting enough, you have a couple quests beyond combat and Varnhold dungeon is one of the better designed ones from owlcat (both for battles and puzzles). Not something AMAZING mind you.

>Beneath stolen lands
The roguelike part is nice with a few interesting bosses. Good foe trying parties and achetypes. Implementation is kinda boring and ruins xp progression a bit, but not as badly as the WOTR one did
>Varnhold dungeon is one of the better designed ones from owlcat
That's good to hear, the steam page did highlight a huge dungeon so I was hoping it'd be good. I've always been a fan of larger dungeons in both RPG's and MMO's, really tests your ability to conserve resources and to not get too greedy.
>Implementation is kinda boring and ruins xp progression a bit, but not as badly as the WOTR one did
Are there multiple WOTR DLC I should avoid? Was just going to download them all once the final one drops on the 13th and start my playthrough.
Just remember to buy scrolls for buffs.
This is a repost.

>Worth it
Sarkorian DLC. Ulbrig is a companion with his own quest and brings a new class with him (plus his unique archetype. Simple, fitting and has funny interjections, honestly.
>Good value
Midnight Isles (standalone). If you enjoy trying archetypes and team compositions, you will enjoy playing runs here. Some of the conditions/traps are also interesting to deal with for a roguelike adventure. The main campaign implementation kinda sucks and fucks over progression to your favor a bit too much.

Lord of nothing is a decent mid level campaign. Nothing amazing (not as good as Varnhold DLC), but good. The boss you get in the main campaign is fun.
Through the ashes. Mot just low level, but survival adventure where fighting is very disantvantageous. I enjoy the concept and tryong to keep everyoen alive is a decent challenge, but clunky isometric ,movement Owlcat style make it hard.. Adds nothing to the main campain as well and aside for two instances, not really needed to play it's sequel in Lord of Nothing
>Essentially Trash
Inevitable Excess. 'Post' endgame campaign , max rank and level. You get like 90% of your encounters being the same two groups of enemies with immunities Galu Style amd Owlcat puzzle design that is IMO worse than the Enigma (some of the tileset and number crunching there was enjoyed by a few). You do not get to enjoy the story that has barely time to do something interesting with it's concept. At least the two final boss fights are kinda cool and it has another Darkness superboss. But not worth it, IMO. Barely worth a pirate.

Dying series that refuses to die
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Wow there were actually people playing Tales
best girls never join the party

Well, /vrpg/?
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Ugly Art = Ugly Game = Do not Play
I played Black Mage, Astrologian, Ninja and Gun Breaker in that order of preference.
Ninja and monk were the only ones really active enough to keep my attention.
Ninja I really liked how fast you could run the mechanics to pack in more dps but I don't really like edgelord characters.

Dragoon will always be close to my heart and it was up there on mechanics but the rigid rotation and it still kills me that jumping is usually a risky liability instead of an invulnerability move.

Monk had everything, except the dumb rear attack requirements.

Summoner I liked a lot and would consider going back for but I never even saw the actual summons, just liked it as a dot spam class a la wow affliction lock which I also enjoyed.

Machinist was a cool concept and mechanics seemed like a weak take at first but probably improved later...I just think the name is weak.

Most of the healing and tanking classes were too easy for what they did, either totally brain dead and massively overpowered, or like astrologian which pretend to have a high skill ceiling but in fact both floor and ceiling are too low. I was hugely disappointed in astrologian as the only healing class I really felt identified with at all.

Sage: never tried

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh also,
Warrior: I respect people who play warriors and the class mechanics, but being low fantasy in the highest fantasy world of FF is not my jam
The tank/healer/dps paradigm is pure and utter cancer.

File: MMORPG.png (3.05 MB, 1800x1620)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
I would like to play in an alive / persistent world that has true darkness.
Could WoW be that? WoW 2 with a new engine?
I want the 80s/90s dark fantasy back.
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i don't recall darky knights having crystal nipples in my /vr/ games.
This is also why MMORPGs aren't actually RPGs, there is no consequence and no reactivity for any action.
Even the slightest differences in choice like one faction having paladins and the others not having them was too much for whiny players and lazy cut and paste tuning devs.
Even the racial choices were all but removed other than cosmetically, same with the crafting bonuses.

Just a twitch gacha grinder after a while, with bad action mechanics since it's still tab target.
>12 days later still mad he got clocked on not knowing who Soth was.
Damn son, you must be one of those millennials who are too stupid to feel shame.
>t. retard

There's no such thing as the perfect role playing ga—
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i think people are very hesitant to experience with magic in dragon quest purely because mp is such a precious resource with so few ways to recover it in the series.
Even with hitting weaknesses, it feels like you'd deal more damage just smacking the enemy with a sword. It simply doesn't seem worth it for how squishy mages are and for how limited MP is.
Some enemies are resistant to physical attacks. You're also able to attack groups of enemies with magic early on in the game.
For me, it's the early Toriyama's art.
What roles can you choose to play in this?

Looking for some good 2d arpg games to play. You guys have any recommendations? Don't care much about graphics. The game just have to be fun to play.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Magic and Slash
Interesting. The controls remind me of Xanadu Next, which i don't know if i can classify as an arpg or entirely 2D. It was still a very charming game.
Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana are probably the most well known 2D ARPGs, have you played those yet? Also, as another anon said, Ys 1 2 and 4 are good, though in my experience Ys 4 is by far the best of the bunch.
Zelda 1, great Dungeon crawler
Are there decent mana clones made by indies?

File: expeditions-rome.jpg (111 KB, 800x800)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Hows this game compared to Pathfinder/Wotr/other contemporary rpgs?

I played for few hours and game seems well researched, history wise
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Kinda mid.
Stupid legion mechanics; stupid battles with literally whos as your party; crafting.
Eh, at least I saved the Republic.
the legion mechanic is cool the first few times you do it, then gets tedious
I like it but it pretty much has the same problem as pathfinder where the game is pad out with a horrible minigames
one day I will finish Conquistador
Hispanola is always a blast, but I always burn out halfway throuh the mainland
NTA but if you don't understand the difference between auxiliaries and the actual roman armies then you are a moron
>were there black people fighting as auxiliaries for the romans?
>were there black romans?
>were there black legionaries?
absolutely not

>fully voiced prologue
>steam refund policy is 2 hours
>I take 3 hours to finish it because I kept restaring and trying out different classes
>finish prologue
>none of the characters are voiced now
What kind of bait and switch bullshit is this?
45 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They delayed it, it's August 8 now.
I knew I was in for a bad time when they couldn't be bothered to make character portraits for npcs.
seriously? most of the important npcs have them, did you expect every rando to have a portrait?
it's not at all expensive to produce and it's fucking weird that even in the tutorial key characters don't have them
>you are le malding
>is clearly the one malding
kek bg3fans are truly a gift that keeps on giving

File: sheisright.png (672 KB, 952x878)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Prove her wrong.
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>The only that I've encountered that can hold a candle to Tolkien
Kill yourself, you fucking idiot. This console tripe doesn't even hold a candle to generic isekai slop.
>I disagree with you!!
Why do anons think these are worthwhile posts. How about you talk about a game you like instead?
File: 1689541304732113.gif (1.14 MB, 446x469)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
>They're not contradictory though. You can believe your dogshit analysis of the text is correct BECAUSE you don't care what the author intended when he wrote it.
No you fucking ape, that's not even what Barthes meant with the idea of the death of the author, the death of the author means that as long as the reader finds something that pleases them it's okay, they're entitled to their own interpretation of the text but it doesn't mean their interpretation is "correct" just because Barthes himself didn't care, the death of the author is Barthes' argument to explain how texts have an enormous amount of possible interpretations due to the semiotic nature of language and human interpretation, but that doesn't mean all of these interpretations are equally valid, unless you're a coward like Barthes whose only metric is a psychotic idea of personal pleasure.

In actual semiotic theory, the Intentio Auctoris (What the author wanted to say) and the Intentio Lectoris (What the reader gets from the text) are not the same thing, they're not inherently equally valid when it comes to textual analysis, they're two of the three facets of semiotic analysis together with the Intentio Operis, they absolutely CAN be contradictory and your dogshit analysis of the text is actual dogshit because you're a fucking retard, your opinions aren't inherently correct because they're yours alone, get the fuck out of here with this pseudorelativist midwit nonsense.
I would like a big mac, small fries and a large soda, please.
Living example of Dunning-Kruger Effect in action.

File: The Moonheaven bridge.jpg (1.06 MB, 2560x1440)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
There are two types of RPGs. RPGs with sovl and RPGs without sovl.
>RPG with sovl Bladur's Gate 3
>RPG without sovl Dragon Age Inquisition
>RPG with sovl Tyranny
>RPG without sovl Pillars of Eternity
>RPG with sovl Fallout 3
>RPG without sovl Fallout:NV
>RPG with sovl Cyberpunk 2077
>RPG without sovl Starfield
Why is sovl so hard to get?
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I wish the corporation i worked for was like larian.
I did, but even If I hadnt Id be able to judge its aesthetical qualities. That aside, where even is BG3's soul? I honestly dont see It.

it's found primarily in most of the afro-dwarven asses this game is filled with
I wish this was true and that every game has as much care put into it.
You wish what was true? Corporate aesthetics?

Squeenix and other Japanese studios are reporting historically massive losses while Falcom is posting record sales and profits. Really makes you think, huh?
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Decided to listen to the dub in Reverie. Cheesy but not too bad until the reporter's voice actor comes on. I want to annihilate whoever hires these freaks. You know its a man. You know its an ugly man pretending to be a woman. Sometimes weebs are right.
File: 20240529234941_1.jpg (630 KB, 1920x1080)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
A classic
>What if FF7...had LE MULTIVERSE?
Fuck that entire project.

File: arpgs.jpg (426 KB, 1237x1235)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
This is the shittiest subgenre of RPGs. In 20 years these games haven't innovated one bit and are all the same. Even the "good ones" are repetitive and boring.
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's 90 percent of the game's content at least. There's just super bosses and the endless dungeon. Strange progression, no?
welcome to arpgs. now rinse and repeat until you make builds that slap down the crate of entertainment on ultimate hardcore.
Yeah callagadra pretty hard for a fresh 94
Callagradra is hard, got her with a anti callagradra tuned kiting build but never even tried crate lol
You may as well be.

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